Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walls – Indoors or Outdoors

Baselstrasse 11.01 (35)

An interesting wall in the town of Solothurn

Renovation 22.05 (9)

The bare facts of a wall when the insulation is removed.

Nursing home Ivimy Street

Bethnal Green, London – The building stood there since I was born at the top of our street. The building is still there, but my street is long gone and now a park. It is used as a home for nurses in the local hospital, known as the Queen Adelaide.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walls – Indoors or Outdoors

Daily Prompt: Let’s Trill

Sparrows 31.12.2017

“Who’s trilling out of tune?”

“Not me, must be her.”

“Is it you?”

“I am always in tune, but you two always have the wrong key and I cannot concentrate.”

“It’s you with the wrong key. You are trying to imitate those crows and they don’t sing, they shout.”

“I am not shouting. It’s the new fashion. It’s the rapping trill.”

“The what?”

“I got it from the humans, the newest hit. You don’t sing any more you rap.”

“Triller, triller tweet tweet tweet
whistling on the birdhouse
Come on tweet trill trill
Let’s fly to the highest hill”

“We are birds, sparrows to be exact and there should be 3 trills in the third line to make it fit. I think you have an identity crisis. You are hopping around too much with the blackbirds and I notice the funny look in your eyes when you watch the crows. The next thing you will start cracking nuts with your beak.”

“I tried it but it doesn’t work.”

“Of course it doesn’t, that’s only for the big birds.”

“But I know a human that tweets all the time, and he is one of the leaders of the human pack.”

“I know the one, but he is more like a parrot and just copies what he hears, without knowing the meaning.”

“No problem, I copy what I hear trill, trill, trill. Perhaps I might become president of the sparrows.”

“We don’t have presidents, we don’t need them. We organise ourselves. And now go and crack a few seeds open, its winter and the humans are feeding us, so make the most of it. In Spring they close the birdhouse down.”

“You mean we have no more food in Spring.”

“In spring we will be busy laying eggs and teaching the egg products to fly, remember?”

Daily Prompt: Let’s Trill

Good Morning


I had a choice of sunrises this morning, either from the front garden or the back garden, but I chose the one at the front garden showing the stronger sun rays. This is the eastern side of the appartment and the sun rises in the East. It’s wonderful and breathtaking and gives me a reason to actually enjoy rolling out of my bed in the morning. It is also the morning where the bed linen is changed, which was another reason to make a move. The duvet and pillow have been recovered and the fitted sheets are also in the wash. I will leave the rest to Mr. Swiss. He has more energy than I have in the morning.

Jura 24.01 (2)

Otherwise yesterday was another pleasant day with no rain or storm. The Jura showed itself from its best side as we drove past on our morning shopping safari. I saw a few photos today from our neighbouring village of Riedholz and they have a lake landscape at the moment. In the flat fields south of the village, the rain has collected and it looks as if the village now has a beach and sea. I know in the olden days there was a poind in this village, and the village has probably not forgotten this fact. A least there should be no water problems when the summer arrives.

My spam box in the mails is full of strange messages at the moment. I receive daily at least 20 messages from various people I do not know, thanking a friend, who I also do not know, that told them how much profit they have made by buying bit coins and I should do the same. I have read some news about this and the bitcoin has become a good investment it seems.  I am not so sure how a fictitious currency can make profits. I have decided not to buy any bitcoins as although I have read many explanations, I still do not know what it is. I have a few coins and and notes in my purse, but they are only there for emergencies and are Swiss products. I buy everything today with plastic, Just a swipe across the till in the supermarket and the statistics do the rest. I remember my dad, who adamently stated that “I don’t want a bank account” as if it were some sort of unknown contagious disease, so everything had to be done in cash.

Road to Langendorf 24.01 (4)

Lastest news on the Trump arrival is that his plane is getting nearer to the Swiss borders and the plane spotters are trying to get as close as they can to the landing runway for their photos. Those that know how to do it, can take a bus in the area which arrives at the end of the runway. Unfortunately this bus is not running to day and the runway has been closed for all unwanted visitors: photos are not allowed of the Trump as he leaves the aircraft. This is a bit different to the visit of Clinton. When he arrived in Zürich Airport a special tent had been put up for him until his car called to collect him. Clinton ignored the tent and walked off to meet the people, mostly reporters, that were waiting. He shook a few hands and spoke a few words. He was a President to touch. The American secret service were not so happy about this.

And now to move on, there are things to be done and a few windows to be polished up, but not so many and I have time. What else can a golden oldie do all day. I hope your sunrise is, or will be as good as ours and enjoy the day. Here is the sunrise on the other side of the house, the westside.

Sunrise 25.01.2018