FOWC with Fandango: Special

Vorstadtparkhaus, Solothurn

There is nothing really special about a car park. We all know how they work whether flat or some sort of modern creation, but for me it is something special. Today I had to park my car in one of these car temples, the first time on my own since at least a year if not longer.

I had to visit the doctor and as I have walking problems, I had my walker in the car. I had to  cross the road from the car park to the doctor’s surgery. I was on my way in the car, no problem. I actually like driving again. The roads were almost empty and I had already planned my route in my head. We have one of those little plastic cards which are valid for all three car parks in our city when entering and leaving. What could possibly go wrong?

I entered and remembered to let down my window in the car as I approached the entrance barrier. I manoeuvred the car as near as possible to the machine waiting to take my card and the machine refused. It did not want my plastic card. I noticed a button so pressed it and got a paper ticket. This meant that I now had a parking ticket which I would have to pay at the machine at the entrance when leaving. But I did not want this paper ticket and wanted to use my plastic card. This was my first mistake.

I eventually parked the car level 2, parking place number 289. How can I remember the number? I noted it in my iPhone of course, in case I forgot where I put the car afterwards. As I was leaving the lift I remembered that I had left my paper ticket in the car, which i needed when leaving the car park and so I had to go back to the car again. Now I was ready to go.

After the visit to the doc I wheeled my walker back to the entrance to the car park. There was a nice gentleman paying for his ticket, so I asked him how it worked. He looked at me as if I was perhaps something from another world, but helped me to pay for my parking time, which I did not really want to do because I had this plastic card with about fifty swiss francs value on it which I forgot how to use.

I now returned to the car and ascended to the exit again and was hoping that my ticket would work. I managed to get as close as possible to the ticket machine and my ticket was devoured and the barrier opened. I was free and I had done it. What a feeling of victory.

When I got home I told Mr. Swiss of my adventure of course. He told me that the machines in the parking house are now different. You no longer have to feed it with the plastic card when entering, but just hold it against the flashing light. I was wondering what that light was.

FOWC with Fandango: Special

RDP Monday: Ripple

River Aare Water Ripples 28.11.2018

it caught my eye as I was wheeling along the river bank in my chair. Water is just water and the river is deep but not record making deep. At the edges you can even stand, although in the middle – who knows. Of course we have many ducks and swans that enjoy a good float on the river, and even a few river rats. They are usually active on the banks of the river and now and again you might see one. I once saw a rat running across our gardens, but it quickly disappeared. And the rats were not the cause of the ripples.

The water was constantly vibrating and moving in this particular place. You can see it in the bottom half of the photo..I noticed the regular continuous movements of the ripplesPerhaos. It was as if there was something below the surface that was causing this rippling effect. What more it seemed to be coming from the same spot. What was happening deep down to cause the ripples. Do we have a sea monster in our local river? Perhaps it is the beginning of tsunami. It was a still and quiet day. There were no high winds.

Just to be sure I passed the same place a couple of days later and there were no more ripples. A normal calm surface.

RDP Monday: Ripple

Good Morning

Morning Sky

How’s that for a morning sky. The winds have been blowing full strength now for two days and this seems to be the result. Clouds chasing across the sky with the sun trying to get through now and again, but it deceives. Ever morning early the sun appears as it to say it will be a sunny day, and then it disappears an hour later. We might then get some rain, but it remains overcast for the day. It is also a cold wind that is blowing. At least it is warm in our apartment, although according to which windows are open we might get a gale blowing through.


I have a new member of my plant family. I bought a poinsettia in the store on my Saturday afternoon excursion. I have one every year and try to keep them afterwards, but they never have their red leaves again. I like one at home in the Winter months to brighten the place up. The can be a bit tricky to have. The leaves might begin to fall, but I hope to learn with the years.

Amaryllis and Poinsettia
It looks quite good with my white amaryllis in the background. I also have an orchid, which is now losing its flowers after 3 months, but surprise. Yesterday I discovered it had made a new flower and the bud is now opening. I must be doing something right for a change.

Glass and Metal

This will be my next problem to solve on my own. We collect our used metal and glass for the recycling containers in two bags in the garden cupboard. When they are full Mr. Swiss brings them to the containers in the village for disposal. Mr. Swiss is no longer able to do that, so I am now the chosen one to load it into the car and bring them. Admittedly it is not far and I will recruit No. 1 son to come with me to help as I cannot do this job on my own. We always waited until the bags were full, but now I am the person doing it, I will try to do it more often to simplify matters.

And now I must be off. I have a new system. First of all shower, dress and go shopping. I can always do the little bit of housework when I arrive home afterwards and will have more time to cook lunch. This afternoon I have to go to the doc in town for some vampire work. She needs my blood to check my long time diabetes condition.

In the meanwhile have fun or sleep well.

Evening Sky 06.12 (16)