Flower of the Day: 30.09.2016 Heather

Heather 30.09 (1)

At last the heather has arrived in the gardening shop. Up to now only the small varieties were available, but now they have the real thing. I remember heather from my childhood days growing in the coastal towns and on the hills in England. Here it is a popular garden plant in Autumn. Of course let us not forget Scotland, where it is almost a national emblem. It grows everywhere in the scottish highlands.

Flower of the Day: 30.09.2016 Heather

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 39

Feldbrunne to Langendorf 30.09 (5)

Why on earth did  take this photo I was thinking when I uploaded it? I then remembered, we were just leaving our estate and I saw this crow sitting in front of the garbage container. Was he hoping that someone might open the container so that he could go on a discovery journey to feed the wife and kids – no not kids, there is a whole tribe of crows living in the opposite trees. Had I had the camera with the zoom lens, the crow might have been more in detail. On the other hand, who needs to see more. The crow was waiting and hoping and this was just a moment in time.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 39

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

The Thames towards West

I live two lives within my body. I had an english life many years ago, a London life until I left the River Thames behind me to build a new life in Switzerland. I left my mother and my father knowing that visits would be rare. I maintained my link to London and visited every year. As time passed I realised that the London I knew was no longer. The foggy days, the old buildings and ruins left from the war were gradually replaced by glass fronted modern designs. The smell of old brickwork, especially when it was dampened from the falling english rain, no longer existed. I never realised that smells could be so nostalgic: not the smells of your house, the kitchen, the furniture, no. It was the smells of the outdoor world, the streets, the people, the memories of a time gone by.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.09 (26)

The fog that now surrounds me in the days of Autumn is no longer fog, but mist. It rises from the local Swiss River Aar and holds the landscape in its misty fingers, turns the trees into spectral shaped fingers clawing at the dense air. My father passed away this year, I no longer have near family connections with my english heritage, and so I now remain in Switzerland. Do I feel nostalgia when thinking of London? Yes for the good old days of my youth. If I had to leave my Switzerland, would I be nostalgic? Yes, for all the Autumn mist, it is my mist, as the London fogs were my fogs.

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Daily Prompt: Daily Tests

The first test of the day is getting out of bed. It is not easy as the body does not always react in the same way every morning. I spend the first quarter of an hour thinking about it. It is not something that should be done without taking into considertion the various things that could happen. If you make a movement too quickly, it could be that you fall out of the bed. This has happened in the past, not very often. As the distance between bed and floor is not so far, I usually survive, the main problem being getting onto my feet again. I now have physio therapy once a week, and have been shown how to crawl to a comfortable position and hoist myself up by gripping the edge of the bed. My next test is walking to the window and opening the curtains. This is quite easy as I have various objects to grip onto on the way,

Yesterday I had another therapy lesson and asked if she had a remedy for picking articles up from the floor that I would drop: mainly from food and cooking preparations. She gave me the bad news that there is no magic way of doing this, so it seems we are all in the same boat with this problem.Those that are still able to bend their knees and straighten them afterwards are in an advantage, those like myself with knees that have forgotten how it works, just take a deep breath and bend, hoping that you can straighten up again.

Life is full of tests. As soon as you arrive at the supermarket, you are confronted with the choices to be made and the various samples to be tried. This morning I had to fight my way through a tray of seedless grapes, a pile of cake samples and cheese cubes, until I reached the counter where I wanted to buy food.These are the positive tests I find.


I then had to pass the test for choosing the Sunday meat. Mr. Swiss and I had decided it would be something we call “Siedfleisch” in our country, which more or less means meat that you boil, in this case a piece of beef. I think it would be near to the French “pot au feu” cooked with vegetables such as carrots, celery, leek and cabbage cooked in a good bouillon for a few hours. I wanted to buy it over the counter in the butchers department, but they only had the expensive farmer’s market meat availble. I do not think it bothered the cow one way or the other whether it was special farmer’s market meat or not, so I decided for the normal produce on the supermarket shelf. The problem was now that I did not get my free bones with marrow to cook with the meat as you do over the counter. I afterwards returned to the counter for a three bones. She told me that one bone would be free, but if I want three, I would have to pay for the other two. Generally if you buy the meat over the counter the bones are free. The saleslady did not pass my test, and neither did I. We decided an investment of 1.25 Swiss Francs was worth the three bones I had to buy.

After completing the examintions at the supermarket we left and were glad to be on the way home. Talking about this meat buying test, I just realised I had fogotten the cabbage to cook with the meat. Mr. Swiss has told me he will buy it tomorrow, so another test passed.

As I said, life is one big test. Will I pass or not? I could not really care less, my days of tests are now gone. The only test I have to withstand in my daily routine is knocking out a daily prompt.

Daily Prompt: Daily Tests

Good Morning

It is another one of those mornings today when I did not want to leave my bed. We were hugging each other, the bed and I. The result if that I am later than usual, but hey I am a golden oldie so what difference does a few minutes, half an hour, make.

JamMy next step was to switch on the computer, but I realised if the computer decided to sleep in this morning and it was still dozing in its overnight place. I now had a dilemma. Do I make my breakfast first of all, or fetch the computer. I decided on breakfast. Mr. Swiss was also a later sleeper this morning and he was continuously in my way. The next shock to my system was the jam jar. It was a fresh jar of cherry jam, one of my favourites. I noticed when removing the lid it was easy to remove and my suspicions were arising. Someone had got there first. A new fresh jar of jam is something to be celebrated and there is nothing worse when opening it and finding a dent in the surface. You know that someone had already been there. The culprit confessed, he tried some yesterday. One of the first disappointments of the day, I so love being the first with a new jar of jam.

Crows 29.09 (12)

I was busy with the camera yesterday and heard quite a noise in the nearby trees. I then saw the crows embarking on a sight seeing tour in the sky above. Of course I was quick with the camera but the result was a sky full of black shapes, nothing prize suspicious in the photo world. It was then I noticed this one, not looking very crow like. I am still not sure whether it was a freak of the light or if it was something completely different. Perhaps it is a magpie, I know no other birds in this area that would fit the bill and it is not large enough to be one of our local storks.

It is again Friday, the day of the shopping expedition for the week-end. Time really flies when you get older. When I was a working person I was happy for it to pass by, and look forward to the days when I could stay at home and do what I wanted to do and not what I had to do. My only problems are now paying my taxes and bills, visiting doctors and deciding what to clean or cook.

Today is No. 1 son’s birthday. Yes, 47 years ago I arrived at the local clinic at 7.00 a.m. and a few hours later he arrived. Is that really so long ago? I remember the day well. He was born on a local holiday. St. Urs Day, as St. Urs is the patron saint of our town, and 47 years ago it was a local holiday in the town. We had arranged for my late mother-in-law to look after the other two kids (my stepchildren) when it all happened. As soon as she arrived we left. Today the holiday is no longer held in honour of St. Urs or my son for that matter. I suppose I could have named him Urs in honour of the day, but I had to choose a name I could pronounce. This afternoon I also have an appointment with Heidi, my hairdresser.

And now I have other things to deal with. Have a good day/night everyone – see you on the flip side of the computer.

Flower of the Day:29.09.2016 Aster or Chrysanthemum

Aster 28.09.2016 (2)

I am really not sure what to call these. I had something similar once in my garden and they grew for a few years, but became very tall. I thought they were asters, but perhaps not. Anyhow I like their vivid colour very much. Found them – yes, in the supermarket as always.

Flower of the Day:29.09.2016 Aster or Chrysanthemum

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 29.09 (7)
Saw this interesting object at my physio therapy today.

Mouldy Apple 12.09 (5)

This is what happens to an apple if it falls off the tree and lays unnoticed for a few months on the ground. It gets lots of circules and curves.

Cornelian Cherry Tree

A so-called Cornelian Cherry Tree. Apparently you can eat the fruit and this tree grows just opposite my garden.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves