FOWC with Fandango: Shed

Garden Shed

My garden shed has its own secret way
There are things that creep, they always have their say
The insects are happy, have legs oh so many
Feelers on their heads and there are plenty
I once saw a spider he was big and expanding
There was also a centipede, and it was standing
Beetles are many, with legs more than six
The can be very fast and get up to tricks
Yes it moves and it squirms, better not to touch
Just keep the door shut and it will not do so much
Garden sheds are strange, they hide what they will
I once saw a mouse that wanted to kill
There are scissors and wires and bottles of strange things
And some of the creepies they also have wings
So if you look in the shed, do not shine a light
You might see something strange that will give you a fright.

 FOWC with Fandango: Shed

RDP Tuesday: Broadcast

HESO 2018 29.09 (12)

I took the photo at our local trade fair where our local radio was broadcasting live.

I grew up with the radio. Television only came into my life when I was about 8 years old. I think it was a question of money, being in a working class family in the poorer part of London, but our radio was unique. It must have originated some time after the war and I am sure when it was new, it was a good radio.

We had short wave, long wave and medium wave, as the various sequences were named at the time and it was running from morning to evening. Our local station was BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). In the morning I remember a programme “Music   While you Work” for the the workers to listen to in their various factories. Sunday lunch was accompanied by the Billy Cotton Band Show. An orchestra that just played with their resident singers. Not a great band, but it gave you something to listen to. There were British Comedy Shows: The Goons, Life with the Lyons, Anthony Hancocks Half Hour etc. etc. We even got Radio Luxembourg and Hilversum. Two foreign senders known for their good music and quite clear, although often the sound would fade and return again. They were the symptoms of the early day radio reception.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (16)

Our old radio looked something like this. One day the catastrophe happened. We were twiddling around on the knobs and suddenly the dial would no longer move. The connecting wires had disconnected and broken after about 30 years, but dad to the rescue. He removed the front of the radio and wound string around the knobs. I did not realise he had such talent, but somehow it worked and our radio station changing mechanism was saved.

This old radio accompanied me throughout my younger life. We remained working class, but technical improvements became more reasonable and one day on a birthday I wished for a portable radio and got it. At least modern broadcasting had entered our lives. Although I somehow missed the surface noise, the loud and soft fading tones and all those countries from far and wide.

We also had a radio later where mum found the channel for the police cars, now that was interesting.

And today? As I write this I hear the radio broadcasting in the background, just music, but it belongs to our daily life.

RDP Tuesday: Broadcast

Good Morning

First Snow

We got a little brushing of snow yesterday, but nothing impressive. It began in the morning with some ice crystals falling and after my lunchtime sleep, we had a very thin layer. Of course any outings were now cancelled and I watched it through the window.

I am a little later today, as it is cleaning lady day, but she phoned hardly able to talk as she has caught a heavy cold and is staying at home. Actually I do not mind because Mr. Swiss and I had a restless night behind us. He had back pains and I was restless in bed and did not sleep very well at all. I think it was because I probably slept too long yesterday lunchtime. The result was no-one really wanted a cleaning lady this morning, but I did not want to call her off. She did it herself with her cold and now we are settling down to a relaxing morning. I did my own cleaning and everything is fine.

Railway Barrier 19.11 (1)

Yesterday morning was a normal trip to the supermarket and just as we were leaving our estate the barrier descended from the local railway. I also noticed that we could see the Jura mountains in the background which are usually covered in clouds in the morning.

Christmas Tree with lights

When we arrived at the supermarket I was please to see that the lights were still burning on their Christmas tree. They usually turn them off before we arrive, but yesterday was a dull day.

Christmas Supermarket Decorations

Even the entrance of the mall still had the lights burning. By the way if you wonder what the name Ladedorf means, it is “Shop Village”. I am really not a Christmas person, but I do enjoy the decorations.

Mistletoe 19.11 (1)

On the way home from the supermarket I noticed that the mistletoe was again visible on the trees. During the Summer it disappears amongst the green lush of the tree, but as soon as the leaves fall in Autumn we see the bunches hanging again.

Now I just have to cook lunch and take it easy. If it would brighten up this afternoon, I would risk a little journey somewhere. I have not been through the cemetery or to the farm for some time. Sometimes I like to get out for some fresh air and see what the animals are up to.

Chickens 08.11 (4)

I just had a quick look through my photos and realised that the last farm visit was a couple of weeks ago. I am sure the chief rooster is missing me.

And now to cook something for lunch. It will be some sliced pork with veg and something we call Spätzli, which is a chopped pastry, fried in whatever you fry it in. I am a butter cook. It goes well with the sauce to the meat. Spätzli actually means little sparrows in English, although I do not know why it is called with that name.


And here are my spätzli. I could make them myself, but it is a lot of messy work and the ready made ones in the supermarket are very good. They are made with egg and flour and all the usual pastry ingredients.

And now I am off to cook and generally laze around. Today is a day of rest. I have even cleaned my windows, although no big job as they are quite clean. Just rubbed them up with a special cloth.  Mr. Swiss just remarked how clean everything is at home, but I have nothing better to do really.

Enjoy your day, take it easy, and no stress. It is not worth it, we get there eventually one way or the other.

Jura 10.11 (7)