FOWC with Fandango: Epic

War Monument Solothurn 19.03.2019

We have a war memorial in our town in the corner of the museum park. Switzerland is known as a neutral country and does not partake in wars, but we have soldiers. In wartime they were engaged in guarding the borders to stop anyone entering or leaving. There is a story that circulates in our area of the American soldier that was shot down in his plane and saved himself by parachute. He landed in a field and was confronted by a guy in uniform. He immediately surrendered thinking he had landed in Germany and would be taken prisoner-of-war. Luckily it was only the local Swiss postman so no arrests were made. The postman was quite surprised of course.

However we did have our soldiers and still have a full time army (3 weeks a year for each able bodied man). And so our brave soldier sits naked on a stone with just a sword for protection and a helmet. I do not know who had the idea for this sculpture, but it is certainly something completely different. We just do not do heroes here.

FOWC with Fandango: Epic

RDP Monday: Stout

Bear Pit Bern

There used to be a bear pit in Bern
They found it rather cruel
And so they built a new place
by the river which was quite cool
Bern kept its bears, it was tradition
The bears were part of their sign
but what to do with the old bear pit
to keep it on cloud nine
If you go down to the pit today
There are no bears to fear
They have been replaced by machinery
For making stout and beer

Brewery in restaurant, Bear Pit, Berm

RDP Monday: Stout

July Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Pleasant

Horses 01.03 (8)

There are many pleasant things in life. Seeing my grandchildren grow, being able still be independent, despite mobility issues. Above all when I go into town I always cast a glance over the wire fence in the direction of the horses. Some times they are there, sometimes just one or two and in the hot weather not at all. It is wonderful to see them run free on the meadow.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Pleasant

Good Morning


What a lovely morning, birds singing, sun shining and pleasant. How I used to dislike Monday mornings in the olden days when I had to work for my living. I still work, but voluntarily keeping the place clean and cooking the food. Even the washing and ironing is no longer a must, but a want. There was a day last week when I had finished everything earlier, probably because there was not so much or someone might have helped. I had an hour with nothing to do. Even my blogging was done and I was bored. It does not happen very much I am glad to say.

Yesterday I at last tackled the scooter. I saddled up Mr. Swiss new scooter to have a practice run as I am getting mine this week and wanted to see if it works well. I think he thought I would just do a trip up to the castle and back, but I had another plan.


My main purpose will be to go to town and do my shopping, so I made my way on a practice run. The photo shows the controls as I ride. The lines on the left show how much power I have and the battery was full. On the right you see the speed. As I was on a first run I kept the speed moderate showing three lines, but I can increase it by pressing on the button with the running rabbit to six I think, although I did not want to overdo it. To go slower the button shows a tortoise, so what could go wrong. As I already knew the way from my wheelchair I also know which places are better to cross the road.


When I saw the cathedral I knew it was now or never and was approaching the entrance to town. It was a beautiful day and could not be better for a maiden journey.


Being a Sunday afternoon the town was quite empty and basically just people wanting to take a walk and enjoy the weather. That was OK for me. Driving over the bumpy cobblestones was perhaps a little bit better than in the wheelchair. I decided to go the whole hog and drove through the town to the other side. The route I would generally take to the store.


When I approached the Biel gate it meant I had done, a maiden voyage through town with a scooter. There were no crowds cheering and clapping when I got there. Perhaps I should have invited the newspaper. I now left town and took the circular path away from the cobblestones and now I was on my way home. I only made a stop now and again for my photos. Driving a scooter and taking photos at the same time does not work. I think my first experience was OK. I had no big problems, just noticed that taking curves was a little different than in a wheelchair, but I even mastered that. I arrived home and parked in the underground garage meaning opening the door with my remote and going down the slope to get to the parking space. My voyage was completed and I it worked. I cannot wait this week to get my own scooter. Shopping will be a lot easier for me in the store as I can walk upright with my walker picking the goods from the shelves without having to ask for help.

I should also receive my food vacuum sealer this week. It will make freezing meat and veg easier. I just attach a plastic bag roll to the machine, put the articles in it and remove the air and seal the bag. There is even an automatic bag cutter on the machine. Then it will be ready to freeze. I had been thinking about getting one for some time. I usually have it vacuumed in the store, but sometimes there are things that you buy you want to prepare yourself.

I had a great experience this morning.


My first orchid had opened. I did not even know what it would look like. I bought the original plant a year ago when it was flowering and it has been sitting out on the porch through the summer, but is now full of buds. I have never been so successful with orchids and now I have another two full of buds, and two with new bud stalks.

And now I wish you all a very good week, keep safe and according to where you are, wear your mask. It makes you more mysterious and interesting.