FOWC with Fandango: Intrigue


My Christmas cactus, Schumbergera, one stalk that broke off full of promising buds. Admittedly there were more on the rest of the plant, but it was not a big plant and this was the best stalk of all of them.

And now what to do? It is a cactus not a rose that needs watering and pruning, just a Christmas cactus, probably growing up in the desert somewhere in the world and imported in their thousands to spread a bit of Christmas spirit. It is not a thirsty plant, just needs a little light and love, and now and again a few drops of water.

I could replant the broken edge of the stalk in earth and hope that it will again grow, or, I could put it in a glass of water, hoping that it would make roots. I decided on the water transplant, because the earth in the pot was a bit cramped for space.

The result of this was that yesterday, after two weeks,  I noticed that my broken cactus stalk had sprouted roots, very fine but they were there. It has now been replanted in the pot with the mother plant and I hope for growth. Christmas cactus are intriguing plants.

FOWC with Fandango: Intrigue

RDP Sunday: Harmony

River Aare Wengibruck 11.12 (1)

A harmonius view in the early evening
Christmas days are now beginning
I did my shopping in the jostling mass
People exploding with their joyful gas
All are buying their Christmas meat
The joyful feast is eat, eat, eat
Parking space was a big red zero,
Wait in the  car queue and be a hero
Is this really the meaning of the feast
My patience is going, it is now at its least
Christmas is a trial, there is no glee
Not a time for harmony
I will be glad when these days are gone
Bells are ringing with a carillon
Let them peal and spread the word
I dislike Christmas, why is it conferred

 RDP Sunday: Harmony

Good Morning


This is what you get when you rise five minutes earlier than usual because you have to visit a certain place, and it is not worth while returning to bed. It is always good to see some sort of cloud formation in the morning to reassure that it will be a bright day. However it is deceiving. Our bright days have turned into rainy days this week. This morning it is not raining for a change.

There was also a gathering of crows outside and then they went on an organised flight, cawing their little black hearts out. Now they have a food break, munching the bread it put out for them.

Migros Christmas

Although today is Sunday, I am off shopping this morning. Due to Christmas, which has turned the daily world upside down, our supermarket is opening today to cope. I am so glad. On Friday I did the shopping for the week-end and shopping for the Christmas days on Monday was not my idea of fun. Now we have Sunday and Monday, although everything going well, I will complete my shopping today. We are not having any family feasts, just the three of us, and the meat has been ordered. Isn’t Christmas a wonderful time, continuous shopping and stress and collapsing under the Christmas Tree exhausted.

I am continuously adding to my list on my smartphone when I think of something to be sure that nothing is forgotten. I am also gradually running out of space in the fridge and kitchen cupboards.

Yesterday I had a day at home, at last doing my usual housework. I have had stress lately, and the housework was pushed a little to one side, but yesterday it was back  in the old routine and I was glad.

And now to move on and get it all behind me. Oh how I have begun to become a Christmas grinch. I find it the worst holiday in the year, combined with stress . I will be glad when it is over and life returns t something normal. So have a good Sunday and make the most of it. I will be celebrating in the supermarket.

Christmas Tree Lights 05.12.2018