RDP #71: Effervescent

Fountain 09.08.2018

Here I am again, my usual bubbly self
I evervesson so much, I try to keep my health
It must be the coke I am drinking, that keeps me on the road
It’s full of gas and fills me up to a point I might explode
But this is only the summer days to cool my bloodstream down
Autumn will soon be upon us and the coke can stay in town

Fountain 08.07 (4)

In the meanwhile I will keep sprudeling, just like a water spout
Although something is disturbing me, because I often read a shout
They always say she was a bubbly person, but in the past tense you see
Is that what they write on my gravestone as a memory of me?

RDP #71: Effervescent

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