Flower of the Day: 10.08.2016 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums 10.08 (4)

I could not resist the temptation and treated myself to another two pots of Mums in the local supermarket garden centre. I now have so many various dahlia and mums I will have to start planting them in the garden and hope they remain. Am busy studying what Internet has to say about planting them, but it works if you do the right thing. Our problem is ice and snow in Winter, but everything is possible. I am falling in love with these flowers slowly. They keep a nice touch of colour in the garden for Autumn.

Flower of the Day: 10.08.2016 Chrysanthemum

Daily Prompt: Maybe, perhaps, I might, I will have to think about it.

Computer and banana

Shall I write a daily prompt or eat the banana first, the decisions I have to make in this life, the burdens I must take upon me. No, wait a minute, I am a golden oldie, no longer having to do anything, just doing what I want to. Life today is no longer full of maybe’s, perhaps and let’s think about it.

Only this morning, as I was recovering from my night’s sleep I decided I would leave it today. My computer(s) would remain on the shelf and I would ignore them. There would be no “Good Morning” blog, the afternoon prompt will be ignored, although my feline did not give her permission as she relies on my regularity in helping her to paw her thoughts. I would ignore the varioius challenges during the evening and do my own thing.

This drastic attitude was prompted by the fact that due to health reasons, I was only able to sleep after midnight. However, I performed my usual check-up tour of the iPad before leaving my bed this morning and when I arrived in the kitchen I picked up my computer on the way. The breakfast table was waiting as usual and I place my computer on the table. My maybe was already slowly disappearing over the horizon and so I wrote a good morning blog, not as much as usual, but it existed. “Why do I do this to me” I was thinking as I closed the computer, put it back on its shelf and continued as usual in the appartment with the daily chores.

My midday golden oldie sleep is now finished, I had a job to do which I completed and now as almost every afternoon I am back on the computer, taking a few photos to be used on my prompt. Is it habit, will something be missing in my routined life if I do not do it? There is no-one forcing me to sit and write for an hour. I am free, can do what I want, but perhaps the human is a creature of routine. Now and again my routine was broken by a visit to my father to England, or perhaps a family occasion to be attended. I made my last trip to England a couple of months ago to attend my father’s funeral and there will be no further intentional visits. Family occasions are few and far between and my health does not permit me to travel at the moment.

And so I am sitting at my computer and writing a daily prompt. Maybe no longer comes into the question, but “what shall I write” is more the alternative. I eventually decided to eat the banana first and then attend to the daily prompt.

This morning Mr. Swiss decided to give water to the garden. He was not really keen about it, but it was another sunny day. Yesterday we were both of the impression that maybe it will rain during the night and we can forget the whole thing. The night passed without rain and the maybe choice of giving water to the garden no longer existed. Mr. Swiss spent time giving water to the garden with no maybe thoughts and when he had finished the sky clouded over in 50 shades of grey and yes, it began to rain.

Forget the maybes there is no point. Just do what you want to, maybes are for the undecided. We might be old and grey but we still have a purpose in life, to finish the job we began. Maybe some people are still thinking about it, but we have already completed the job.

Daily Prompt: Maybe, Pehaps, I might, I will have to think about it

Good Morning


Just a quick one this morning, as I have other things to do, like shopping. The cupboard is bare and I have no idea what to eat. Also Mr. Swiss is quickly calling in at the doc for me to pick up some antibiotics. I am not in a very good condition at the moment. Various tests have been made but I must wait 10 days for the result. At the moment I feel like a human guinea pig, let’s try this and that and see what works. My digestive system no longer understands the world.

As you can see my avocado is growing heedless of what is otherwise happening in the world. I have now put a new stone in water and waiting for the first root to appear. I am still debating what to do with it when the ice and snow arrives in Winter as it would probably go kaput outside. I will have to find a safe place indoors. It is looking quite healthy and no strange insects have attacked it up to now.

Now and again I see an isolated slug on the porch searching for food, but my garden no longer contains slug food. It was a reasonable Summer up to now. A few very hot unpleasant days, rain now and again, just enough and not too much. Enough to prevent the slug attack happening.

I must now leave, it is almost 9.00 o’clock and I have other things to do. See you all later, have fun on the computer, but give it a rest in between. Even computers like to take 5 now and again.