FOWC with Fandango: Haphazard

Export Department

My desk in the office did not always look neat
This was just for the photo, when I was sweet
In my head it was organised, although deepdown was a chaos
If you walked past, perhaps more like a pathos
My piles of papers had dog ears on the corners
They were not neat, more for the mourners
My boss shook his head and was sure I would lose it
I stayed quite cool and never abused it
He called for a document, I searched and eureka
In the meanwhile he drank coffee whilst I was a seeker
But somehow I found it at the bottom of the pile
Not in a second, it usually took a while
I had goods to send all over the world
They always arrived, the papers uncurled
Today I am different, it is really not so bad
I have nothing on my desk, not even a hapazard
Everything has its place, it is all in my thrust
But I do it because I want to, and not because I must
My boss is now retired and forgot all my sins
I am also retired, no longer needles and pins
Looking back through the years, was it really a splatter
We all survived, so what did it matter

FOWC with Fandango: Haphazard

RDP Monday: Jewel

First Snow

Today we got our jewels and they fell from the sky
It goes under the name of snow, and now it will lye
There is not very much, just a sprinkle here and there
But it doesn’t cost anything and is making me aware
Winter is upon us, days of Summer fun are away
But for every season a reason, and there might soon be a sleigh
I was never a fan of Winter with its cold and all the ice
But now I am getting older and find it very nice
I do not have to go to work and fight my way through blizzard
I can now relax at home and pretend to be a wizzard
By enjoying the scenery and quiet of the land
Everything has it positive side, even a snowy hand
I read of the prominent that buy their diamond rings
To celebrate a birithday or many other things
They show off their wealth, but who are we to admire
It does not impress me, I am really not afire
You cannot take it with you, but leave it all behind
But the snow will one day fall on my grave and my resting place is signed

 RDP Monday: Jewel

Good Morning

Jura 18.11 (8)

We got a sky again. This was yesterday afternoon around 4.00 when I took a wheelie in my chair into town. All day we have grey in grey and in the later afternoon the clouds decide to lift and show us what is behind. I noticed that we now have a sprinkling of snow on the heights of the Jura but with temperatures of now about 1°C it is not a surprise. In the lowlands we still have green meadows, but they are no longer growing.

Rising in the morning is also now a slower process. I used to be ready to sit at the computer with breakfast around 8.00 a.m. and now it it 8.30 until I can make myself comfortable. I just have my little chores I like to get finished before taking it easy. There are curtains to be opened and blinds to be raised. I like light and air in the apartment. If there was a wash yesterday I clear it away and afterwards chop some bread remainders for the crows and sparrows. Making breafast and setting up the Mac computer is no big problem, but it all takes time. Then I sit and begin and then notice I left my mouse behind in the room where I have the computer. This is all done in slow motion with the aid of a walker and stick, but now I am here.

Christmas Tree Solothurn 18.11 (2)

So what did I see in town. It was quite empty, with a few smaller family groups taking a walk around. Our Christmas trees are now arriving. This one is on the market place. At night they are illuminated, but I do not take wheelies in the evening.

Zezghaus 18.11.2018

Our old Arsenal museum has again been decorated to represent a Christmas calendar. When December arrives they will begin to uncover the various windows and probably there will be a Christmas ornament showing afterwards. I do not really do Christmas, but enjoy the various decorations. It gives my camera something to do.

Von Roll House Smoke 18.11.2018

I noticed that in the garden of one of the town villas someone was heating an oven up in the garden, probably for roasting chestnuts. The house belongs, or belonged, to the Von Roll family of Solothurn, the place where Casanova once spent the night with Lady Von Roll so they say. I have told this story before, but we Solothurner people like to dwell on the old legends.

Swans 18.11 (3)

I wheeled down to cross the bridges over the River Aare and noticed that swan pairs are still drifting around seeing what they could find in food in the depths. Although it was chilly, I was glad to get out again and move around. I had quite a restricted week last week with visits to the hospital for infusions and not being on my best, but now things are normalising a little, although I am no longer as active as I was and everything is going in slow motion. I like to keep up my routine, but feel a little uncertain walking around. However I can still manage my daily cooking and cleaning. Just keep going is the best I find, no good giving up. I must admit I did have a little shock with the whole thing and it was the first time I really experienced a relapse with my MS.

Reeds 18.11.2018

I took this photo of some reeds growing on our estate. They have also decided to retreat for the Winter, but they will re-appear again in Spring I am sure.

I decided it was now time for the home run again and chanced the wheelie along the riverside. I like to watch the calm flow of the water and now and again meet a group of gulls or ducks making the most of it. And now I should move on to do the rest. I have some shopping to do this morning, the list has been made and I even enjoy getting out to the supermarket with a little bit of action.

I hope you all have a good start to the week or are sleeping comfortably in your beds at the moment. Some are already active I noticed on my computer, the late sleepers in the States, but I really appreciate your visits. We might be miles apart, but it is comforting to know that there is someone there.

St. Urs 18.11.2018

A last glimpse of the turrets of our cathedral as I was leaving town.