FOWC with Fandango: Dogma

Kanton Solothurn, Switzerland, Feldbrunnen flags

Three men met in a field
and decided to light a fire
There was plenty to drink
plenty to eat
So they celebrated to heart’s desire
One of them had an idea
“Why don’t we make a land”
The others found it was quite good
They even engaged a band
It had a very small beginning
It really was no miss
A few centuries later
Everyone was Swiss
On every 1st of August
Fires are lit on mountain tops
To celebrate the birth of Switzerland
Which became the top of the pops.

FOWC with Fandango: Dogma

RDP Thursday: Sand Castle

Alps 05.03 (5)

If the alps were made of sand
They probably would collapse
Instead of mighty peaks
It would have a lot of gaps
Skiing would be difficult
You would sink into the sand
The St. Bernard dog could not help
You would need a human hand
If you want to build a castle
then carve it in the ice
Keep it in the refrigerator
Decorate with edelweiss.

RDP Thursday: Sand Castle

Good Morning


Here I am sitting outside on the porch, just eaten breakfast and now finishing off with a cup of tea with my vitamin D drops. Nothing like a healthy life style I suppose. One of my first chores this morning was to go to the cellar and get a large tin of tomatoes. It is time to cook a double portion of spaghetti sauce and freeze the half of it for some time later. I used my last portion last week and noticed what a good thing it is to have a reserve. I was stranded at home as my wheelchair’s battery had given up the ghost and was waiting for a new battery. I was also waiting for my new scooter and so I cooked my spaghetti with the frozen reserve. I must say we were both surprised how good it was, really did not notice any difference from freshly cooked. I am really getting into the routine of leading a frozen life.

As far as the scooter is concerned.


All I can say is perfect. Mine is on the right in the photo, and the one at the back if that of Mr. Swiss. He uses his more for joy rides or doctor and dentist visits, but I need mine for the shopping trips. Mine has an attachment on the back for hanging my walker onto it which is really good. Yesterday was the first time I used it to go shopping and I must say it was perfect. The wheelchair is OK, but I have to sit all the time and hobble around when I need something from the top shelves in the store. Now I am independent. I parked my scooter outside the store, took my walker  and could shop like any normal person with my walker. Seeing the assortment from above instead of the side is much better, it is a different perspective. I had to go to the store next door for Mr. Swiss cigarettes as the grocery store sells no alcohol or other addictive substances. It was absolutely no problem and I could take the short walk with my walker and not have to wheel up and down curbs to get over the road. I love my scooter. It might only travel 10 kilometres an hour, but it still arrives quicker than if I would walk. Of course I might stop on the way home to take a photo or two, but no problem. I even have a small basket on the front to carry a few small items, although my bags of shopping are picked up by the young men called collectors, who bring it home to me on their bikes with the attachment for carrying the bags. Last week a young lady brought it home. she told me she is the only lady that does the job


I was not so busy with the camera yesterday, being more occupied with my first scooter trials, but took this one as I was leaving town through the Basel gate. The greenery on the left belongs to the garden of the so-called Von Roll house. Yes, it was the place where Casanova once stayed the night (or two) with Lady Von Roll as the story tells it.

Otherwise a relaxed evening. We now have our good summer days, but it cools nicely in the evening for a sit outside and a good book. Today I am planning on a trip to town over the river, with my scooter of course and it could be that Mr. Swiss accompanies me in his scooter. Perhaps we might even have a race to see who is the quicker.

Hope you all have a good day, take it easy, no stress. See you around later.