FOWC with Fandango: Coma

Grey Skies

Today the sky fell into a coma. It began this morning, when it did not awake. It just lay there, pushing down on us all: a grey heavy lid with no movement. There was no wind, no light breeze, and the sky foze. There were still solid clouds. Objects in a coma do not move, they do not react, the exist in their own space and time. The sky was in the operating theatre, given an anaesthetic and sent into a deep sleep. The day has passed and the sky is still not reacting. Is this the thing that science fiction stories are made of? Perhaps the sky will awake tomorrow, and perhaps not. And if it stays like this forever?

Like an operation where you fall into an endless pocket of nothing and awake to hear the drips of infusions and sounds of breathing apparatus and realise you have returned to the real world. So let is rain and let the sun appear again. In the meanwhile the sky sleeps on.

FOWC with Fandango: Coma

RDP Monday: Vigorous

Feldbrunnen 14.06 (2)

Me, vigorous? Of course I am
I sit on the computer whenever I can
There are places to see and challenges to complete
I have such stress for the appointments to meet
The sweat pours out of every cyber pore
My fingers get slippery on the keyboard all the more
Can you imagine the energy I spend every day
Just looking at the terminal and finding my way
Moving the mouse is such an exertion
No matter how I do it in a different version
Oh the stress of an online life for a golden oldie
It is a tough update life, I really am not mouldy
Of course I have other tasks to complete that need my strength
I do my best completing them, but only at arm’s length
Tennis and running, and playing other games?
Oh no, that is too vigorous, my energy would be flames
Nice and easy and time to relax
That’s the way to go, energy I do not tax
So heed my message, slow an easy is the ride
Just let the computer do it, and push action on one side

RDP Monday: Vigorous

Good Morning

Solothurn Altstadt 24.11 (1)

I did not really go anywhere yesterday. It was a permanently dull day and the clouds remained in the lowlands so here is our town of Solothurn two days ago with some hanging clouds over the Jura.

I had a little shock this morning when I glanced through the headlines of our daily newspaper online. There was a fire during the night in a house in a street where we lived 50 years ago. When Mr. Swiss and I got together he already had a small apparment when I move in. It was naturally the first steps to a 50 year partnership and when a larger appartment was empty in the house we took it over and then his two children from his first marriage arrived. I don’t know whether the fire broke out in this block, but I read in the newspaper report that six people died, amongst them children. It was certainly a shock to read it and very tragic.

Cows 01.11 (1)

Yesterday was a voting day in our Kanton of Solothurn, although we sent our votes off a couple of weeks ago by post. Mr. Swiss always studies the details when casting the vote. I usually agree to his decisions although now and again even Mrs. Angloswiss has her own opinion. This time I was strongly taking party on a national vote for our cows involving the complete country. We had the Cow Horn initiative, brought by a farmer somewhere out in te farmlands of another Kanton. Perhaps he looked a little strange with his farm cap and beard but he had cows and decided it was time that our cows should be allowed to keep their horns and not have them already removed by the vet when they are babies. Yes, the stubs are burnt away before they begin to grow.

I told Mr. Swiss to vote yes to this initiative: even my No. 2 son who lives in another Kanton, although he found we do have other important stuff to decide upon like climate change for example. Anyhow yesterday the Swiss people cast their votes and the initiative failed and so our calves continue to be hornless unfortunat4ely. I know no other country, perhaps I am wrong, that deprive their cows of the horns when they are born. I see hornless cows in our surrounding meadows with one exception.

Cows 17.10 (2)

This local farmer in our village allows his cows to keep their horns. Those again the idea found that cows with horns are dangerous to each other and the barns must be buit bigger and the cows tied up in the barn to prevent accidents, but what do the cows think? And cows with horns are much better looking. I am sure that the result was all in the name of saving money and I am a little disappointed.

Chimneys 24.11.2018

And so life goes on in the wilderness of Switzerland and our local garbage disposal plant is still belching smoke out of its chimneys where it is all being burnt, but it is clean smoke, pure Swiss.

Today is a day of shopping and the list is made. I also have a list of the contents of my kitchen cupboards, foodwise. I started this list about a month a ago. At first it was work, but now the details are registered, and I just to a little stock taking now and again. It might sond stupid, but since I did this it really is a help to know what I should buy. I discovered that I had stuff I never used and had to throw when the dates expired. Now I have everything under control. I really think no longer having a regular day job, something must be missing in my life. Even my fridge now has order and I have registered every tomato and egg, as well as cream and butter. I must have the bored golden oldie syndrome.

Aare 24.11.2018

And now I will leave you to do your own thing for the day with a photo of the setting sun over our market town of Solothurn. Make the most of it, we have no sun at the moment. I think it has moved up to the mountains somewhere behind the clouds.

Enjoy the day and spare a thought for the hornless cows of Switzerland. Apparently the decision is not final and somewhere there will be another farmer having pity on his cows with the hornless heads.  I am not usually very political, our politicians are mostly harmless and we vote so often that nothing could possibly happen, but the cows cannot vote and their heads remain  hornless.

See you around, have a good day or night,.

Along the Aare 24.11 (2)