July Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Vacation

Stay at home, do not go away on vacation. The world is full of hairy peas flying in the air just waiting to make their holiday in your lungs, so forget it. You have everything you need where you live: good friends and neighbours if you are allowed to mix with them. Plenty of food in the stores if you do not have to isolate, and above all in every town a doctor. Just keep your distance.

Apart from this, your country has a list of countries which you are not allowed to visit and also a list showing who is not allowed to visit you. Holidays are a thing of the past, Don’t worry about them, be happy and stay at home.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Vacation

July Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Pleasant

Horses 01.03 (8)

There are many pleasant things in life. Seeing my grandchildren grow, being able still be independent, despite mobility issues. Above all when I go into town I always cast a glance over the wire fence in the direction of the horses. Some times they are there, sometimes just one or two and in the hot weather not at all. It is wonderful to see them run free on the meadow.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Pleasant

July Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Art


My artistic talents only really exist behind the camera, but I have never attempted to paint anything myself. I would like to try it once, but I am sure it would not work, so I leave it to Mr. Swiss who has been painting on and off throughout his life. Here is one of his works in aquarell.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Art

July Photo a Day Challenge: 22. Rare


This is a very rare event, never happened before. I have had various orchids for a few years, I kept them after they flowered hoping they would flower again, but they never did. This year I put my flowerless and budless orchids on the porch, gave them water once a week as usual and suddenly what did I see. Rows of buds, they had decided to flower again. This is just one plant, but I have three more also with buds.

I have no secret method, it just happened. Of course I am now giving them fertiliser to ensure that the buds stay and develop. I cannot even remember what colour they were.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 22. Rare