A Photo A Week Challenge: Lit from Within

Light effects Castle Läckö, Rörstrand, Sweden,

A souvenir from Sweden showing Läckö Castle in Lidköping. My husband worked for many years for a Swedish company and often had business trips to Sweden. This was a souvenir he brought home showing details of the castle which he visited.

Light effects Castle Läckö, Rörstrand, Sweden,

The castle itself is very old Läckö Castle

A Photo A Week Challenge: Lit from Within

FOWC with Fandango: Driver

Road cleaning machine

Yes I am driving again. OK, I have driving the vacuum cleaner for 50 years now at home and everything is under control, but…….

At the age of 38 I took my driving test, in a foreign language (Switzerland, although I am a Brit). I passed after having 92 lessons. I know it is not brilliant, but some have gas in the veins and arteries instead of blood and I am not one of them. The main thing is that I passed the test the first time I took it.

That was many years ago and I drove to work and back for 30 years progressing from a little Fiat to a big Volvo, just imagine. I never really enjoyed driving a car but it was necessary. As time progressed Mr. Swiss and I were both retired and he took over the driving. Now and again I had to drive to make sure I still could. We now had an automatic drive which suited me.

As said I never really enjoyed driving and eventually it might be a year since I sat at the steering wheel and I absolutely do not like driving with Mr. Swiss sitting in the car. Perhaps other women know what I am talking about.

In the meanwhile I was diagnosed with MS, but my neurologist and doctor both supported me to keep my driving licence, although I was thinking about giving up. However, it was said you never know if it might be important.

And today it is. Mr. Swiss has his age problems, especially with mobility. Now I have to do the shopping on my own with the car. After two weeks of driving to and fro the supermarket, I am back in the routine. This morning I happened to meet my driving instructor in the supermarket (naturally also now retired) and we had a little talk. He knew I was driving again and reminded me that he also said I should never stop as one day it would be necessary. I told him thank goodness there is a speed limit on almost all the roads I drive from our village to the store of only 30 kph, which suits me. He was quite amused. It was then I realised that for the first time in my life I enjoy driving. I now have to go places on my own and I have rediscovered freedom.

Sometimes it can get a little complicated when all three available parking spaces for handicapped are occupied, but this problem can also be overcome. Just find a place as near as possible to the shopping trolleys as I need them for support and people are helpful. In the store the assistants, most of who know me, are patient when I pack my bags, or help with various little problems I might have to lift heavy stuff like bottles of mineral water or cola.

I am getting there again, and now I am not just driving people mad, but actually driving a car.

FOWC with Fandango: Driver

RDP Friday: Build

Baseltor 06.12.2018

I am rebuilding my life again at the age of 72. Life does not always take the turnings you would like, and one day you have to rethink. After 50 years of marriage where our roles were appointed,  Mr. Swiss had his work and so did I. As the main bread earner of the family he would go to work in the morning and come home in the evening. I was based at home and was a multi tasker as most housewives are. The kids went to school, and I also had a job, but was pulling the threads to make sure it functioned and it did.

Now we are older, the kids spread their wings some time ago, and we have a two person household. My autistic son still lives at home, but is at work during the day.

Mr. Swiss is no longer as active, partially in a wheelchair and I have MS, so how does it work? He is also older than I am, but still in good mental health, although we all get older and more forgetful. I am now rebuilding my life and taking over the responsibilities that I used to leave to him and it is not easy. A different way of life, sometimes agreeing to disagree. It needs time and patience.

Shopping expeditions are now done alone so I make the decisions mainly what I need to buy and make sure that I have a list as the brain forgets easily. My list is on my iPhone, joined on a cloud with Mr. Swiss iPhone, so we are both in the picture. Consultations get too complicated and after 50 years we know what we eat. My home life is being rebuilt. I have to plan differently, combining housework with the shopping.I also need a little “me” time for my computer and perhaps a trip into town and like to read a book in the evening.

It is truly amazing how your life changes with the years. Things that used to be dealt with automatically now have to be thought over. Perhaps there are still a few cracks in the walls, but not in the foundations, and they can be repaired. I am gradually getting there.

RDP Friday: Build

Good Morning

Evening Sky 06.12 (11)

As I was wheeling home from a visit to town yesterday I notice we had one of those colourful sunsets. This is the time of year to see them it seems. This is the hill just before I turn up the path homewards.

Altstadt 06.12 (1)

Yes, I took another visit to town yesterday afternoon. Our Christmas market was still there for the last second day and before it disappeared for a year I wanted to get some more photos.

Christmas Market 06.12 (12)

This time I managed to capture a photo of Santa’s mules, although the man himself was not around. Apparently he was having an afternoon break for something warm or perhaps just a beer in the one of the local restaurants.  He had left a sign on his throne saying “Be back at 4.00”. As Ii did not really have any special wishes, I decided to leave it to the kids.

Christmas Market 06.12 (3)

This time there were not so many people on the market and I could move better in my chair. It is funny when I see others in a wheelchair. They always greet me so friendly and I greet them. Probably because we have something in common.

Christmas Market 06.12 (1)

Some of the stalls were selling food such as various sorts of honey and even a “Biersuppli” which is probably a Beer soup although it could also be something made of pears as the word in swiss German is almost the same. Not being a native, only living here for 50 years, my Swiss German still has a few problems.

River Aare 06.12 (3)

Eventually I decided to wheel my way home via the river Aare. It was not too cold and I did not even bother to wear my gloves.

Today is week-end shopping, so I will have to give myself a push. I do not mind going shopping on my own. After many years of retirement doing it all with Mr. Swiss, I am now alone as he can no longer mange the shopping trips. Although we mnaged ok together, times change with age. I am feeling OK at the moment and hope it continues. After my relapse a couple of weeks ago with my MS, my body has recovered and I am getting used to my problems. I just have to be very careful that I do not fall. I noticed these falls only happen when something is not in the place where it should be, or perhaps you hook into a carpet. However, we have only one carpet which is an advantage.

Yesterday evening I was on the computer until later, and eventually composed the shopping list, which helps me a lot when I know what I want and do not forget anything important. One of the problems of becoming a golden oldie is the short term memory.

By the way Switzerland now has a new government for next year. They vote always in December to re-elect the 7 ministers, or perhaps elect new ones as a couple retire. Every year we get more women and now we have three ladies. Not bad for a country that only allowed votes for women in the seventies. Personally I do not care if woman or man, as long as they do the job right. We also have a new president, Mr. Ueli Mauerer, who has been a minister for a few years. A new president is elected every year from one of the ministers. At least we are not lumbered with the same one every year and we know our ministers. Being a small country with only about eight million population, the job is a little more easier to solve.

River Aare 06.12 (1)

And now I must really go, do a clean up and get ready. I leave you with a parting shot of our town of Solothurn from yesterday where sunset was doing the right thing. Have a good Friday everyone.