FOWC with Fandango: Cartoon

There are many cartoons and as a kid I watched them all from Mickey Mouse to Yogi Bear and The Flintstones. One remained in my mind, When the Wind Blows, for adults. Unfortunately there is only a trailer on YouTube, but if you do not know this film, from the book, I would advise to take the opportunity to see it in full length. It tells of the nuclear war and the destruction of life on the planet. Ok, not a very happy theme, but seen from the eyes of a retired married couple that go about their life as usual, until the nuclear war arrives.

It does not have a happy ending, but how does a simple couple deal with this? More than food for thought, an awakening.

FOWC with Fandango: Cartoon

RDP Monday: Halcyon

Restaurant Christmas

Halcyon days are those quiet reflective times when you can enjoy the atmosphere and the surroundings and be a peace with the world. Unfortunately today is not the case, when your partner crashes the car into a lamppost and it has to be picked up by a breakdown service because the front is a “total” wreck and the antifreeze has drained from the car. A couple of parked bikes were also included in the damage, but nothing too bad.

Even in my direst moments I took a photo in the restaurant where we were waiting for a taxi to bring us home. At least that was a soothing picture. Tomorrow I will be busy examining the actual damage of the car which is now in our garage and probably make the decision for a new car, which is not actually the halcyon surprise I wanted for Christmas.

Yes, halcyon was not quite the ideal word for today’s prompt.

So why am I sitting quite cool at the computer writing a blog. This seems to be my way of dealing with excitement, and do something completely different.

RDP Monday: Halcyon

Good Morning

Back Garden

The snow has melted somewhat overnight and thank goodness our roads are clear. I just hope that it does not return at least until Christmas. My good morning posts might be a little thin this week as I hardly have the time for myself at the moment. My photo wheelies in my chair are becoming a rarity as my life has turned into shopping excursions and other household duties. We also have Christmas ahead, which is for us just a small celebration with three people, but our stores are shut and it amounts to a double week-end due to Christmas starting on Monday. Luckily the store is opening on Sunday as an exception, when I can get my shopping done.

I also have a doctor appointment to fit in somewhere with Mr. Swiss, probably this afternoon, so things are looking fairly stressy.

It was a dismal week-end with nothing special happening, but I was glad for a quiet Sunday. And now I must go. I have a shopping trip to organise. Have a good begin to the week everyone and hope to see you later.