Flower of the Day: 18.10.2016 Hibiscus

Hibiscus 18.10 (4)

“Where did she get that`?”

She bought it in Summer in a pot, a special hibiscus. I thought I could put it in the garden when it finished flowering, but it would probably be one of the delicate sort that would not survive the Swiss snow and frost. I decided to bring it inside, as it still had three buds and I was sure they were doomed if left outside.

I have been watching this hibiscus for the past week. The buds were getting bigger. Could I dare to hope that they would open. This morning it happened, the first bud opened into a wonderful flower. Although the bud had adopted a red colour, the flower was still orange when it opened. This hibiscus will naturally now be kept indoors through the Winter and I hope the other two buds also open and that it survives until next year, when it will find its place again in the garden.

Flower of the Day: 18.10.2016 Hibiscus

Flower of the Day: 04.10.2016 Hibiscus


There is a little story behind this hibiscus. I have 4 hibiscus bushes in my back garden, all grown from seeds. The mother plant, which was originally blue, no longer exists since many years. The original plant was actually growing in my front garden, but I had it removed many years ago. This week I was in the front garden and my cat decided to take a walk through the hedge. I followed her and saw this bright coloured flower suddenly. I had a closer look, and yes, a hibiscus bush was growing inside my privet hedge. The flowers are mainly hidden and that is why I never actually noticed it. Of course I grabbed my camera and took a photo. It will be interesting to see how this hibiscus will develop over the year.

As mentioned the original colour was blue, but with time has reverted to its original red-violet.For some time I had bushes bearing both colours, blue and red.

Flower of the Day: 04.10.2016 Hibiscus<a

Flower of the Day: 26.09.2016 Hibiscus

Hibiscus 26.09 (3)

They are gradually coming to an end, but still flowering. Their flowers only last for a day and then they shrivel and die, but leave behind the seed clusters. I leave them hanging on the bush until Spring. Either they might grow a new trees, or, which is most likely, the birds feed on them throughout the Winter. Hibiscus are a local flower and almost every garden here has its hibiscus tree.

Hibiscus 26.09 (1)
Here is a shot with a flower and the remaining seed pods, ready for the birds.

Flower of the Day: 26.09.2016 Hibiscus

Flower of the Day. 11.09.2016 Hibiscus

Bee and hibiscus 11.09 (5)

It was supposed to  be a hibiscus until the bee stole the show. I do not know how they can make such a mess of pollinating a flower. This bee had pollen all over his legs and body and I am sure the bee must have swallowed a large portion of it. Oh well, it is all in the name of having seed pods for the birds to eat I suppose.

He is probably making the most of it, as even the hibiscus days are now coming to an end. In the meanwhile, I will continue snapping away. And here is Mr. Bee again, but this time he seems to have shaken most of the pollen away.

Bee and hibiscus 11.09 (6)

Flower of the Day: 11.09.2016 Hibiscus