FOWC with Fandango: Camera

panaMe in the car window 16.06 (1)

Mr. Swiss was always ready for something new. He got himself a digi camera and I did not even know they existed. I think I was still helping the kids with their homework for school. So a few years later Mr. Swiss got himself a second digi camera and I asked what he is doing with the old camera. Of course, he said i can have it. Up to then the only photographs in my life were from various holidays, but taking photos, just for the sake of it? That was until I had my first digi hand-me-down camera from Mr. Swiss. I discovered not only do I not have to wait for the film to be developed at the chemists, but I could even upload my photos instantly to the computer.

My new hobby was born. I was taking photos everywhere. In the meanwhile I had even visited a camera course with my new Panasonic bridge camera and discovered that all the others had something called DSLR. I was really a bit naïve at the beginning. Although the teacher of the course was a good guy and showed me a lot of new stuff, but when the course was finished the seed for my next camera had been planted and a couple of months later I was the proud possessor of a Nikon D7000. As I was still a naïve beginner I bought a kit with two lens for near and far.

And today I am the lady with the wheelchair that travels with the camera. In the meanwhile I had bought a Nikon D3000 as it was a lighter model for taking photos on a daily basis. Mr. Swiss would drive the car and I would keep an eye on camera food (see photo).

Today I have two Nikon cameras, a zoom lens, micro lens and the usual basic lens.


I have a walker, but I need my wheelchair for longer distances as I can no longer walk unaided, but it has its advantages. I can sit in my wheelchair with my bag containing my heavy Nikon D7000 and my zoom lens. I no longer have to find support to stand and take a photo. Being a wheelchair candidate is not really fun, but everything has its silver lining somewhere.

Yes, my camera is not only my camera, but my friend.

FOWC with Fandango: Camera

RDP Wednesday: Coterie

Ducks 06.12 (1)

One female and 4 male mallard ducks: I bet she has some fun.

Living in Switzerland in the same town for 50 years I belong to the coterie of Anglo-Swiss. I arrived in Solothurn and was working as the english secretary for everyone in a  company that had many english girls over the years, one after the other. Some married a Swiss and stayed and some moved one. I was one of those that married a Swiss, working in the same company, but before got got together I was a bit isolated. One day I had a call from an english girl that worked in my job before me and married a Swiss. “You don’t know me and I don’t know you” were her first words, but she went on to say we should meet and invited me to her home for the evening.

She was my first english contact in Solothurn and through her I met some others and discovered we had a coterie, more like a witches coven to be exact. We might see each other in town, perhaps have a coffee together, but thanks to my first contact I realised I was not so alone. Later Mr. Swiss and I got serious, married, had kids, but Mr. Swiss also knew this girl that contacted me, and was a friend of her husband. And then there was another girl that married someone in the same company who Mr. Swiss also knew. You get it? the circle was expanding. The other girl lived in Australia for some years with her husband who was in charge of the Australian branch of the company. They returned to Switzerland, lived near and contact was resumed.

There was even an Anglo Swiss club in our town, although I was not a regular member, but just went now and again. It was lead by one of the high school professors whose wife gave Engish lessons to the Swiss and she was from Liverpool. I still see this lady in the local supermarket. She is now very old, and almost blind, but if I give her a hello she knows who I am.

Yes our little coterie is not a tight group, but we all have something in common, the english language. I would add that most of us have been so many years in Switzerland, that we are a bilingual group with Swiss German as well. The result is that if an english person would  be listening to us they might get confused. The words get a little mixed up, something like “pigeon english” but perhaps called “Swenglish”. Sometimes the Swiss words are more easy to use than the english words, especially if like me, you cannot remember all the correct english expressions.

Oh and my new neighbour where I live is an Australian, although his wife is not Swiss, but that is just a coincidence and he speaks better French than Swiss German.

RDP Wednesday: Coterie

Good Morning

Jura 1112 (2)

I ventured out yesterday afternoon after being cooped up since three days, or was it four. I only knew that there were only photos from home and nothing new from the outside world. The first thing I saw as I was wheeling into town was the snow covered Jura mountains. On the photo is our “house” mountain, Weissenstein, and the “bib” was covered in snow. The “bib”  is the name we give it around here for the meadow at the front. Behind you can see the restaurant/hotel building and the crane. Apparently they are building an extension to the restaurant: a new room.

It is very cold down here in the lower lands, but no snow – yet. The bowl of water I have outside for my cat was frozen this morning and the grass is covered with a thin white frosty layer. As long as the snow stays away I am happy. Now I am driving the car regularly, I do not need snow to drive through.

River Aare Wengibruck 11.12 (2)

So I wheeled on into town and this time I actually met two people that I have known for some years. Often I go into town and meet no-one, but this time there were two. I met one friend pushing her grandchild in the pram. The last time I saw her was up on the Weissenstein mountain as she worked in the restaurant. She told me that our village restaurant is open again and at the moment she is working part time to learn the ropes. From January she will be there full time. We only have one restaurant in our village and it is always closing. Now it seems it has bee renovated and is ready to serve the customers. I told Mr. Swiss that our friend is now working there and he said we will perhaps go along for a meal. It would make a change, and especially as you know someone that works there.

Birds on a roof 11.12 (3)

I wheeled on down to the river and noticed that where there was space on the roof tops, the gulls had taken over. This was where I met my other friend with her bike. She is an irish lady and is also married to a Swiss. I met her in my Tai Chi course I once did a couple of years ago. We see each other now and again in the supermarket. We were on the quay next to the river and so I was snapping some bird photos now and again.

Birds in flight 11.12 (9)

This flock flew over our heads as we were talking. Where was Alfred Hitchcock? I must say they are very well behaved birds and my coat stayed clean with no suspicious white spots.

Circus GO 11.12 (3)

And we again have a visiting circus in town. We always have some sort of tent construction at Chistmas time, usually a circus or perhaps containing a theatre and often with food involved during the performances.

Zeughaus Christmas Calendar 11.12.2018

I decided to see what our Christmas Calendar old Arsenal was doing and noticed that now quite a few windows had been uncovered with various Christmas themed subjects. A new window is shown every day until the last one, 24th December, and then it will be left over the holidays for everyone to see.

Altstadt 11.12 (1)

As you can see the sun was shining, highlighting our cathedral in the background of these old town houses. It was a good afternoon for getting into the fresh air. I decided to wheel on home as I had left around 3.00 p.m. and wanted to be back by 5.00 p.m. I had some writing to do and there would be an evening meal to prepare. Just the usual cold cuts, although today I had some smoked salmon on toast etc.

Baselstrasse 11.12 (5)

The road to our village also now has the Christmas lights, although they were only just being switched on. When it is dark it looks quite good along the road.

And now I am off for a shower and shopping. The list is made and since I discovered 5 parking spaces especially for the handicapped at the supermarket in a better place I want to try them today. I am getting quite adventurous with my driving skills. The sun is shining although very cold, but as long as the snow stays away I am not bothered.

Keep well and safe and see you around on the flip side (huh? where is that flip side, must be something American). 🙂

Christmas Lights 11.12.2018