RDP Saturday: Seethe

Boiling water with pasta 18.03.2017

I am not the type of person that seethes with anger, and never was. I just tend to talk louder, but in my family we all had loud voice.  Dad worked in a factory with machines and did not hear so well, and mum and her sisters always shouted at each other: seems to have been the working class atmosphere. There were no intellectuals in our family with soft tones of explanations.

I just let my water seethe before I begin to cook the pasta,


Or if you ever happen to be in Switzerland and visit the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen you will see plenty of seething masses of water as it tumbles down and continues seething below. On the right of the photo you can see the overlooking restaurant where I had lunch with my son and wife, they live in that area of Switzerland.

RDP Saturday: Seethe

6 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Seethe

  1. It is a wonderful view everywhere. I took this photo whilst standing on the walkway opposite. I got the real closeups of the falls from the restaurant window.


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