Good Morning

Moon 11.11.2018

I am saying good morning and not good night, but my morning photos would be misty with almost nothing to see. Yesterday evening Mr. Swiss said “look at the moon” and so I did more and took a photo. It is nothing spectacular but at least we had a clear view. This morning there is nothing to see and the chair cushions outside are wet with early morning mist, although it has not  been raining.

Clouds 11.11 (5)

Yesterday afternoon was completely different with sun and light clouds, it was even quite warm for this time of the year. I am slowly getting tired of this in between weather: either Winter or Summer, but I have admired the changing colours of Autumn long enough now.

Horses 10.11 (2)

I suppose it makes a good background for the horses grazing in the field. The field is actually behind our local road train station. There is a gap in the fence big enough to see the horses.

As I did not go anywhere yesterday there is nothing special to report. I curled up with my Kindle and carried on with my Stephen King novel “The Stand” and that is really heavy going with its more than 1,000 pages. I am now on page 600. The world’s population has been reduced to a mere few due to a leak of a virus from a “plague station”, with only the resistant still alive. There seems to be a touch of supernatural arriving with a strange figure that appears in dreams. Actually it is a story that can be a little disturbing sometimes. There is enough food for everyone and transport means due to the stores that are now unoccupied by the owners, so just take what you want. There are also enough empty houses to live in.

Solothurn 08.07 (19)

Yesterday was the 100 year celebrations of the end of the WWI, so I had a look in our town and yes, they have a war memorial for the great war, although Switzerland being a neutral country does not have a lot to show. I have often wondered about this statue. The architect seems to have let his imagination run amok.

Fritz, Rudolf, Hans, Oscar Gerber 1

I have always like this photo of Mr. Swiss grandfather and his brothers when they were prepared to guard the borders of Switzerland in WWI. It seems that bayonets were more the ideal weapon at the time.

There was a big get together in France with the heads of state. Shame that Donald Trump did not manage to complete his programme of visiting the graves of those that gave their lives in the war, due to the rain. If it had been a golf match instead, he might have used an umbrella or perhaps a covered wagon to move around. Just a matter of precedences I suppose.

And now I have a shopping list to compose to make sure I do not forget anything. Yesterday Mr. Swiss and I co-operated on a Swiss apple flan which was very good. I had too many apples so cooked the remainder quickly in the microwave. Stewed apples with whipped cream is always a good snack in between.

So time to go, enjoy the day even if it is Monday. Perhaps those that worked for us on Sunday now have a free day. I will be off in town this afternoon, it is the monthly market day. I will be wheeling around in my chair looking for a few photos.

Altstadt Solothurn10.11 (3)