RDP Saturday: Eyes


I was approaching my place on my way home from town, seated comfortably in my wheelchair and suddenly one of the neighbour’s cats crossed my path. He saw me and froze in his paw tracks: long enough for me to take a picture.

This seemed to make him even more inquisitive. A two legged cat sitting in a moving chair with a strange object in her hands. He did not take his yellow eyes from me. As I moved forward the cat turned and walked in the direction I was taking. It suddenly stopped again and turned to see what I was doing.  Eventually it made off home across the path. I wonder if my cat Tabby had left a message for this cat to keep an eye on me. Tabby left us a couple of days ago for her 10th life.

RDP Saturday: Eyes

19 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Eyes

    • I think this is a sort of special tabby, perhaps a somali. she has quite interesting patterns on her fur. I have a feeling that all the cats in our neighbourhood are keeping an eye on me. There is always one or the other that crosses my path and Roschti still sleeps in our garden now and again.

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      • I love that thought of all the cats keeping their eye on you. And Roschti…missing his arch enemy. Although I like to think that he and Tabby just needed to keep up the front. Sweet dreams, Tabby. Gone but by no means are you forgotten.

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