Daily Prompt: Statically speaking

Renovation 24.05 (4)

This is not static, but the real McCoy. This is when we were being renovated outside and the workman told me to perhaps not get too close with the camera. It could be that the sparks would fly and damage the lens.

My memories of static are electric going back to my younger days when my mum had a sort of attachement to anything that was made of nylon. Of course we women wore nylon stockings, mainly in Winter, it could not be avoided. It was the sixties, days of short tight skirts and high heels. The blue jeans and other trousers had not yet taken over and you wore nylons. I was never a friend of them and was glad for the warm summer days when I could go bare legged. Today it is no problem, I wear trousers almost always, short, medium or long according to the weather situation, with socks.

Ok, I am drifting, so back to mum and her love of anything synthetic. She discovered it was cheaper. They days of real cotton, real wool and genuine anything were over. The new fabrics had names like crimpelene, terylene and rayon. The main thing was, as mum said, you do not have to iron it. They even manufactured nylon bed linen in England. It was at the time of my marriage to Mr. Swiss, and my english family all sent me nylon sheets as a wedding present. Needless to say they were never used and went directly to the garbage man.

If you wanted to iron clothing made out of this new wonderful discovery,  it would melt under the iron or lose its shape. I spent the beginning of my teenage life in materials that would send out sparky signals if you touched anything metallic. Mum was delighted by these new products of modern life. She began to knit with synthetic fibre in all colours of the rainbow. She was always a fan of bright colours. Luckily I was then older and living in another country. When she visited she would bring her newest creations that she had knitted for the kids in luminous colours, electric shades of green and yellow. She even managed to find a shade of red that glowed in the dark.

I discovered that if you happened to get a stain on this wonderful new replacement for the real thing, it was imposible to remove it. You could wash it at all temperatures, try to scrub it away with a brush, but nothing worked. The materials were everlasting but so were the stains.

In the meanwhile these materials of static electricity have gone to the history books and have a mention in Internet. Common sense eventually took over and fabrics became mixtures of synthetic fibres and real fibres. Today we have fibres that breathe, that are antistatic, all a product of the modern scientific world. Mum would have found them too expensive and nothing could replace the shocking pink, lime green and other luminous colours. You would never get lost because you would glow in the dark.

Laser lemon 09.02 (3)

Daily Prompt: Statically speaking

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

I like to start the day with a photo of the outside world, but lately the outside world has  become very monotonous. Every morning the same grey lid over my head, no cloud structure, just grey in grey. I heard a rumour that today will be a good day for sunshine, although only over the clouds, and perhaps below if you are lucky. This was this morning’s picture, and yes the clouds are breaking up so who knows, it looks promising.

There is also a constant drizzle in the air, not rain but from the mist. I managed to get two crows on the photo, which are two black specks in the distance. They are now gathering in the garden for their breakfast, the chopped remains of bread that I put out for them every morning.


And then I remembered something I noticed in my front garden yesterday. The snowdrops have arrived. They have been faithful for about 15 years, appearing every year, same place, same time.  They are only now showing their flower heads, but it will not be long before they are in full bloom. As it is 8.00 a.m. and temperatures of around 2°C, I had to take a quick photo as I am not yet clad in my daily clothes and did not want to contract pneumonia for a photo. It was an aerial photo and not as sharp and detailed as I would have liked, but a quick upload from the telephone camera from above.

Road to Langendorf via Solothurn 1201 (11)

Yesterday was a stay-at-home day for me, although I was week-end shopping in the morning. Mr. Swiss chose the town route home, as he found that the speed restrictions on the normal road are getting too much of a good thing. There used to be parts with only 50 kph but now it has got to a general condition. Anyhow I did not mind, I got a few other views, from our cathedral on the other side.

Road to Langendorf via Solothurn 1201 (9)

We also drove past the Swiss reform church, where my kids were christened. The black shadow on the left is from part of the car window. Taking photos whilst in motion from the car is not always ideal.  The church is built in a more the modern plain style, but the reformers were not into decorations and angels etc. If you want to know more about it, I would recommend a book by Martha Kennedy, one of my WordPress colleagues. She visited Switzerland and did some research and it captures the moment in time when the reform movement began to find its feet in Switzerland. The Brothers Path by Martha Kennedy.

And now to the day ahead, which will not be so spectacular. I will probably embark on another journey this afternoon with my chair on wheels, but am not sure where I will go. I have covered most of the tracks in the near places. I have now full power on my wheelchair as it was hanging onto the electricity during the night and I can now cover at least 30 kilometers. Yes, I will be on the road again.

Enjoy the day, have fun, and keep safe.

Crow 10.01.2018