Colour Your World: Gray

Renovation 29.04 (13)

I am living in a gray world, surrounded by gray – textures and shades of gray: not quite 50 but if this continues, we will reach the 50 shades eventually. Even the white nylon sheet suspended over our entrance is now gray. The workmen hung it up today, probably to catch any dust or dirt that might fall from the building, the sun arrived and reflected the complete gray background onto the material and so we are grey in gray. Even the pants I am wearing at the moment are dark gray and the t-shirt light gray. But today we had a blue sky.

Colour your Word: Gray

Colour Your World: Silver


It is not silver, but aluminium. It is part f the scaffolding they have built around our appartment block: the platforms for the workers to walk over. At the moment I am taken photos everywhere. There are such interesting angles to catch on this whole building experience, especially if the sun reflects on the pieces.

Colour Your World: Silver

Colour Your World: Salmon


There is salmon and salmon and I am quite partial to a piece of salmon. Although Switzerland has no surrounding sea or ocean, we still have fish, but imported. In the local supermarket we have salmon from everywhere. The smoked salmon has its origins in Scotland, Norway, and even Ireland. We even have a company near to the part of Switzerland where I live where it is smoked. The fresh salmon comes from everywhere. It seems to me the darker the colour, the better it is and more expensive, and can even go under the name of wild, although how wild can a salmon get? I notice if you get the bit nearer to the tail it has no bones, the further down and wider it gets, the bones are everywhere.

Colour Your World: Salmon

Colour Your World: Scarlet

Paraglider 23.04 (8)

This afternoon I took a walk to the local castle. When I arrived at the top of the hill I had a rest on a bench to take some photos. What happened next was a surprise. A paraglider appeared in the sky with his parachute. He had probably arrived from the Jura mountains behind the castle. He landed on the meadow in front of where I was sitting and so I made the most of it with my camera. He laid out the parachute on the ground and began to fold it. My luck was in, the parachute was scarlet, at least I think it is scarlet, anyhow it is my sort of scarlet.

Colour Your World: Scarlet