Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

Echinacea with bee 10.08.2016

I do not yet have a macro lens for my Nikon D7000 but have now ordered one which I hope I will manage. I have been practicing with my normal AF S Nikkor 18-200mm lens but it is not a macro: OK I am not an expert, but am having fun with the ISO stuff and the “F” thing, which is something like depth of focus, where you can make the background disappear and feature what you want. Sorry, but I learned my stuff in German and only know the technical terms in German. Although my mother tongue is english, I have been living in ┬áGerman speaking Switzerland for 50 years and you tend to lose touch, especially with technical stuff. Anyhow I did manage to get the bee on the flower, at least. This is a real journey into the unknown at the moment for me – at the age of 70 ­čÖé

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

Daily Prompt: Obsessed, no never

Foto am 12.08.16 um 15.40

Dear Blog readers

Me obsessed with my computer(s), no never, well pehaps just a little bit. I definitely do not sit at my computer(s) all day, only in the morning when I have my breakfast and in the afternoon after my golden oldie midday sleep. Of course the evening can get a little boring with nothing to do, TV is not my thing. They bring the same old thing all the time. For that reason you must have changes in your life, something completely different. By the way if you are wondering how I managed this photo booth photo on my Apple, with both hands occupied, I also had to think it over. I had the iPhone in my right hand and the iPad in my left. I positioned my blue tooth mouse next to the computer and pressed it with my elbow to take the photo.  That is not obsession, that is being clever.

You say I always write computer(s) as if I had more than one. Of course I  do. I have an apple, a Microsoft and of course my iPad and my iPhone, they all serve their purpose according to the time of the day. The iPad is the standby, to be used in the empty hours. There was once a non-online life also in the far gone days. It was filled with knitting and crocheting and housework and bringing up the kids.  Today I no longer knit because pullovers are not my thing, far too hot and no-one is interested in my knitting. Since both of us are retired, we are now clothed in jeans and t-shirts and wear Sketcher shoes. The kids now have their own computers and no longer need mine. Of course if they let me out I will wear something more exclusive, a designer t-shirt and nice comfortable stretchy trousers and street sketchers. You never know who you might meet, although it seems all the people I meet are dressed in a similar fashion.

I only said to Mr. Swiss the other day, you never see ladies wearing skirts these days but only trousers. He asked if I would wear a skirt and I decided no. My waist long disappeared and where it used to be can now be covered by a long shirt. This seems to be quite common amongst the ladies of my age.

So where were we, yes my obsessions, which really do not exist. In the time in between studying my iPad (usually when I awake from my night sleep – it is always on my bedside table) and my iPhone which I also has a function as a bedside lamp, I go about the daily chores. These begin with a “Good Morning” blog on my computer whilst I am eating breakfast. I was thinking about not writing a “Good Morning” blog as there never really seems to be anything new to say, but life does not have to be full of events, it can just happen. If I do not write my “Good Morning” blog panic might arise amongst those that read it and it could cause an alarm amongst the world population. I can see the headlines in the newspaper “Where is Mrs. Angloswiss?” “Now the second day without the regular “Good Morning” blog appearing” etc. etc., has she been kidnapped by a rival blogger and I really do not want to cause concern amongst my readers, so the “Good Morning” blog remains. Not an obsession, just an inbetween pasttime.

After a shopping expedition, cooking lunch and a recovery sleep I am back in action. Again the problem would reoccur if I did not write the daily prompt. There would be an empty space on the grid, so why cause panic. If I write my daily prompt, the world is happy, everything is in its usual place.

Of course I did have obsessions in my life. I used to smoke but decided I was wasting too much time when I could be doing other things, like writing on my computer. I still like to take a walk in the fresh air, although my physical state no longer allows marathons. I usually blog about my walks, supported with photos, when I return to my cyber world.

Mr. Swiss and I do still hold real life conversations. Of course we do not only text each other, although I usually send my shopping list to his iPhone when I have written it, to be sure we both buy the same things.

No I am absolutely not obsessed with my computer(s) and other such appliances, but let’s face it, life would be just a little boring without them.

from your daily blogger ┬á– see you in the reader, the grid and perhaps by e-mail ­čÖé

Daily Prompt: Obsessed, no never

Good Morning

I wanted to start this blog some time ago, but got diverted by visiting various interesting other blogs and making a few comments. It is interesting to see how the world spins when you blog. We all have our different climates and it does seem that the weather is the main theme through our lives.


As you can see my table is ready for the daily work. The computer in the corner, not yet connected, my orchid still flowering although one stem gave up last week. For all emergencies the fly swatter is ready. I tend to have a more or less permanent open window which is an invitation for our flying friends to see what edible stuff is laying around in the kitchen, although I noticed that there are less flies this year. They usually arrive in groups of 3-4, very social animals. This year they arrive alone which makes it easier for the kill. Not that I am a murderer. I spare most insects and usually transport them to the great outdoors if necessary.

I have a permanent spider web in the corner of the kitchen. He is quite happy, one of the friendly spiders and just hovers and waits for any arrivals in his web. It saves me the bother of the job. He is my house insect terminator. Flies are something completely different. They are born to be killed and are also very good at escaping threats. They seem to have a built in radar. As soon as I raise the swatter, they fly away to places difficult to reach. I discovered that if my computer shows the google start screen they like to land on the screen and rub their legs together. This is a good signal, because they are so busy with their fly sitting actions that if I am quick enough I get them unexpectedly.

They tend to fall onto the floor, or even my table (yuck), but no problem. They are quickly disposed of in the garbage pan. Mr. Swiss just reported we have about 4-5 mosquitos sitting on the bedroom ceiling waiting for a meal of fresh blood, probably this evening. Even then we have our deterrent. It is electric, with a container for some sort of anti mosquito liquid. You plug it in and through some sort of secret sound or perhaps the smell, they evacuate the bedroom and we can sleep peacefully without the background buzzing noise around your head. We do not have dangerous mosquitos, but if they find you have the right blood group and temperature, the do leave an irritating red mark on the skin to remind you they have been there, done it, and their children – thanks to your blood supply – will develop and grow for the next generation.

My camera is now also on the morning table. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a super subject for a photo in the garden, usually our house blackbird that visits every morning in the garden for his daily worm. The camera is in the back room, and until I fetch it for my Pulitzer prize suspicious photo of the year, the blackbird┬áflies away – taking the worm with him. Now the camera is withing reach. As if the blackbird has noticed this, he now longer arrives. Perhaps there are no worms left – who knows.

I have lost time this morning trying to get into my photo programme on the computer. Yahoo seemed to dislike me this morning and did not accept my e-mail address. Eventually my photos arrived from my camera, each one tripled. Until I had sorted it all I was getting quite frustrated. I do not like interruptions in the morning. Today is Friday and I have things to do, like a week-end shopping trip. The logistic is more or less completed, knowing what we need. We now have the physical part of the job, driving to the supermarket, parking the car and the action of picking and choosing and paying for the goods.

So now I am off to see what the day holds for me. I will be back – that is a promise, not a threat. Have a good day/nigh everyone wherever you are.