RDP Wednesday: Phobia

As a golden oldie I do not really have a phobia, I have seen so many changes in life and had to adapt. However this week the gardeners called and brought my garden up to date with removing weeds etc. The photos shows the result and now I have realised that I do have a phobia. I was not expecting the layer of wood chippings, or whatever, in between the plants. I know it looks good and very neat, but for me it is too neat. I like earth between my plants, even a few so-called weeds sprouting here and there do not bother me.

I am not so sure that my bees, spiders and bugs are happy about the situation, not to mention the birds. How will they find their worms? How can I make them the central subjects for my photos when everything is covered with this chip wilderness. It all happened on Monday, and next week the gardener will be calling – again – to remove this new layer of unwanted material and replace it with fresh, black natural earth. I want a garden and not a pseudo cemetery.

RDP Wednesday: Phobia

6 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Phobia

  1. I can well understand this. My next door neighbor has to have her yard perfect. Absolutely leaf-free and perfect. She took down a huge oak tree in her backyard–no trees to shed on her lawn. She also redid her front and side gardens, and now has white rock where dirt used to be. Our hot western Florida sun will be cooking those plants in her yard! What was she thinking? I will stick with my soil, and do the occasional weeding.

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