FOWC with Fandango: Glimpse


I was on the path on my way to town. Just turned the corner and saw something orange bouncing along – a balloon. The local gardens were empty, there was no-one to be seen or heard. It was just an orange balloon that came from nowhere and seemed to be going nowhere. I decided to take a photo. As if it knew it would be photographed it stopped in its path and then bounced along afterwards. It had been painted and I was sure that it must have escaped from a birthday party somewhere. Just a glimpse of a celebration that was over. I have not seen the balloon since.

FOWC with Fandango: Glimpse

RDP Monday: Impetuous


This afternoon I was tempted to have an impetuous moment as I walked past one of our so-called tea-rooms where you can have anything non-alcoholic to drink and a cake to go with it. The cakes are also sold separately over the counter if you want to take one home. And there I saw it, a king-sized version of our Solothurn cake, but just a model.

It is something that belongs to our town, our local cake – not cheap, but worth every cent and franc. Of course they are not sold in this size, although there are various sizes to choose from. The recipe? That is locked in a safe with a secret code, or something like that. The original confectioner who created the cake kept it for himself. He had the monopoly. Eventually he retired and sold the recipe to his successor for a small fortune and it has remained in the shop.

From my own experience I can say that it definitely has hazelnuts and there is a very delicate cream mixed with the nuts. The covering is also a nutty taste, but very fine. Anyhow I decided to walk on  by in town and just took a photo. I have bought many of this cake creation when I had visitors. It is not something you would be able to make yourself.

RDP Monday: Impetuous

Good Morning


It got to a good start this morning, but I just had a check on the sky and noticed that a few grey clouds are appearing. It is quite warm outside and so I am hoping the clouds will go away. I am lucky to have a covered porch when outside.

I had a bit of a drama yesterday, actually it was a big drama, but my own fault really. I  decided to go for a wheelie around the cemetery to the castle and back. It was the third time without recharging my wheelchair, but I was sure I had enough power. Now and again I was getting a red light, but that was when ascending a steeper slope. Afterwards it was reacting normally when on the flat. However on the last stretch along the local railway on the path it was blinking red all the time. I got to the end of the path, was turning into my estate and then it happened. I got a warning blast from my horn and everything went dark, no more power.

I was just beginning to think what to do and an angel appeared. Not with wings, but a very helpful lady who asked if I had a problem. I told her of my predicament and her husband arrived, they were both on bikes. Husband was a saint and he got my wheelchair movable to push with working on the levers and yes, he pushed me home to my apartment through the door and even parked my chair inside. His wife then arrived and it seems they live just across the way to our apartment. What a lovely couple they were. Without them I do not know what I would have done. I would probably have called Mr. Swiss and he would have hobbled along the path with his walker and dealt with the problem as well as possible. As it was Sunday afternoon, it would have been difficult to call for help from my wheelchair organisation.

I then uploaded my wheelchair through the night and in the morning it was green light again. However when I switched on the lights kept blinking. Had I damaged the batteries? After a close inspection I saw that on one side the brakes were still in the “push” position. I changed it and now everything is good: a fully uploaded wheelchair and ready to go. This will be a lesson, but I will call the place that helps me with wheelchair problems just for information. On the one hand you should let the battery run down, but on the other, not until the power disappears. I have had the chair since almost three years, but am still learning its ways.


Before this problem I did manage a nice wheelie in the area and visited the local farm with its animals. However, it was a warm afternoon and they were all having a sleep in the sun. The ducks were lying low and the goose seemed to be keeping an eye on things.


There was not really a lot of action although a group of crows decided to have a meeting in the middle of the road. I wanted to get closer for a better photo, but it is the road up to the castle and now and again cars pass by. Naturally the birds fly away so this was all I managed to capture.


I noticed the crops are now beginning to grow and the maize field will soon be quite high. I remember the first time I saw these tall plants. It was on a holiday trip by coach through Italy and I wondered what these plants were. Growing up in London, in England for that matter, maize is not a plant you would see. Probably the climate is not so good.

Today I am off to the shops again. After a double check on my wheelchair it looks good for a journey into town, two journeys actually, but then it will be uploaded. I am not risking the problem again of having no power.

Have a good start to the week, may it be a good one. Here is a view from the castle across the land towards Bern. Sorry no snow covered alps, but the warm weather is not allowing any splendid view so far at the moment.