Good Morning

Plane trails in the sky 21.10 (1)

No, I am not flying anywhere today, but it is late for my good morning, so I this will be short and sweet, although I am not so good at that, but will do my best.

First of all I took the photo this morning as I had nothing better to do. It was with my zoom lens, so got the plane closer as usual. Otherwise the reason for my late start you can blame on my browser connection or whatever. It seems they lost or cut a cable in our area and the villages of Biberist down to Feldbrunnen were without Internet connection. OK, no big deal, because I am convinced that our little villages are  small places on the world map compared to towns like New York, Zürich or even Paris. It was a big step for us because we were lost and had no way to connect.

This really showed me how much we depend on this computer stuff. I knew nothing what was going on in the world because I had no Internet. I wanted to tell everyone that today is Mr. Swiss birthday (78 years old). He is now in town for a few bits and pieces and called in at our local browser office to see what was happening and they gave him the news. In the meanwhile the exclamation mark disappeared from my WLAN symbol or whatever, and I was alive again.

And now to the kitchen, this was just a short interlude. I also have a few comments to answer on my blogs, but that might arrive later. I have rice to cook and my special chicken breasts wrapped in bacon slices for the oomph in the taste. Leaving you with a few morning clouds (did I tell you that is my latest hobby), enjoy the day and don’t worry be happy, even if your Internet breaks down, life goes on.

Clouds 21.10 (2)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. A customer came into the shop I volunteer at the other day and said she’d had no internet for three weeks. I thought if that was me I’d be climbing the walls after 3 days! I was without it for a week last year because of some fault caused by the phone provider and boy was I grumpy!

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    • I was going up the wall after 3 hours this morning! The problem is you have no way to know what is going on when you have no internet connection. We golden oldies live with internet.

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  2. I think we “outliers” are MORE dependent on the Internet than people in bigger cities where there are more potential connections. Around here, it’s Charter or nothing. No choice, no other options. The more things depend on the Internet, the more it worries me.

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    • Me too. I am not as active as I used to be, but like to indulge in my various hobbies which all seem to be dependent on internet groups. It keeps my brain working and I don’t feel so isolated. If the connection is not there something is missing, but would emphasize certainly not Facebook social services


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