FOWC with Fandango: Repress

River Aare 12.05 (8)

I was thinking about a little wheelie in my chair along the river. What could be better on a Saturday afternoon in May: the sun was shining, and so I wheeled along and then I saw a sign. “STOP –  SHOOTING DANGER, through way forbidden. To emphasis it all it was in red and white, a wooden barrier with the sign hanging on a chain and, yes, in three languages. We all speak Swiss German where I live and the Italian part of Swizerland is a few hundred kilometers away down South, after crossing the Gotthard mountains. The French part is nearer, about an hour by road, but where I live the only language spoken is German and perhaps quack from the ducks, but no-one shoots a duck.

It was then I hear the crack of bullets in the air, Of course, silly me. It was one of those week-ends where all good Swiss soldiers must have a rifle practice. They all have their rifles at home, somewhere in a cupboard and during the year they must have a shooting session to make sure it still works and to keep in practice and this was one of those week-ends.

I had no choice but to retrace my wheeling steps, when the Swiss governmental military authorities say the future of your country depends on a shooting practice, then who am I to disobey. Actually my No. 2 son served his time in the army and I remember the tirade of negative words he applied when he again had to sacrifice a Saturday afternoon to go shooting. I think they even have to achieve a certain amount of points to qualify, otherwise they have to go again, although I am not so sure about that one.

I decided to take the path above the river and I saw the targets set up and heard again the continuous crack of rifles. When my son finished his time as a Swiss soldier he returned his rifle. The soldiers are allowed to keep them for a small price, if they want to, he did not.

River Aare 12.05 (7)
FOWC with Fandango: Repress

RDP Tuesday: Parcel

Christmas Calendar

There used to be parcels delivered
To delight the children’s eyes
Particularly at Christmas
For a wonderful surprise
Today it is a thing of the past
No longer something of hope
All the kids I know just want an envelope
To make sure they do not mope
Just ask them how much it would cost
On the cheek they give you a peck
Of course the best what you can do
Is write them out a cheque

Mrs. Smith who lives next door
does all her shopping at home
Just go online and order the goods,
She doesn’t need a phone
And so you climb over parcels in the hall
Because everyone buys this way
A box of shoes, perhaps a computer
with the credit card you can pay

I need my medicine for my MS
but this must be in the cold
The postman, who always rings twice
deposits the box as told
The actual goods are a tiny parcel
but surrounded by ice packs
I have to stow them away in a fridge
And then we can relax


RDP Tuesday: Parcel

Good Morning

Back garden morning

I am here, although a little later as it is cleaning lady day. She has been busy looking after my kitchen, bathroom and shower and I have been busy cleaning windows and preparing lunch and now I am set to go. It was a misty morning whilst I was eating breakfast, but is slowly clearing and we might even have some sun this afternoon, so I will probably be on one of my escapades this afternoon to collect a few photos.


The only photos that I have at the moment are from yesterday’s excursion to the supermarket. This is the so-called Weissensteinstrasse which leads eventually to the Weissenstein mountain road, further along. On the right the building was once the Roamer watchmaking company, but many years ago. I often take photos of this road as it is interesting to compare how the trees change throughout the year from the different seasons.

Migros Langendorf

And when I eventually arrived at the supermarket (Mr. Swiss at the wheel of the car) what did I see? Yet another attempt to bring Christmas a little nearer. the Christmas tent is already standing full of decorations and seasonal goodies, and now there is a guy balanced on a lift hanging up the Christmas lights. This is only the beginning. Eventually the complete shop entrance will be illuminated. I am not sure if I will ever see the illuminations, as I rarely go shopping when it is dark. It is still all too soon for me and I can easily wait until December.

I just had one of those wonderful phone calls from our telephone people. First of all I did not understand who she was, one of those that likes to save time when calling by not using commas or full stops. She told me how Mr. Swiss and I could save 20 Swiss francs monthly on our invoice. Apparently they invited us to have our television connection with them as well. This is all above my understanding, as television does not interest me and we are satisfied with our current provider. I explained this to her and that she was dealing with a couple of golden oldies that have no interest in refurbishing their nice comfortable life, even we might save 20 francs monthly. The lady gave up, wished a nice day and that was that. I also noticed a missed call on my telephone yesterday. I checked the number on Internet and found that it was classified as a “telephone terror” so perhaps it was a good thing that I missed it. Why do we have to be bombarded by these useless phone calls. Who needs a telephone to call people. I need mine as a memory to remind me when I have a doctor’s appointment, or a shopping list. And I have all my medical details on it.

And now after an exciting morning with a cleaning lady I will return to the kitchen to put the finishing touches to by 5-star menu. I hope your day is going well, or will be going well when you no longer hug the bed. I leave you with another misty view I caught on camera whilst travelling yesterday. I would add Mr. Swiss does tell me to put the camera down now and again as it interrupts his driving experience and could cause an accident.

Autumn Scenery 05.11.2018