Share Your World – January 8, 2018

Do you prefer a bath or shower?

I only shower. If I had a bath I would need a crane to hoist me out of the bathtub. When I shower I have to sit on my special seat.

What do you do to make a living or during the day? If you are retired what mostly occupies your day? Or if you are a student what are you studying?


I do no longer “make my living”, I live. I have an unpaid job as cook, cleaner, laundry expert and lady for everything. I am also an unpaid blogger, but that is not work, an exercise for brain development. Photo taken five minutes ago by Mr. Swiss who asked himself what his crazy wife now has for intentions.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom?


“We do not usually “stuff” our animals, but prefer to keep them alive. We have an assortment of strange objects in a corner, but the only stuffed animal would be me when I am taking my midday sleep after lunch. I am then immune to the world.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I am getting out and about again. The weather played with it, no snow but cold, but I was on the road again, if only in a wheelchair. I now have untold possibilities of again taking photos and visiting the local places. I have got my life back.

St. Katherines Cemetary 06.01 (1)

Share Your World – January 8, 2018

Daily Prompt: The Unwanted Chocolate


There they are. The box is full of chocolate, uneaten, forlorn. I had two favourites, the crema catalona with its delicate slightly burnt taste of vanilla and the authentic black, the bitter one to wake you up. One day I stopped eating chocolate. I always had a row of each chocolate after dinner. It was my dessert, something to munch whilst drinking my tea. My son had a new time table, meaning that lunch was served half an hour later. To compensate I missed out my lunchtime dessert which would have meant half an hour less for a midday sleep. I had to think it over. Will the afternoon programme have half an hour less sleep or shall I just carry on as usual and add the half an hour.

On the other hand do I really need this chocolate every day? I am diabetic amongst other problems and the chocolate is really too much of a good thing. Think of your streamlined figure which is no longer so streamlined due to the chocolate. Not only was this ritual a lunchtime habit, but also after the evening meal. It is always good to round off the meal with something sweet. And then I lost the taste for the bitter sweet delights of life. I really stopped, it was cold turkey. I did not have nightmares, nor was I shaking and itching for the missing perk. One day I decided I do not need this, or was it my diabetes that decided. I just did not bother. My midday sleep was at the usual time and I  did not even miss the sweet preliminaries.

In the meanwhile my chocolate reserve still lays in the fridge, waiting for the next feeling of longing. This all happened before Christmas and I am daily eating less calories. My weight has remained the same, and my figure is still in a southwards shape. Perhaps I am now devouring myself. I do not miss the chocolate, I have no withdrawal symptoms. Mr. Swiss is also now disappointed because his famous apple flans are no longer required. He has lost the purpose in his kitchen life as I have just lost interest in the sweet side of life.

One day it may return. I used to purchase something for an afternoon break , after my sleep, when in the supermarket: a piece of special cake with cream was my favourite. Even this ritual is now neglected.

I have just eaten a tangerine. Eating fruit is healthy they say. Perhaps this year will be the year of health.

Apple Tart

Daily Prompt: The Unwanted Chocolate

Good Morning

River Aar 07.01 (6)

This is not this morning’s clouds as at the moment there are no clouds. The day again begins in grey. I decided to take a drive (wheelchair) down to the river yesterday afternoon and this was the sky as I approached.

It was a first time for me on wheels to the river and probably not so often. The ride was bumpy, over stock and stone, but I did it, which was the main thing. I was reminded again that I should not visit the river on Sunday afternoon’s. It develops into a people’s march and I was overtaken by bikers and wannabe athletes. There were also the family excursions with their children who seemed to regard me as an oddity on wheels and had a good stare before moving on. Of course there were dogs, although the dogs do their own thing.

Dog 07.01.2018

This canine was trotting behind its owner with a wooden remant of a tree in its mouth. The guy that the dog was leading was toally enthralled when he saw me taking the photo and the dog was as well I am sure.

Wood after the storm River Aar 07.01 (4)

There were many tree remains lying around left from the path of our storm Burglind/Eleanor. It seemed to be the biggest problem in Switzerland at the moment and in our Kanton alone 100,000 cubic meters of felled wood were laying in the forests

Of course there were a few ducks and even one swan floating on the river.

Ducks 07.01 (1)

My usual hour journey develped into two hours this time unintentionally. I got a little carried away about how far I could go and realised that I had taken a path of no good return and wheelchairs are not the fastest carriages on the paths. I eventually arrived home and was greeted by the remark whether I had planned to go to Zürich. Of course not, at the best of times my range is 40 kilometers and that would only bring me to Bern.

Today is a normal Monday again, something that has become quite rare since the season’s holidays. I can go shopping without storing food for the days when the shops are closed for holidays and we can eat normally. No luxury food, but plain normal home cooking: probably a plate of pasta with a sausage or slice of meat. Vegetable is a matter of choice, but having No. 1 son at the table it is restricted to non-green vegetables. He is allergic to green veg meaning that my beloved brussel sprouts are a no go. Today there will be no excursions with my new toy, as now and again I have housewife hobbies to attend to at home.

I wish everyone a good day, full of good things. If they are bad you can always tune into the computer. Facebook is good place to visit, because you realise that no longer how negative life is, there are far more negative things to cope with. Facebook is slowly becoming a list of negative influences in life.

At the moment we are being attacked by the Sahara. Mr. Swiss just told me to look outside where everything is bathed in a yellow light. I grabbed my mobile phone camera and took a picture. It seems it is Sahara sand that is infiltrating our pure Swiss air, how dare they. On the other hand it makes a good photo. Everything is glowing with a yellow shine.

Sunrise with Sahara sand