Share Your World – January 15, 2018

Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to….


being able to take many more sunrise photos.

What is your favourite comfort snack food? 

I do not do “comfort snack food” and I no longer really snack. Now and again I might eat some potato chips, but not even that so much. I find eating my meals is enough to satisfy my needs and if I leave the snacking on on one side, I enjoy my meals better.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?

I never babysat, or delivered newspapers. I had a Saturday job in a store in the mens clothing department for a year and earned £1 for the day. I was saving money to be able to go on a school cruise to the Baltic Sea. My parents did not really have the money, so I got myself the job to pay for it.

Cathedral Steps Helsinki

We were all 16-17 years old, 1964, just finished school, and sitting on the steps of the Helsinki cathederal in Finnland. I am the one at the end on the right sitting next to some guy that decided to join us. I think he was on a spanish ship that docked in next to us in Helsinki harbour.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Geese 13.01 (2)

I can get out again on my own and go places and see things I have not seen for some time. I now have wheels to move on, and all driven by electricity. I decided that sitting around at home and wobbling around with a stick worrying that I might fall was not so enjoyable. Even the geese were honking when they saw me. They had missed me as it was at least half a year since I could visit them.

Share Your World – January 15, 2018

Daily Prompt: Studying how to study

School prize

Since half an hour I have been studyjng what to write about studying. I seem to have spent most of my life studying and am still studying. I studied mum and dad because there was no-one else around to study and discovered that they never really studied anything. And so I embarked on a life of studying at school. At the end of my studying school life I had to take examinations to prove that I had been studying. I have a strange confession to make. I had studied it all, and took my exams and passed except for one: that was my english exam. Of course I could speak english, but it seems by powers of dissecting sentences into subjects and predicates and various other strange descriptions was not existent for me. I managed the rest of the exams, with a brilliant note in biology. I was not planning to become a doctor or scientist, it did not even interest me.

It seems my failure to pass the english examination meant I must repeat this test as it was  matter of existence in the big wide world. In  Great Britain the examinations taken on the higher level were sponsored by various universities. My school chose University of London exams. It was decided for my repeat performance I could take the University of Oxford english examination as it was deemed easier than that of the London University. I was now in the secretarial sixth class learning how to type and write shorthand, but as a sideline I had to continue to study for my english examination. I passed this Oxford University examination I think, I cannot even remember.

I must have learned something at school as I even got a school prize in the fourth form for progress. Of course I progressed, that was why I was in school, but I had not yet taken my final exams. They were a year later. I also found that this school prize thing was a “take on”. I seems I had so much money to spend on books donated by the school. I had a choice of books, not exactly my thing, but I eventually chose “The Three Muskatters” by Alexandre Dumas and “The Moonstone” by Wilkie Collins which exceeded the amount of money that the school was prepare to donate for my achievements. This was no problem, you pay the extra yourself. Something was wrong somewhere, but I suppose you can even buy achievements.

Anyhow mum was happy, dad was happy and me – no-one asked me if I was happy, but I was. I was happy to leave school and stop being forced to study. I now study voluntarily.

Daily Prompt: Studying how to study

Good Morning


As my local sky is letting me down again with its monotone of light grey, I decided to take a photo of my new plant at home. I at last got myself a cyclamen in the local store. They had all sorts of colours, so I decided on something completely different. I have never been lucky with these plants, but I really like them. I asked the lady in the store and she said not too much water, just twice a week. I am following her instructions and so far so good, but perhaps it is too early to say at the moment after only a week. It has made buds and they are really thinking about opening, so what could be better.

If you are wondering about the artistic photo, I just had to show it off. As you know, or may not know, I invested in a new iPhone, the X model. As I only buy new phones once every 5-10 years I decided why not. I am now learning the ways of their new improved super camera and I must say it really does everything. They have a so-called “profile” programme with various settings which I am now trying out. I chose “scenery”. I only had candlelight in the kitchen when I took it and this is the result. It makes a circle around the main feature of the photo to highlight it, and left the background dark. I can also adjust various features of the photo on my phone with contrast, brightness etc. etc. As I have all my photos online in Flickr they go directly online afterwards, but private. I make the adjustment afterwards for public or not. I have discovered as a golden oldie, you are never too old to learn the ways of online life.

St. Katherine Cemetery 13.01 (9)

Yesterday I did not go anywhere or doing anythig special. It was unfriendly and we were in mist. If I had bothered to climb a local mountain I would have been surrounded by sunshine, but I was glad to be able to climb out of bed yesterday. I spent my time blogging a little and reading.

I am still ploughing through “The Radetzky March” by Josef Roth in german.

For those of you that do not know this march I am including a video recorded at one of the New Year’s concerts performed every year by the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a very old march and features in the book now and again. It was at the time of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, with Emperor Franz Josef which features as the background to this book. I am now on the part where the throne successor, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assisinated in Sarejevo which was the signal to start the First World War and things changed for Austria in many ways. They were now at war and what a stupid reason to begin a war in my opinion.

And now to move on to the realities of the day. There is shopping to do, photos to be taken on the way to the store from the car, and a little bit of cleaning in the afternoon. It is very very cold this morning and the water bowl outside, for my feline (and other random animals that walk through during the night) was frozen solid. Hoping your parts of the world are a little more friendlier. If not stay at home, keep warm and relax – it can only get better.

Baselstrasse 13.01 (3)