Daily Inkling: C, a letter

Letter C

When is a letter C not a C?

In german it tends to become a K, although the C is hiding behind it. Catalogue = Kataloge

In French it might even become a Ç which gives it a sedilla effect as also used in Albanian, Azerbaijani, Manx, Tatar and Turkish

And in Russian? It becomes a letter sounding like an S

Yes our poor little C has been attacked, pushed around and even ignored and transferred into something it did not want to be. B(e) is still in front and A is ruling it all. Being followed by a D is also rather humiliating, but poor C. Have pity on him, he does his best but all the other languages keep wanting to change it.

Daily Inkling: C, a letter

FOWC with Fandango: Tantrum



“Joe don’t get so excited. What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong. They have done it again. Update they said and now nothing works.”

“But you have a password.

“I have many passwords, how should I know which one to use. They are against me. I am still waiting for the new password from the bank.”

“Another new one, but you got a new one last week.”

“Can I help it if they are idiots and lock me out when my fingers slip off the key.”

“But three times I thought, until they block you.”

“It’s a conspiracy, but now I cannot even read the newspaper. Nothing is happening.”

“Let me have a look.”

“Definitely not. I am the computer person here and have everything under control.”

“But I got the new update on my computer as well and everything is fine.”

“With your simple Mickey Mouse programmes that you use, of course.”

“But yesterday you said you could not get into Facebook.”

“Another password conspiracy and now I have to have a new one. There is only one cure, I will have to get a new computer.”

“But you already have three.”

“And they are not working blö”/£$$klunckploggle@@@”

“Swearing will not help. What about your e-mails, are they working now?”

“What does that have to do with it, of course they would  be, I just have to call Fred to make a new password.”

“You mean the guy in charge of your computer department at work. But you have your passwords written down, haven’t you.”

“Of course, but I can’t find the paper where I wrote it.  Nothing is working on this machine and now they did an update. Can I use your computer?”

“Forget it, no, definitely not. The last time you used mine I needed all day to get a connection again.”

“And that was not my fault. Women just do not understand computers.”

FOWC with Fandango: Tantrum

RDP Thursday: Loose

Apples Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

Our apples are free, and now we have let them loose
You can bake them, cook them shred them and put them all to use
We put them in a bag and tied them to the fence
We are giving them away, they cost nothing so save your cents
There was a record harvest and we didn’t know what to do
No-one eats so many apples and they were sticking to us like glue
So come and help yourself, and please do not be shy
Just cut them in half before eating,  now I will tell you why
Not only humans like apples, they are a favourite of bugs
And they are not so fussy, they are also liked by slugs
So just to be on the safe side search for a suspicious sign
Although I am sure they are OK, I tried some and they are fine

4 cool slugs

RDP Thursday: Loose

Good Morning

Clouds 31.10.2018

This was the sky view that I got yesterday morning from the supermarket, a strange one. If the Martians were thinking of landing, this would probably be ideal. We have strange weather days at the moment, the very late summer days have now disappeared and cold weather is with us, although at home I am still in a t-shirt. Yes, the heating is working again after a day’s rest, although the man that repaired it told us he did not find out why it happened and so it could happen again.

Traffic Jam Werkhofstrasse 31.10.2018

It was a strange morning yesterday. We had a traffic jam on the road to the supermarket which has never happened before at 10.00 a.m. We could see no cause for it and after a while it was moving again, but we passed an oversized lorry on a side entrance to a building site which was probably trying a few manoeuvres and blocking the road.

Gardeners Werkhofstrasse 31.10.2018

I also notice a gardener replenishing the flowers in the road decorations with pansies, but she was not the reason for the hold up.

As can be noticed I am at least an hour later this morning. It is changing of bed linen day. I always did my own duvet and head cushions and Mr. Swiss his, but we are both no longer the youngest and it is a strenuous job. I even did it on my own in earlier days, but as the years go past, you know what I mean. so this morning I did both duvets and cushions and turned he mattress which was more luck than judgement. I heard Mr. Swiss fire up his computer in the background and realised he had forgotten the Thursday early morning task. He eventually arrive thank goodness, at the part where we have to lift the mattress and hoover underneath the bed

And then we got to the rough stuff with putting the new fitted sheets on the mattress. There really should be a bed refurbishing service for golden oldies, but we both breathed a sigh of relief when the job was done. Luckily it is not an every day sort of thing.

Snow on the Jura 31.10.2018

I noticed there was snow on the tops of our Jura mountains yesterday, but as long as it stays up there I do not mind. Today we have a day’s holiday, at least the non golden oldies do, for All Souls Day. Golden Oldies have a holiday every day of course and we even get paid for it with the state pension. Oh, what a wonderful life. As I have been homebound since Sunday I decided on a journey to the local graveyard this afternoon if it does not rain. Many visitors to the graves are expected and the flower shops have had quite a good turnover on arrangements. I am hoping for a few good shots with my camera.

Otherwise it is a dreary day today although yesterday afternoon we had another good sky formation.


It seems the clouds were lining up in rows and they made some good patterns in the sky.

I should now move to other unconquered territory with the vacuum cleaner, so I wish every one a happy all souls day if you have one, although I am not sure if they should be happy. And this was a pleasant surprise in the store yesterday when I saw the first Christ Rose helleborus niger, of the Winter.

Christmas Rose

I had one in my garden which was always the first/last to flower towards Christmas, but I am not sure if it is still there after having the garden redone. I will let myself be surprised.

Have a good day everyone and may the sun shine on you, here it is still thinking about it.