Daily Prompt: Bubble

River Aare 06.05 (7)

I found a bubble, no I found a lot of bubbles. This afternoon I went for a tour with my wheelchair along the river searching for bubbles as well as ducks. One bubble seldom comes alone and this boat made quite a few.

Otherwise I really have nothing to say about bubbles, although a glass of cola straight from the fridge is quite appetising with all its bubbles and everything.

There is a bubble problem if you have to inject as I do. The syringe arrives complete with a liquid. I have to mix a powder with the medicine into the syringe and then I am ready, but not quite. Injecting air into your body is not advisable, it can cause an embolism which is apparently not very good. So I mix the medicine and am ready and what do I see? An air bubble is trapped at the bottom of the liquid, but no problem. According to the doc, it would need more than a bubble to cause harm, but I should still tap the syringe to move the bubble out of the liquid. This is easier said than done. There seems to be a magical tap that does the job. After two years of regular injections every second day, the bubble still sits where it is every time I prepare the syringe. However, I continue to inject undaunted and am still alive to talk about it. How can anyone write about a bubble? I did it.

Daily Prompt: Bubble

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Bubble

  1. And a very unique post at that. I once had a friend stung by a scorpion. I had the anti-venom but feared injecting it, afraid of injecting a bubble! I ended up throwing the syringe away and taking her to a pharmacist who luckily had the antivenom. You are more courageous than I am!!

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  2. Nobody can find any of my veins so i don’t get shots except into muscles. It’s not that I don’t HAVE veins, just that they are tiny and collapse when someone says “needle” in their presence.

    I remember bubbles from watching “Sea Hunt” as a kid. Loved the sound the bubbles made as they escaped to the surface.

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