FOWC with Fandango: Adventure

Solothurn cemetery 12.12 (1)

Life is one big adventure, we do not really know where we came from or where we are going to, so let’s make the most of it whilst we are here.

A bit dismal? Well that’s life. Every morning when I awake a new adventure begins.  Just the walk to the kitchen is exciting. Will I be able to get out of my bed, will my legs carry me and be careful when you stumble on to the breakfast table. You might slice off a finger whilst cutting the bread, or scald yourself with hot tea when preparing it.

Eventually you do the housework and the next adventurous experiences arrive. Perhaps you might have a short circuit on the vacuum cleaner and the electric shock is already programmed. Not to mention the computer, no it will not explode, but perhaps during the night when you were sleeping, a virus developed or you might even have an attack from trojans. Perhaps someone cracked the code to your online banking and emptied your bank account.

But life goes on and you go to the supermarket for a shopping experience, as long as you do not have a car accident on the way. You enter the store and find that that they are sold out of your favourite biscuits with the cream filling and must do with those with the jam filling. Not the same, but life has its twists and turns, all part of the adventure.

Perhaps you might burn the dinner when cooking because the postman, who always rings twice, kept you waiting at the door to sign a document for an important delivery. This is no problem, you can always make a sandwich if you have enough bread.

Yes life is full of surprises. And you decide to take a walk in the afternoon, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. After half an hour the sun disappears, rain clouds are gathering, there is lightening and thunder and you are only dressed in a light summer dress. You arrive home soaked and cold and half an hour later you realise you are shivering and your nose is running. You spend the evening in bed trying to keep warm and use a complete box of paper hankerchiefs because you are continuously sneezing.

That evening when you are trying to sleep, despite the headache caused by your cold, you realise that it is not really so bad. The day was one adventure, and full of highlights.

Gravestone, Cemetery St. Kathrinen

FOWC with Fandango: Adventure

RDP Friday: Cottage

Cottage, Feldbrunnen, near castle Waldegg

People come and people go, but the cottage remains forever
It stands alone on the corner of a path, braving every weather
There once was a lady who stood at the fence, and spoke to all that passed
She was older and frailer with every passing year, but she was not the last
I often thought when I walked on it would be a nice place to stay
With many windows and friendly shutters, a welcome inviting array
And then one day a space appeared at the side, not so very far
A few weeks later there were new inhabitants, and the space was for their car
Generations come and generations go and the cottage was changing with the times
I even heard the noise of jingling bells, on the door they had fitted wind chimes
The cottage is standing on the path to the castle, it is treasured by all around
Since many a year it has been standing in this spot, a dream that I have found

RDP Friday: Cottage