RDP Friday: Cottage

Cottage, Feldbrunnen, near castle Waldegg

People come and people go, but the cottage remains forever
It stands alone on the corner of a path, braving every weather
There once was a lady who stood at the fence, and spoke to all that passed
She was older and frailer with every passing year, but she was not the last
I often thought when I walked on it would be a nice place to stay
With many windows and friendly shutters, a welcome inviting array
And then one day a space appeared at the side, not so very far
A few weeks later there were new inhabitants, and the space was for their car
Generations come and generations go and the cottage was changing with the times
I even heard the noise of jingling bells, on the door they had fitted wind chimes
The cottage is standing on the path to the castle, it is treasured by all around
Since many a year it has been standing in this spot, a dream that I have found

RDP Friday: Cottage

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