FOWC with Fandango: Pending


Pending that all goes well, my Christmas cactus will have many beautiful flowers.


Unfortunately it did not go so well as as I was transferring the cactus in its pot the main branch with the flowers broke off.

However, let us not despair. I have placed the broken branch in water and hope that perhaps it might sprout some roots and it will be saved. Of course, pending that roots will grow.

FOWC with Fandango: Pending

RDP Monday: Uniform

Grandad and me in brownie uniform
All my life I was in uniform at least it seems to me
It started with the brownies as far as I could see
The photo shows my uniform together with granddad
A family photo to remember, in the dress that I was clad
We brownies were in brown although the tie was yellow
and then I progressed to the guides in blue, I became a fellow
Eventually I left the guides and entered my high school
And there it was another uniform all according to the rule
This time I was all in green And even wore a tie
It was striped with green and red, it really made me sigh
We had a badge on the jacket and also on the beret
to be seen at all times, that did not make me merry
And now the years have gone their way, no longer uniformed scenes
Although when I go out today I always wear blue jeans

 RDP Monday: Uniform

Good Morning

Morning Rain

A dismal morning today, but yesterday was not much better. The rain is now catching up on us. If it was a downpour at least it would be over, but it is the constant drizzle that annoys me, soaking everything slowly but surely. I naturally did not go anywhere yesterday, although Sundays are never very interesting. This morning began with Mr. Swiss not being able to sleep because of back pain, although I was awake in any case. I can tell you the problems that arrive with golden oldie years are not such golden problems, especially when you are helpless to do anything about them. The first movements in the morning are to search for some sort of medicine to help.


Just had a little bit of excitement when I heard a motor noise nearby, so I was out with my camera (mobile phone) to see if there was anything interesting and I saw our pumping company. Probably our drains have a danger of getting blocked from the Autumn leaves. He made a few stops on the way and has now moved further. I could not get nearer, only dressed in my nightdress outside in the rainy cold weather and close-ups with the iPhone are not the best, even if is is an iPhone X. However you can see the elongated arm of the sucking mechanism.

Rathausgasse 01.12.2018

I will not be going into town today and it looks like I will be off on my own this morning to the store to get food supplies, which does not really bother me so much. When your partner is 8 years older you never really notice it until you get to the later years. The body slows down eventually. Having pain is not fun especially if you cannot do anything about it. I am having a little “me” time at the moment with my breakfast and computer, before beginnig my cleaning routine.

Hotel Krone Christmas car 01.12 (2)

By the way look who I saw in town in his car on Saturday. I though he had a sleigh with reindeer, but it seems that the local hotel has given him a car to carry his gifts and Christmas tree. Here, mainly in Europe, we celebrate Santa on St. Nicholas day which is 6th December (OK, happens to be my birthday as well). That is when Santa appears to the kids bringing nuts and gingerbread and other Christmas sweets. The gifts arrive at Christmas from the “Christkindli”, which is more to do with the religious side of the season.

Gulls 01.12 (6)

In the meanwhile I must fly like this sea gull if preparing to do, but they are constantly flying off and landing. Have a good beginning to the week and do you best to relax and enjoy. See you around.

Christmas Wreath 01.12.2018