Weekly Weather: Dust Storm


“Cough, cough, cough!”

“You sound like you have caught a cold.

“It’s the dust outside, I can hardly breathe. What are you doing?”

“I am cleaning the blinds.”

“I thought you wasn’t going to do it this year because next year we will be having new blinds: cough, cough.”

“That was the idea, but I cannot wait almost two years to clean the blinds. That means 2 years of pollen, 2 years of dust settlements  and two years of dirt from the rain. I can no longer look at the blinds, they are unhygenic and now have a layer of dust on them.”

“But you could be more careful where you remove the dust because of my allergy.”

“This is work, not a surgical operation. Do you expect me to take a duster and gently wipe away the dirt. This is a major cleaning job. Give me the hose.”

“The hose?”

“If you are so allergic to dust then it needs a radical cure.”

“Hey, keep the hose away from me, my hair is now wet.”

“No, you keep away from the hose. I am now showering the blinds with water. This is housework, you know something that men tend to avoid when possible, unless you would like to take over.”

“No, I don’t think so, I don’t know how to do it.”

“You could learn or are you allergic to that as well.”

“No need to be sarcastic. How would you like to suffer from dust in the lungs. I am really allergic.”

“Which allergy do you mean? The back problems when you have to leave the chair after reading the newspaper or the allergy that you get if you have to hand me the vacuum cleaner. Or perhaps it is the allergy from the smoke in the cigarettes ?”

“No need to be sarcastic, my allergy to dust of course.”

“Exactly and that is why I am showering the blinds with water from the hose, to reduce the dust levels. I am now finished.”

“It looks quite good I must say. What are you doing now. I thought you were finished.”

“I am only finished on these two blinds, I still have the third blind to do.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Where are you going?”

“I just remembered I have to go to town. I need to buy some cigarettes.”

“Oh he has already gone. And I had a shopping list of stuff he could have brought back with him.”

Weekly Weather: Dust Storm

Flower of the Day: 13.08.2016


I did not have a big choice today with my flower. This morning I was taking a walk around the garden and discovered that overnight my hisbiscus bush seemed to have got a dosis of “growbig” as there were many flowers, larger than usual. Perhaps I had shrunk during my sleep, or my eyes were not quite open enough. I just had to take a photo. These are the normal average hibiscus that every Swiss garden seems to have. They seed freely and grow everywhere, sometimes to the point where you have to remove them before they completely take over. But this larger than life example deserves its place as hibiscus of the day, and yes it no longer exists. It has already shrivelled and ready to make place for a new hibiscus flower tomorrow.

Flower of the Day: 13.08.2016 Hibiscus

Daily Prompt: Reach all day long


I am having problems with not only taking a photo, but uploading them to my host. Ok, I have a cloud, we all have a cloud, but these clouds float around too much for my taste, and who wants to hover on a cloud all day. I usually reach for my computer with the right hand, but in order to take the photo I had to hold my photo phone in my right hand, so my reaching right hand was occupied. Reaching to a cloud would mean having an XXXL arm, which is not the case.

Here you see one of my first reaches of the afternoon to the computer keyboard. My first reach of the day is my iPhone next to my bed to switch it on to ensure that I am still in touch with the world. The second reach, my iPad and my third reach is to see if I can reach out with my feet and touch the floor of the bedroom. This is the most difficult reach as I have to do it from a horizontal position, but with a swing, or 3 or 4, I usually can sit on the edge of the bed. I reach out for my cane, pull myself up and walk to the kitchen where I reach out for my cup and tea bag. After these first reaches, things seem to take care of themselves and I am no longer conscious of any reaching movements, until I might drop something on the floor.

This is a difiicult reach, something to be avoided when possible. Objets that are on the floor and are to be picked up are a not an easy task. Isaac Newton was lucky because the apple fell on his head from above and not on the floor below. He discovered the law of gravity, which is OK if your body follows its laws. Of course my body does, it can quite easily fall to the floor, but Isaac forgot to discover how the opposite is again achieved, like standing up again. I usually reach for a chair or any other object and use it to pull myself up. If this does not work, I call for external reaching assistance in the shape of Mr. Swiss, although his reaching abilities are also no longer what they used to be, but together we are strong. I reach for his neck with my arms and he pulls me up and when I reach the chair, everything usually takes care of itself.

I am one of the lucky ones, I am quite tall. One of my purposes in life has been to reach to the top shelf for shorter armed people. I have long arms, even long legs – I could have taken part in the Olympics as one of the best in the running team. Unfortunately co-ordination of the limbs also plays a part in athletics, so I let the others do it. However an advantage of the long arms is when cleaning windows. Other unfortunate people born with shorter arms have to use a chair to stand on and I can do it all from a standing position. I only need the chair when hanging up the curtains after washing them. This action also can cause a certain amount of nervosity with the local native, Mr. Swiss, who finds it a dangerous task when I do it. On the other hand he could do it as well, but then I get nervous. He is smaller than me and so for the sake of being uncomplicated, I am the chosen one to hang up the curtains.

This event only really happens once or twice a year. We only have curtains in the two bedrooms and the spare room, and they are net curtains. They take an hour to wash and I can hang them immediately afterwards as they dry quickly.  Luckily the hooks can be pushed into the rail which simplifies matters.

Of course there is another sort of reach. Writing my daily blog(s) is a reach to fame and fortune, Unfortunnately it as not yet been recognise by the powers that decide about these things, but I continue undaunted, hoping that one day I will be discovered. Although my reach to fame is slowly entering the posthumous stages. I am still trying to get permission for my web site address to be engraved on my etnernal resting place. I can see them all when visitng the local cemetary armed with their iPhones or iPads, entering the magic words http://www.angloswiss.com to see if it actually still exists. I will even be reaching out from the other side.

On this happy note I will now leave you, and do some reaching on the reader.

Daily Prompt: Reach all day long

Good Morning

I should really get a move on, but have been busy surfing around and discovering the overnight events in the cyber world. I have now finished breakfast, taken a few photos of what is happening in my garden, and am ready to go, although I am not really going anywhere.


My hibiscus seem to be doing well this year. I have three bushes, all grown from seeds that arrived from the mother plant I once had. Their mum had blue flowers, but over the years the blue turned to this colour. They are winter proof, so blossom every year. I notice the flowers seem to be getting bigger this year, perhaps one day they will overtake. My ground floor appartment will be covered with hibiscus bushes. I am keeping an eye on the sky to see if any strange lights are appearing. I read John Wyndham’s book “The Day Of The Triffids” in my teenage years, about the world being conquered by a plant called Triffid. I must read it again to refresh what happened in the end, but I think it was them again us and we were not doing so good at it.

Moon 12.08 (3)Talking of planets and moon, I had one of my infamous attenpts at taking a photo of the moon yesterday early evening. I am gradually getting there, considering that I did not drag my tripod up from the cellar, but just leaned again the wall whilst taking the photo.

Taking photos manually does have it advantages. Naturally for every photo that is a success, there are about ten photos that you cancel, but all beginnings are difficult. It is now a little late in life to make my name as gifted photographer, but on the day when I take a moon photo and you can see the guy that lives there waving or even taking a photo of me, then you know you are on the way to success.

I at last ordered my macro lens yesterday and it should be delivered some time at the beginning of next week. There will then be no insects or flowers spared from my photographic attempts. For some strange reason Mr. Swiss always gets a little nervous when I take photos. Could it be he thinks I might lose my balance and perhaps fall in the attempt. At least he can show with pride an action photo as I was going down.

Saturday means nothing to do but sit around hoovering, ironing and cooking. Mr. Swiss will be doing the field work concerning shopping for a few bits and pieces and a visit to the supermarket outdoor cafeteria to relax at the end of the work. We have no great plans today, but who needs plans when you have a computer, a garden and of course a camera.

I should really get out and about more – I have even forgotten what our village looks like outside my own territory.

And now to work. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the neighbour is mowing his lawn. We have a mowey, and automatice lawn mower, so do not have that problem. Mowey does it daily on his own from 15,00 to 15,30 hours in the afternoon. Today it will be cooked chicken with rice and veg for dinner and a homemade Mrs. Angloswiss special pizza in the evening (quattro stagioni style) 🙂