FOTD 17th November 2018: European Smoke Tree

European Smoketree 08.06 (4)

n German we call it a “wig shrub” literally translated, but according to information on Internet it is a Smoke Tree. They grow during the year here, like any bush, but around Agust the fruits, or whatever begin to form and the tree becomes quite fluffy, as if it was really growing a wig.

FOTD 17th November 2018: European Smoke Tree

FOWC with Fandango: Impose

Gul (1)

It was impressive to see them floating on the river
Where do they come from, arriving from hither
The gulls have returned after a summer of ducks
They are very imposing, a real deluxe
A day in Spring they decided to go
Perhaps to the sea, I really don’t know
But when Autumn arrives they return to our land
Switzerland has no ocean, but it must have been planned
Floating together in a synchronised swim
I am sure it was their aim and not just a whim

Gull 02.09 (3)

They occupy high places to look down below
Now they are here to stay and do not intend to go
The swans are amused and swim with them together
On a river in a country with Winter snowy weather
So let us be happy that they find a comfortable place
One day they depart again without leaving a trace

FOWC with Fandango: Impose

Good Morning

Morning Back Garden

I am really getting fed up with this grey lid over my head every morning. I have not seen a cloud for at least a week, not to mention perhaps just a little bit of blue sky or even a sun ray. Although it is not so cold, at least I think so, it is depressing weather. Even the birds have forsaken their feeder in the morning although they usually arrive at lunch time.

Sparrows 16.11.2018

Sparrows are always hovering around to see if there is something available, but even they were only watching. I have to take the photos through the window otherwise they fly away.

Toast Hawaii

Yesterday evening No. 1 son was again off to a concert in town. No big deal, just a duo playing in one of the clubs that he likes to visit. This was an opportunity to make something for the evening meal that he does not like so much. Autistic people have their own taste in food, although my son usually eats until there is nothing left on the plate, but he is not a big cheese lover, prefers meat, although he will eat a cheese fondue or a Swiss cheese tart. So I made toast Hawaii. The last time I mentioned this, no-one seemed to know what I was talking about. This time I took a last minute photo: a slice of bread, slice of ham, a pineapple ring and cheese on top, over baked in the oven to give it a nice colour. Before eating I sprinkle mine with paprika. Mr. Swiss prefers his with paprika and grated nutmeg. It served us well for an evening meal.


Just as I was wondering to write about, I got visitors. I always have a bowl of water in front of my kitchen window, mainly for my cat Tabby, who finds drinking beneath a sky outside is more refreshing than indoors. Three sparrows have now arrived to indulge in Tabby’s water, although she is not bothered, she is already sleeping again.


The sparrows have now gone and Mr. Crow has arrive to see if there is anything left for him. A magpie also visited but he flew away before I could get a shot. It is a real active birdlife this morning.

And now I should get active as I have visitors for lunch, my No. 2 son, wife and grandchild, and I will be cooking, but everything under control. My MS problems are gradually settling themselves again, although I have to be very careful with movements. a slight giddiness is the remainder at the moment, but I have no stress at home and the week-end shopping is completed.

Migros Parkhouse 16.11.2018

At least we don’t have to do this, this morning. The supermarket is dealt with for the week-end, unless Mr. Swiss feels like a trip into the unknown.


Have good relaxing Saturday wherever you are and I leave you with an amaryllis I discovered yesterday in the store. It is amaryllis time again. I have already got myself one, a nice white one, but it has only just started to grow.