FOTD 15th July 2020: Fireweed


I grew up with this wild plant in a London still recovering from the bombed remains of houses and streets after the second world war. If it was one plant that seemed to be dominating this ruins it was the fire weed that would spring up betweeen the brick remains of the houses. It was a London weed for us, but today I recognise it as a very attractive plant.

FOTD 15th July 2020: Fireweed

FOWC with Fandango: Vacillate


I was surprised when I saw this today as I was approaching our block of apartments. It is something you have to do it Switzerland if you plant to build something entirely new. Construct an outline of the proposed building so that everyone can see how high and wide it will be and whether it will disturb the general appearance of the surroundings.

The strange thing about this one was that it first appeared two years ago and remained for half a year whilst the complaints about the size of the planned building were being dealt with. Some parties disagreed with this extension to our estate. Personally I was not so keen on it, because it would mean that the view of the forest on the edge of our estate would be cut by half, and we would only really see the top half of the trees. On the other hand, who am I to complain, we are surrounded by forests and trees.

It seems that all negative remarks have now been discarded dealt with and the planned block is again being shown in its size. Perhaps it might be a little different to the original. I do have a couple of photos of the first attempt, so if I could be bothered I could do a comparison, but I really cannot be bothered. At the age of 74 these things are no longer so important and opinions of the others are vacillating constantly. However, I will keep my eye on this framework to see how it develops and when the build begins. At least I will have something for a photographic study during the next year.

Somehow I think I am becoming too Swiss.

FOWC with Fandango: Vacillate

RDP Wednesday: Horror


I do not need skeletons or vampire teeth, just a heavy dark cloud hovering over the local mountains is enough horror for me. Just as I was departing for me shopping trip it began to rain. Luckily I was wearing a rain jacket, but sitting in a wheelchair you are open for everything. After a couple of minutes I reached the part where I took my first photo, the one above. I continued on my way and when I eventually arrived at the store it had stopped raining. I did the shopping, left the store and discovered everything was dry.,

However, I had a quick visit to make at the chemists and yes, it started to rain again. Eventually the horror journey finished and there was no more rain on the way. I was lucky. It is still raining on and off, but I no longer have to go anywhere.

RDP Wednesday: Horror

Good Morning


It’s not raining – yet, but we are supposed to get it all day. Just as well my only plan today is to the store, although I will have to wheel around town to avoid the bumpy ride on the cobblestones. I was actually planning to go to the nearer store, just along the road but Mr. Swiss needs meds from the chemist shop which is opposite the store and my supply of diabetes tablets is also running low. We had a check on our prescriptions quickly to see if they were still valid. I could hardly read the date on that of Mr. Swiss as it is half a year old and got a bit roughed up in the wrong places. I do not even have a prescription to read as the doc faxes mine direct to the store, but no problem. I still have a supply of tablets for a week and it only needs a phone call to get it re-organised.


Yesterday it was an afternoon short visit to the places in the upper part of the village around the castle and up the hill. As you can see Mr. Swiss is getting quite professional with his scooter and I must say it is really something useful. I am now seriously thinking about organising one for myself. I could not use it for shopping so much as it would be difficult moving around in the store, where my wheelchair would be more useful. However for local journeys and visits to town to various stores, it would be useful. I could park the scooter and just walk short distances. For doctor visits it would be ideal.  I have one coming up at the beginning of August and at the moment the local road train is not running due to repairs on the tracks and I would have to use the bus. Funny thing was as we were entering the cemetery on the way a golden oldie lady was leaving in her scooter exactly the same as that of Mr.Swiss. We naturally got into a conversation about how good they are. The funny thing is my wheelchair was a couple of thousand francs more expensive than the scooter and the scooter travels faster. The power also lasts longer.


A lot of the crops have now been harvested and the remainder is now quite yellow, so almost ready. The air is filled with the noise from the harvesters at the moment.


I noticed a few big birds flying overhead on my way, but have no idea what they are, probably a kite, or perhaps a buzzard. The weather was pleasant, although the clouds had begun to gather more. Probably telling us that tomorrow it will rain, although up to now it is keeping away.


I was a little annoyed to see that our local coronus statistics had risen to 10 new infections yesterday, but this morning we are back to 2 new cases in our Kanton. Our minister tells us not be disturbed, the government has everything under control. I supposed based on a population of 8 million it could be worse, but I will be glad when this whole thing eventually disappears.

I should now move on to a bit of this and that. Dinner is thawing out nicely and now i have a few telephone calls to make. Keep safe, keep a safe distance to everyone and everything and wear your masks if called for. I cannot understand people not wanting to wear them. I must admit I have not worn mine, but I very rarely go places where it would be necessary. If I was journeying by bus or train I would definitely wear one. It is law at the moment and a question of common sense.


And with a glimpse of the local castle as I was wheeling on my way home yesterday I will now move on to where I am needed in the housewife chores department.