Good Morning

Mornng Sky

And another rainy day where it is pouring down. It is not going to be a white Christmas (thank goodness), but a wet Christmas, so I can get cozy at home, not go anywhere or do anything. The fridge is full with two extra breads frozen in my second fridge in the laundry room and the cupboard is definitely not bare.

Today is Christmas Eve, the big Christmas day in Europe for those that celebrate. I used to when the family with four kids was at home, plus Swiss mother-in-law and my parents coming from England. We had a full house then and I did it all, keeping up the Christmas spirit with food and drink and cooking and wrapping gifts and giving eveyone a good time, although no-one really asked me if I was having a good time, which I was not, but did not really have the time to realise it. I think the seeds were sown then to ensure my aversion to the Christmas holiday, but you just had to grin and bare it.

Today no big deal: quiet and relaxed, although there is always someone that wants to spoil it for you.I do not intend to go anywhere until 27th December, when the days are over, but someone, who will not be mentioned, realised that his supply of cigarettes were diminishing. I did a quick check and this person can survive today until the late afternoon when No. 1 son could complete the task. I am not going anywhere. I don’t smoke and it is not my problem. Already the first Christmas excitement.

Due to rain I cannot even take a wheelie in my chair and our village life is not exactly the most exciting,  so nothing new on the photo front, To compensate I took a photo of cooker, at least it is colourful with the covering glass plates.


So that’s that for this morning, although not for today. I wish everyone happy holidays and peace and quiet in the turmoil of the season. No happy Christmas from me as I do not believe or celebrate such feasts. I just stick to the solstice stuff, that is a reality. I am off for a walk with the hoover and other housewife stuff. See you around later.

29 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I just LOVE this post. I actually HATE Christmas, and agree with you totally about the Solstices. We are not celebrating Christmas at all either. Hope you keep posting whilst everyone else isbgoing bananas! X

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  2. Happy Christmas to you too … I believe people should do what they want on Christmas. For years I have made sure I had ample bottles of Friexenet Cordon Negro champagne, enough snacks and nibblies, some chicken or beef to roast, then after morning coffee I balance my checkbook (for the year ….) , snack, entertain whoever drops by (usually someone who has left a squabbling family that has had too much to drink …) … and in the evening fall asleep watching the Pope’s mass from the Vatican. Then sleep in the next day which is Christmas making sure the bottle of motrin is nearby in case the headache gets too severe (like right how ….). The following day after Christmas the department stores usually open at 6 am with “doorbuster” deals, and I go and buy wallets, belts, etc for next year to give to the inlaws. The women get boxes of Godiva chocolate which I get next fall, so that’s that. Day after Christmas the tax forms also arrive in the mail, so I can begin to do income tax. This year is the first for the new Trump Tax Cuts, so we will see where we fall… keeping in mind that ancient saying: …”it is beter to give than to receive”. Yeah right. Happy Holidays.

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  3. Those glass plates are lovely! I’ve never seen them before. I get they would make my kitchen happy too! Whatever you are doing, have a warmly wonderful day. We are getting a little snow, but it won’t last. Probably will change to rain, later.

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    • Secant get the glass plates in various designs and colours and they are almost unbreakable. This morning a little hectic, had to get cat food. Glad that was all, the shops were crowded again. Nomrain today and also not too cold, so no white Christmas


  4. I honestly never hated Christmas more than I have this year. I don’t know what the deal is with me, but I think it has to do with the major change in my body and my ability to get around which I really hadn’t done well for ten years. Maybe it’ll take a while to finally understand it or maybe not. No idea. I just know now more than ever that life is short, and our ability to do things we love is transitory. I have no idea why that’s affected my perspective on Christmas. There have been some lovely Christmas-related moments, but I really just want it over. That being said, enjoy these days as well as you can. ❤

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    • Perhaps my dislike of Christmas is not for the same reasons, but I have hsd enough of this Christmas stress year for year. We just had our Christmas Eve meal and it was so good to cook, because it was good and easy. Just Mr. Swiss, no. 1 son and me, so relaxing. And now for a TV evening or a book, main thing no stress. Christmas is not fun. I really dislike it and thank goodness i can get my life back again afterwards. My ability to get round is now tied to a walker and my legs are tired and I can now sit in a chair and relax. Am sharing our thoughts.

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      • Christmas in the past for me involved a lot of grading (grades had to be in by December 21 and the semester usually ended on the 19 or 20th and we could not give final exams early — and I taught 5 classes at the school with that requirement). It also meant flying to Montana to be with the family which was often downed planes and storms, and an expense that was sometimes hard for me to manage. It was a lot of pressure — different from yours but still like a huge rock on my shoulders. And then, for most of my career, there was a month off from school without pay. Meanwhile all this stupid music, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” No.

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  5. Greetings from New Mexico, the Chile capital of the world – that’s for your burner covers. I so often turn on the wrong one that I cover my burners with old pie pans so if I do get the wrong one I can just toss that burned one and put on another. With super covers like yours, I would worry I’d spoil them in no time. Luckily I haven’t set the kitchen aflame as I can see what’s happening. And luckily it doesn’t happen too often. By the way, New Mexico chile is spelt with an e and has the beans on the side; Texas chili puts the beans in the same pot. We have new licence plates that have a red and a green chile on them with “Chile Capital of the World”, as well as “New Mexico, USA”, and “Land of Enchantment.” Plus the odd letter and number or three of course.
    So I hope your New Year will be happy, healthy and enjoyable. I’ll be reading you each morning.

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    • Thanks for your daily visits. My Chile glass plates brighten up the kitchen. I liked bowl of Chile but make my own version, being in Europe. The Brits serve it with Rice, but I prefer it with a good piece of fresh bread


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