FOWC with Fandango: Guide

Signpost Solothurn

You would think we were in the middle of the world when you see so many signposts. We even have the bicycle routes shown, and on the bottom sign to Grenchen there is a shoe with wheels, a for skaters?

I must mention that I know all the towns mentioned here. Oensingen is half way between Solothurn and Olten and Olten? Olten is another town and as far as I am concerned just noticeable for the connections by train to all over Switzerland, at least most of it. Grenchen is known for the watch industry. It used to be quite a big name, but now mainly produces the Swatch watch, which sort of helped to save the Swiss watch industry.

It is a half way stop to Biel where the language border between German and French begins, although still mainly a German speaking town. Biel has a lake and my son works there in a government department. There is a place called Altreu which is also on the River Aare and known for its storks.

Stork at Altreu

The used to have their own stork area, but now they are allowed to fly and have more or less took possession of all the roofs in Altreu.

There is also a mention of Solothurn Altstadt, meaning the way to the old town of Solothurn.


And this one is at the entrance to our town of Solothurn and even shows you the way to Zürich, Bern, Basel and Luzern. The green background means it is a motorway. The blue background is the normal road. Herzogenbuchsee? I know you have never heard of it, just an overgrown village or mini town in the Kanton of Bern. And the hotels? Yes we have many, so if you ever happen to visit Solothurn, just let me know. You do not need an official guide, I will show you around, and it is suitable for a wheelchair. I even know where the best sidewalk surfaces and road crossings are for the wheels. The old town is paved with the old style cobble stones, of which I am not a fan, but they did not ask me when they did it.

Altstadt 25.07 (9)

FOWC with Fandango: Guide

RDP Saturday: Seethe

Boiling water with pasta 18.03.2017

I am not the type of person that seethes with anger, and never was. I just tend to talk louder, but in my family we all had loud voice.  Dad worked in a factory with machines and did not hear so well, and mum and her sisters always shouted at each other: seems to have been the working class atmosphere. There were no intellectuals in our family with soft tones of explanations.

I just let my water seethe before I begin to cook the pasta,


Or if you ever happen to be in Switzerland and visit the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen you will see plenty of seething masses of water as it tumbles down and continues seething below. On the right of the photo you can see the overlooking restaurant where I had lunch with my son and wife, they live in that area of Switzerland.

RDP Saturday: Seethe

Good Morning

Morning Breakfast

It is all set and ready to go, but I am not sure if I am. I dragged myself out of bed and did the morning preliminaries. First of all let there be light and I open the curtains. Then I had some washing to put away, no big deal, and most important prepare my breakfast, or was it fire up the computer. I also cut up the remaining bread from yesterday for the big birds outside, although it is mainly the sparrows that have appeared up to now each one flying away with a piece of bread in its beak. I am now ready to go after a quick reminder that today is Saturday. Not that it really matters, as when you are a golden oldie days tend to repeat themselves unless you have a doctor’s appointment or have to go hunting for food.

Morning Spider

It was then that I noticed a movement in the sink as I was filling the machine with water. I had a visitor so I made more light to see what it exactly was. It looks like Mr. or Mrs. Spider was paying a visit. I could have washed him down the drain, but decided to let him do his thing as long as he does not want to share my breakfast.

Misty Morning Baselstrasse

It is a misty morning today, although this photo is one of yesterday’s as we were on our way to the supermarket. Yesterday it stayed dull all day, but today it looks like it will brighten up a bit which I hope as I have planned a little visit to town this afternoon. Saturday afternoons in town are usually interesting  with a few new street musicians and otherwise actions.

Christmas Tree Langendorf

The Christmas tree at our supermarket now seems to be complete, although no big deal. It probably has lights in the evening, which I will never see because I only go shopping when there is natural light. Apart from the big red glass ornaments there is nothing else to see. It is all too early for me, December is still a couple of weeks away.

And now to go into action with the Saturday programme which is almost the same as every other day. Mr. Swiss has now joined me in my daily work and has already made the bed and is examining the kitchen for his breakfast. He will be paying a visit to the supermarket this morning for some bits and pieces but I am also sending him on a mission to buy an Ice Queen amaryllis, the white one. I had one last year, it was so beautiful, but lost its balance and fell before it finished flowering. I tried to save it for this year, but gave up and now the store has them again so I am hoping he can get one. The are already potted in a nice big pot

And I will now depart for some escapades in the home. Have a good Saturday everyone, and make the most of it. I will be busy going places, like this chicken.

Chickens 08.11 (5)