Daily Prompt: Archaic

Cemetery Solothurn 20.05 (6)

I was surprised at the daily prompt word today, although I should make the most of it, because they are killing the daily prompt. It will be pushed into a dark corner of a cyber world and  believe me you do not want to go there.

The only archaic stuff that exists today is on the cemeteries of this world. A lonely pillar with a crumbling relict, perhaps a figure gathering moss and going green at the edges. I had an update last week on my Windows computer and now I have a new button at the bottom with “Taskansicht”. My computer speaks only german, but it means something like Task view I suppose. I do not need this and will not use it I like things to remain as they are where everything works.

Back to the WordPress misery. From 31st May things will not work that I like. There will be no daily prompt although the daily post will remain. A lot of things will go, because according to WordPress they are now not necessary. We must move on, although this is more stagnation for me then moving on.

It must be something to do with the money. In my archaic brain anything that turns your world upside down is for financial reasons. The daily prompt with its random words, picked by random by their automatic hardware or whatever, is costing too much. So throw it out, much easier, and already money saved. And then we have the weekly photo challenge. Who needs that, once a week many followers of WordPress proudly show their photo to suit the theme, we are wasting time.

Of course we can now make entries in Longreads (if you want to spend a few hours on your computer writing something) and perhaps you might be one of the lucky ones that gets an entry posted in “Discover” (which I am not). Basically I think we are here to speak to each other, to post daily and have fun and meet online. Fun is not a word that exists in the financial vocabulary of WordPress so forget it.

We have become archaic, our contributions are not longer needed. I have not seen the reason why. WordPress did say “The decision no longer to publish on The Daily Post wasn’t an easy one” so why do it. I have not read one single remark from anyone that finds this a good idea. But who are we to say anything. Those of us that pay their $100 annually are the fools. Even roses die.

Dead Rose

Daily Prompt: Archaic

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Archaic

  1. They aren’t making enough money. Not that they aren’t making money, just not ENOUGH money. Not like Google or Facebook. So they are turning to business blogging where they think the real money is and they don’t want to waste time with us because we don’t advertise. It’s depressing. Along with my computer getting hacked, that was the second worst news of the day. The good news is that Garry is ready to go on his cochlear implant.

    I’m not surprised, but I hate it. We’ll have to try to figure out some way to keep something going. This summer is so packed that I don’t think I can do much until September, but maybe by then I can take on a “morning coffee” prompt or something like that. I need to get Garry through surgery first.

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    • It is all to do with the money of course. I have seen it happen before and the reason when I came to WordPress was the disappointing demise of Multiply and now it is all happening again. One day there will no longer be a WordPress
      I havn’t found one single comment yet that supports WordPress in their decision. I will do nothing to rescue the sinking ship, just wait and see. I do not have the energy or time to start something similar, and no-one will pay me for the work. The WordPress people get a monthly wage for what they do, which seems to be less and less. My Good Morning exists for a few years now, and if everything collapses I might begin a Good Afternoon. Tabby is a bit in a problem and does not where to put here paws or claws at the moment.

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  2. You are absolutely right. I can’t agree more with you. This is destroying us as a community of bloggers having fun together, writing and exchanging ideas and showing our photos to each other, knowing new people around the world… What a pity! They have not made a survey among the users, no questions to see what people think, no reasons…, just like that: Good bye. Do whatever you can. We will have to find other ways to get together thru other challenges and prompts. I only hope to stay in touch with you after the daily prompt ends

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    • I will miss a lot of people that I have met. I was even congratulated by WordPress this year for being here 10 years, but what is the point when they are slowly destroying everything. I will wait and see what happens and do what I can, but I do not have the energy to begin something new.

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  3. I just talked to a ‘Happiness Engineer’ who doesn’t know why the Editorial Team made this decision. I’ve been doing the Photo Challenges for years, and will miss the community that has grown there.

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    • They no longer are so happy in that case. The situation is getting very suspect. One day WordPress will turn their backs on us and go completely business – that is where the money is.


      • I think you are right – the business customer is probably their priority. I’ve been a ‘paying customer’ for a few years – I didn’t like the ads and was willing to pay to get them off my site. But I’m not a business, so I don’t expect my needs are a priority!

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  4. I think that individuals will have to post prompts if they want to, like some of the photo of the week etc. I have a business blog here and pay the 100.00 or so a year for it, and it is still not of much use to me, since the whole fuss with them allowing people to edit comments. Since any comments made by someone for endorsement etc. are possibly suspect since we can edit them to say that we are the greatest ever, why bother to encourage clients to post endorsements? I just keep it here as a placeholder so people read about my business, and then i use the wordpress reader to stay in touch with some folks whose blogs I like.

    The problem with making people’s jobs dependent upon coming up with neew junk online is that they then do that and call it innovation or modern or progress or whatever, but it usually is just a form of make-work since otherwise people would not have employment.

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    • I am in this for the fun of the game. I have been blogging for many years and enjoy it. I have met many people and get to know them. I think it is ridiculous to edit comments from what the others say. It gives a totally false picture and their comments become unreliable. It is all about the money, the more they make the better and they change their rules and regulations to earn more.


  5. I don’t even know what “Longreads” is and what’s the difference between “Daily Post” and “Daily Prompt”? I don’t know what the big deal is for WP to churn out a word a day (a bot could do it, maybe is doing it) and it would make everyone happy (no one’s happy). I pay for all my “business” blogs — the blogs for my books and my daily blog, too. I think this is a really stupid idea. No business makes more money by losing customers. 😦

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    • I have never got into the Longreads, but I think that is more of writing many pages that no-one would read in any case. We all prefer the short and to the point. I also thought a word a day by automatic computer function is no big deal, but they want money, big money I am sure.

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      • If I want to write many pages that maybe no one will read, I have my novels for that job. Well, I might be out of here except for the websites I’ve built for my books. It’s a shame because of the people I know and like here and the occasional good short story that’s come from the prompts.

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  6. It was upsetting to receive that message from Ben that they were stopping the Daily Prompt. I so enjoyed that! That was what I do before I head out for work. I don’t write, and I don’t want Longreads. I want the prompt. I don’t understand how you stop something that is so successful and brings so many people together. Give whoever posts the Prompt a raise and let’s get on with it.

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    • I think the WordPress people are not really sure what is going on. They often change stuff and do not explain why. Their explanation for this was not an explanation but just blah blah. They do not even tell us what will now be new at WordPress


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