FOWC with Fandango: Leisure

Clouds 24.11 (3)

A  lady of leisure, I have become
Just relaxing, but nothing gets done
I have to clean and keep it all tidy
But really who cares, I will wait until Friday
In the meanwhile I could write a little
Just enough, no need for committal
Golden Oldies have no stress
We take it easy and try to do less
This morning I arose and left my bed
I changed my mind, after eating my bread
Breakfast was done and I felt so tired
So I went back to bed, which I so admired
I tried again a few hours later
I even managed for dinner to cater
After eating I fell into a heap
There was only one cure, so I went to sleep
And now it is evening, oh this life of stress
I am really trying to do less and less
But now it is action I will read a book
If I do not fall asleep, the TV I will look
What did you say, it is dark outside
That cannot be, my eyes are open wide
I had such a hard day, it was really no pleasure
Yes life is hard when you only have leisure

FOWC with Fandango: Leisure

RDP Tuesday: Rain

Rain 22.01 (1)

It only rained once today, and yesterday too
Which means all is wet, if only sun broke through
It is getting wet, wet, wet, my hair is getting rusty
The winds are also blowing which means it is quite gusty
But if it did not rain, then life would be quite dry
I remember during the summer, with permanent blue sky
We had no drops of rain, sun shining all the day
The farmers were quite happy, they could make their hay
The climates are a changing, it never used to be like that
Summer were dry and winters were wet, the normal thermostate
Today I killed a fly, should not be here i the cold
But now it is too warm and they are getting bold
The climates are a changing, I heard it on the news
Some politicians do not believe it, all the normal shmoose
I wonder if Noah had climate change when he built his ark
Or was it all a publicity stunt to leave behind a mark
So let it rain and let is hail, perhaps a rainbow appears
Just make the most of what you get, it has been this way through the years


RDP Tuesday: Rain

Good Morning


How’s this for the first light of day. I stopped hugging the bed quarter of an hour earlier this morning to give me a little more time and this was how the sky greeted me.  It is cleaning lady day and she arrives around 9.30. Sometimes days do not go as well as they should and this morning did not go so well. It was combined with an ambulance for Mr. Swiss, but he is back home again. He has back problems and fell this morning, but luckily there was no broken bones or even sprained.

I have not had time to check on comments from yesterday, but will catch up in the meanwhile. We had some nice promising sunny weather this morning, but the rain arrived again and it is still raining, so I will not be going places and seeing things today.

Migros Christmas

Yesterday morning I did my shopping trip to replenish food supplies on my own. The supermarket has the Christmas lights burning which brightened the place up quite well. We were supposed to go to the docs yesterday afternoon, but that fell through. Mr. Swiss was suffering with his back and I was supposed to have a blood check for my diabetes which was postponed for another week. At the moment neither of us are in good health, but it can only get better.

Blogging is one of my few remaining hobbies that I can still do because it is nice to sit at home on the computer without having to go places. Although my time is not as much as it was since I am having to take over a few jobs myself as Mr. Swiss is no longer as mobile as he was.

And somehow I managed to cook lunch this morning so now must go to serve it. I will be back this afternoon and hope you all have a good day. Some of the neighbours have begun to decorate with Christmas lights, so I took a photo this morning.