Flower of the Day: 26.08.2016 Spiraea

Spiraea 24.08 (2)

Spiraea 24.08 (1)I have one of these bushes in my garden. It flowers in late Spring, but if you cut away the flowers when they are finished, you have a good chance that it will flower again in August, although not so many. Of course, the flowers are not as large as my photo above, but more the size of that on the left. They are easy to handle and although I bought originally one bush, I now have many more as they drop their seeds quite freely.

Flower of the Day: 26.08.2016 Spiraea

Daily Prompt: The Daily Witness

Foto am 26.08.16 um 15.08

Mr. Swiss is my daily witness, he observes everything and sees all. Although often not everything, otherwise I would know where I misplaced the things I cannot find, but even Mr. Swiss has his problems. Before I retired to my golde oldie sleep today after lunch, he was in dire straits. He was searching and could not find. He had lost his iPad. I never lose my electronic online articles, beause they continuously make sounds to tell me where they are. Someone might press a like on one of my blogs, the iPad and telephone strike a chord together. Mr. Swiss does not do this sort of thing, because he finds it an annoyance. I find it something useful, someone somewhere is telling me something. Perhaps it is because he does not blog, he only reads blogs, my blogs.

He leads a silent online life, no ringing tones, no tunes, nothing. Oh, I forgot, now and again he might get a “ping”, but we all get “pings”, they are the things that tell you about a message, even a reminder that you should do a programmed important something in your life.

And so after my golden oldie sleep the emergency situation was still in existence. His first words were something like “Where is my iPad”. If he had a sound on the iPad, if he allowed it to talk to him he would have found it immediately. My iPad or phone are never missing because they send me a signal. Eventually the missing iPad was found in the cupboard where he had put it. Of course you only find these things quickly if they make a sound. My electronic devices are always set at the highest level of sound to make sure I can hear them (and everyone else). However, in the late evening I am told to reduce the volume as a continuous ring can interrupt the TV programme or disturb the concentration of something you might be doing.

UntitledToday in the supermarket my telephone was continuously reminding me that it was my witness as it is also programmed to vibrate. If it wants my attention, no only does it make a noise but also moves. As it is always in the pocket of my trousers, it tends to give me a nudge. “Talk to me, I can see you, and I have a message” it tells me. You see, if Mr. Swiss programmed his online stuff to make a noise and also vibrate he would always find them.

This morning he decided he did not want to lose me as I had the shopping basket. It is so nice and comfortable to cling to when I am walking and I do not have to use my cane. He decided to take a photo of me with his telephone, probably to show people in case he lost me, as he lost his iPad. This morning I decided it was time to buy a new orchid as the orchid I had was beginning to wilt and there was a special offer for king sized orchids in the supermarket.

And now to go, we have witnessed enough today, it is hot, we are having a heat wave at the moment, and my glass of cola with the ice cubes is almost to an end.

Daily Prompt: The Daily Witness

Good Morning

M - Blackbirds in garden

Someone was taking photos before I arrived in the kitchen. Mr. Swiss noticed our blackbird pair were again foraging in the garden for a few worms and decided on a few photos. He did not want to disturb them, so took them through the blinds. In the meanwhile he has also eaten a banana for breakfast – see remains on the table. He afterwards progressed to our small video camera and took a film of the two birds, but this time from the porch.  The things I miss when I stay in bed, although I was going through my new exercises from the physio therapy. They are my favourite exercises that I can do in a horizontal position, laying on the bed: no stress and relax.

It is again week-end, and am now planning how to eat my way through the week-end and survive. Food seems to be the main interest in a golden oldie life. The adventure of the day seems to be lunch. I usually cook fish on Friday, not that it has anything to do with tradition or religion, but why not? Switzerland is not really a fish land, and all sea fish is imported because we do not have a sea. We only have lakes and rivers, which means trout and similar and they are expensive. I sometimes buy salmon but salmon is no longer as exclusive as it used to be and often farmed. You can get the so-called wild salmon, but I do not know how wild it is, and probably also bred in some sort of tank. There is also something what we know as “pangasius”. I just looked it up in Internet and in english is known as “iridescent shark”, although I was never aware that I was eating shark. If you do not like fish that tastes of fish, then this is the one for you. It originates somewhere in the Mekong basin of Vietnam and is apprently a sort of catfish, very cheap and has absolute no taste of anything, not even fish. I also have a strong suspicion that this fish is farmed to an extent that it is better not knowing in what sort of water it swims, before arriving at your local fishmonger. I no longer buy it. Even fish deserve more respect, but as said, Switzerland is not really fish country. This is also one of the reasons that I no longer buy prawns or other such shell fish. Their surroundings are not exactly the most hygenic today.

Switzerland is cheese country, but you cannot eat cheese for lunch and dinner. Anyhow today it will probably be a normal average “bratwurst” (sausage) with chips and a veg. Who knows what the week-end will bring. We could really think I have nothing better to do than think about food, but a golden oldie cannot survive only on blogs and computer life.

Time to go, life is calling, and so is the vacuum cleaner. See you around, same time same place unless something exciting happens in my golden oldie life. Perhaps a space ship might land in the garden. Actually yesterday was quite exciting also an anti climax. I was sitting outside and heard a rumbling sound which I faintly recognised. I looked up and there was a hot air balloon hovering over our garden, almost within touching distance. My first thought, take a photo. Unfortunately when I eventually had my camera, after a tour of the appartment, the balloon had disappeared. Mr. Swiss organised our own search troup but it was nowhere to be seen. That is the reason why the first picture of the day is the garden by Mr. Swiss and not the hot air balloon.

And now I am really gone, have fun, two days holiday ahead (holiday?).