FOTD_04.07.2020: Sea Holly


It is a first time for me in my garden with sea holly. It began to grow last year, and I did not really know what it was. This year it developed its first flowers and I must say I like it. It began with these clusters which were grey, but with time the blue colour intensified. I do not think very much more will happen, but this is enough: a pleasant contrast.

FOTD 04.07.2020: Sea Holly

FOWC with Fandango: Penchant

Chilli con carne

I decided to make chilli con carne for the evening meal. I have a penchant, actually the whole family has the same penchant, to prepare a cooked meal on Saturday evening.: perhaps pasta, something with pastry, or a chilli con carne. I also have a penchant with my chilli to use the same ingredients because we all like them. However, I did not consider my new store in town which has good choices, but not the same as the super store where I did my shopping when I had a car.

I/we like peppers in our chilli with various colours: red, yellow and orange and of course green. I forgot the green pepper so this was one of the reasons I went into town this afternoon. This store had only green peppers together with red. Luckily it was the cheaper sort so I now have three peppers to use after using the green one. Then there was the problem of the little hot sharp chilli that I usually cook with my mixture. This other store does not have them in their choice, so I added an extra helping of chilli pepper. It was not the same thing, but better than nothing. And then there was the bean problem. I could get my little red Indian beans with no problem, but we also like the big white kidney beans and this store does not have them in their choice. Luckily I had a tin in my cellar stock, so the day was saved.

Penchants as a routine are not such a problem, but others tend to make the problems. Next week I will be making my monthly online order from the store and I will be ordering about 10 tins of the white beans just to be sure.

FOWC with Fandango: Penchant

RDP Saturday: Eyes


I was approaching my place on my way home from town, seated comfortably in my wheelchair and suddenly one of the neighbour’s cats crossed my path. He saw me and froze in his paw tracks: long enough for me to take a picture.

This seemed to make him even more inquisitive. A two legged cat sitting in a moving chair with a strange object in her hands. He did not take his yellow eyes from me. As I moved forward the cat turned and walked in the direction I was taking. It suddenly stopped again and turned to see what I was doing.  Eventually it made off home across the path. I wonder if my cat Tabby had left a message for this cat to keep an eye on me. Tabby left us a couple of days ago for her 10th life.

RDP Saturday: Eyes

Good Morning


I know it is not photo of the year, but it is not every day that when I approach the ouside world to see what it looks like after hugging the bed I see a hot air balloon floating around in the sky. We do have them now and again, especially in Summer, but not an every day appearance. I shot a photo with the only thing I had in my hand which was my iPhone, but even the almost newest model with super camera lens could not zoom in enough, Afterwards I got my DSLR camera and managed to shoot a couple of photos before it disappeared on its journey, but you will have to wait for them. I will have to upload them later when I have more time. Now I only have time for breakfast and a morning blog, out on the porch on a sunny morning.


I was again on my way in town yesterday, but I had the week-end shopping to deal with. Before I entered town I passed by our old fortifications which are no longer for protection, but more a tourist attraction and a place for various town exhibitions or events. The old moat is still there, but no longer filled with water, although I am not sure if it ever was filled with water. I asked Mr. Swiss, but he does not know either. This year we are celebrating 2,000 years of Solothurn, our town, and there are many events taking place for the celebration.  One is called Zart which is various art happenings, with all sorts of strange objects in town.


I took a photo of this strange object a couple of days ago, might have already shown it here, and had no idea what it was supposed to be. It seems this is one of the creations from the artists, although I am still not sure what it is. Anyhow it was good for a photo. At least we do not have to be careful about getting too close to each other, and it is an event that will not be locked down due to our corona threat.

Many other events have been cancelled. We have our Autumn fair in September, since many years featuring the local tradesmen and stores, but this will not be in 2020, too risky with the pandemic. I also noticed that our annual cheese days, generally in August, will not be as usual. Generally they transform one of our squares into a bovine show with many good looking cows from the local farmers, but this year it will be without cows and just market stands with various cheese and other dairy products.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (13)

This photo is from last year. There is also a vote for the best cow, although I think it depends more on milk production than good looks. Our cows are all good looking, even without their horns. I will miss my visit to the cheese days this year.

Today I will again be off to town this afternoon, but really only for the sake of going somewhere, although I have a couple of items I want to get. I am making a chilli con carne this evening and like to mix some peppers with it, but only have the coloured ones, and forgot to get a green one. They also have a special offer with fresh meat over the counter at the moment, so I will see if they have something worth freezing for a later date. Saturday is always interesting as we might have a few musicians in town coupled with a little action. It looks like it will be a nice sunny day today, not too hot, and I want to make the most of it.


On the way home I passed our St. Urs fountain, the town’s patron saint, along the main street. And now I should move on to deal with other Saturday chores. I just remembered I should begin to cook my meat for lunch. It is boiled beef and needs a couple of hours to simmer until lunch.

Have a great week-end, keep away form virus suspicious places and keep washing your hands. See you later.