Daily Prompt: Let’s Trill

Sparrows 31.12.2017

“Who’s trilling out of tune?”

“Not me, must be her.”

“Is it you?”

“I am always in tune, but you two always have the wrong key and I cannot concentrate.”

“It’s you with the wrong key. You are trying to imitate those crows and they don’t sing, they shout.”

“I am not shouting. It’s the new fashion. It’s the rapping trill.”

“The what?”

“I got it from the humans, the newest hit. You don’t sing any more you rap.”

“Triller, triller tweet tweet tweet
whistling on the birdhouse
Come on tweet trill trill
Let’s fly to the highest hill”

“We are birds, sparrows to be exact and there should be 3 trills in the third line to make it fit. I think you have an identity crisis. You are hopping around too much with the blackbirds and I notice the funny look in your eyes when you watch the crows. The next thing you will start cracking nuts with your beak.”

“I tried it but it doesn’t work.”

“Of course it doesn’t, that’s only for the big birds.”

“But I know a human that tweets all the time, and he is one of the leaders of the human pack.”

“I know the one, but he is more like a parrot and just copies what he hears, without knowing the meaning.”

“No problem, I copy what I hear trill, trill, trill. Perhaps I might become president of the sparrows.”

“We don’t have presidents, we don’t need them. We organise ourselves. And now go and crack a few seeds open, its winter and the humans are feeding us, so make the most of it. In Spring they close the birdhouse down.”

“You mean we have no more food in Spring.”

“In spring we will be busy laying eggs and teaching the egg products to fly, remember?”

Daily Prompt: Let’s Trill

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