FOWC with Fandango: Target

Autumn Trees 11.10 (3)

At my age of 72, the main target is to be able to celebrate the next birthday. Otherwise I have done most of it. I no longer want to climb the alps, I am glad to be able to climb the stairs, although luckily we live on the ground floor.

My ambitions are more or less fulfilled. I would perhaps like to learn another foreign language, but I am content to understand the languages I speak. I always wanted to ride a bicycle but in spite of the many attempts my bikes always leaned to one side and would never stay upright. No, I think my target is now to get up every day, do a little bit of housework, and shopping and at the end of the day to relax and still be there. My next direct target is to finish the book I am reading.

FOWC with Fandango: Target

RDP Tuesday: Connect

Two Firebugs

Firebugs have perfected the art of  connection. They lose no time. As soon as the warmer weather arrives, they connect.

“Hey, baby what about it?”

“You mean you and me.”

“Yea, let’s take a walk together for a week or so.”

“Night and day?”

“That’s the way to do it baby.”

“You seem to be quite sure of yourself.”

“All in the name of the preservation of the species.”

“You males are all the same. Hitch up and pull us females until our feet hurt from so much dragging.”

“And what about us males. We have to do all the work. You ladies are not easy to pull around. I use up all my surplus energy.”

“And who raises the kids afterwards?.”

“Oh, come on baby, that’s the idea and they raise themselves, so don’t show off. I know you want to go for a walkabout with me, just playing hard to get.”

“Stop pulling.”

“Too late baby, we are now connected and our purpose in life will soon be complete.”

“Ok, but let’s simplify it. You pull and I will push, they we can do it much faster and it will be more comfortable.”

“Good idea baby, so let’s go.”

And that is the life of a firebug, but they get plenty of exercise.

RDP Thursday: Connect

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Good Morning is a little later today, but this is how the sky looked around 7.30 a.m. It is now 11.30 a.m. and we now have blue skies with a few clouds. I would say a promising day and a change from the high winds and rain we have been having this week. By the way I noticed something in the sky when I took the photo. On the left below the clouds there is something that looks like a moon, a silver dot, although very small. It is probably a planet that was still hanging around. According to my SkyView App it could be Mars.

Today was supposed to be a cleaning lady morning, but she called to say she had a cold. She could hardly speak on the phone so this week no cleaning lady. Acually everthing is quite clean at home. We had planned to put fresh linen on our beds as I can no longer do it all myself. I can managed the duvet and cushion and stripping the beds. The most difficult part is putting the fix bottom sheet on the mattress and for that I need help. The day would be Thursday but she is only here on Tuesday. I will now see if my No. 1 son will help on Thursday, which he probably will. To compensate for no cleaning lady, I cleaned all the windows on the west side of the appartment.

I was at the docs yesterday giving blood for a long term diabetes test. I should really do it every 3 months, and tend to forget these things as it was now six months. So the nurse prodded the left arm, which is the one where you find the veins easier. After filling a tube she discovered that there was no blood left for a second tube, so she had to search for a vein on the right arm and she found it. I went home with two empty arms but the doc/vampire got her blood.


I do not have any really impressive photos at the moment as I have had no time to go places and see things, except for the supermarket. So here is a photo of the entrance with the restaurant on the left and various other shops on the right including a hairdressers and at the bottom, the gardening department.


I had a look in at the garden section and found that Poinsettias are quite the thing at the moment with many varieties. I bought mine a couple of days ago, but still like to see what else is being offered.

And that’s that for the time being. I hope to get out this afternoon again with the camera. Although there is a nip in the air, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Sliced Pork, veg and Saffron Rice

So all I can offer is a photo of lunch cooking: on the left sliced pork and veg and on the right saffron rice.

Hope you all have a good day.