Flower of the Day: 19.08.2016 Physalis


Our local supermarket always have these flowers in their assortment in late Summer. They are known as physalis it seems, and it is the seed pods that make them very attractive. I have never actually bought them, am not sure how they would survive the Winter, but I think they probably would. On the other hand they might be food for slugs, and I avoid slug food in my garden.

Flower of the Day: 19.08.2016 Physalis

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Poatage stamps USA

I used to collect postage stamps when I was a kid, up to the age of about 12 years old. Sometimes I would buy them in a shop, but mostly I got them from various people I knew. My Aunt Lil worked as a cleaning lady in an office in the City of London and would empty their garbage cans as part of the work. She often found some interesting envelopes with foreign stamps and would give them to me. Here I have only taken a photo of part of my stamps from the States. I do not suppose there is really anything rare amongst them or valuable, but who knows. Perhaps some of you might remember the time when these stamps were in use, but it would be at least 50 years ago. I had almost forgot I still had this album, but when searching for something rare I found it in the cupboard. There are some rare memories of a past gone by that you never let go.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 33

Petrol pump in Langendorf
This petrol pump stood at the entrance to our local supermarket for years. It was really a relic from the old days. One day it disappeared and I was really glad that I manage to keep its memory in a photo. They certainly do not make them like that any more.

Banana Stalk 17.08 (1)

The end of a banana stalk taken with a macro lens. Surprising what you can see.


This little toy was laying in the waiting room when I was waiting to have an x-ray done at the beginning of the year. I never knew why I took this photo, but now I do ūüôā

C’ees Oddball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 33

Daily Prompt: The Eyes are eveywhere

Garden cat

These eyes glow when it is dark. I saw them the first time about a year ago in the gardening department of  our local supermarket. I suggested to Mr. Swiss that would be something for the front garden in the evening. He found it might not be a good idea as our neighbours might not approve. This all happened a year ago, and today I could not care less if my neighbours approved or not. I treated myself to these eyes for the garden this year and have never regretted it since. Their luminous gift somehow comes from sunlight during the day. They need no electricity and are quite a good effect at night. Halloween is coming at the end of September and I have decided that a nice white coffin model with accompanyting skeleton that glows in the dark would also be a good idea to accompany these eyes on the garden table.  I now have to find one. I wonder if the neighbours would approve?

Garden birdI also found these eyes in the garden. They belong to Fred, my garden bird that protects the garden from intruders. Together with the cat with the glowing eyes, they do quite a good job together. I also found Fred in the supermarket sitting on a shelf with a few other Freds. I had to think about the purchase of this model, as Fred was quite expesive, just for a construction of metal. When I left the supermarket Mr. Swiss was waiting outside and yes, he was holding a plastic bag with Fred’s beak and eyes poking out the top of the bag. I had my Fred. I have to weight his feet down with a large stone, as he tends to lose his balance if it gets windy.

garden birdAnd then we have Frederica. She was there first of all, a prototype of the models to come. Mr. Swiss finds we now have enough models in the garden. He says other people have garden gnomes looking neat and tidy in their corners standing amongst the daisies and roses looking smart and making the garden a pleasure to the eye, but no, Mrs. Angoswiss has to have a garden chamber of horrors. Even the birds think twice before paying a visit. I told him beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he found that I seem to behold things from a strange angle now and again.

So OK, I could not resist this one, a selfie of me. Unfortuately the nose is a little out of poportion, but nobody is perfect. The secret is now exposed, yes, I have blue eyes. It is not easy to do a selfie of your eyes as you cannot see what you are doing with the telephone camera.

Fly 18 (3)I have been taking a few photos of flies lately, with my new macro lens. It seems since I got this lens all the other insects seem to be avoiding my camera for some unknown reason. This photo is not the perfect macro, but I did manage to ge his eyes. It seems a fly has compound eyes and each eye is made up between 3,000 and 6,000 simple eyes, meaning that is a lot of eyes. He does not just see me, but 3-6000 me’s, although it seems no problem, because these compound eyes all work together to give one nice picture.¬†

Enough eyes for today. I somehow have the feeling that this week’s prompts are resembling some sort of horror story. First we get a ghost, then the moon is shining and today it is the eyes that are following us everywhere. Tomorrow it will be “Graveyard” most probably, where all the prompts will meet. Eyes watching us from the graves as we see ghosts ¬†illuminated by a¬†full moon. The graves open and out come the skeletons¬†all wearing WordPress t-shirts.

Daily Prompt: The eyes are everywhere

Good Morning

Fly 18 (4)

I found a new victim for practice with my new macro camera lens. Mr. Swiss did ask me what I was doing now and again in between writing my blog yesterday afternoon, he was perplexed. He has reduced his photographic talents to his mobile phone. Now and again he has to delete photos because the phone does not have the capacity for so many. If I take a photo with my mobile phone I usually delete them on the same day, after uploading them on my web hosting site. I also have a cloud somewhere, but I am not to keen on relying on those clouds. I do not like things being taken out of my control and the cloud tends to collect computer items constantly. It gives me a strange feeling not to know how this is happening and where my private life is raining down afterwards. Mr. Swiss did warn me about belonging to Google+, but my WordPress stuff is programmed by me to appear in Google, as well as Facebook, automatically. If I do not want my stuff to be distributed, then I do not need to have a computer.

The cloud is something different. I feel that a power out of my personal control is hiding it away for a rainy day, and who knows who might be behind it. Superman met a few crooks like that in his career. Perhaps there is a Mr. Cloudman that absorbs it all and thrives on it. Today you cannot trust anyone.

Anyhow, I was drifting. Back to my fly. When you sit at the computer, with your DSLR camera including mounted macro lens and a fly takes a walk on the table, it must be there for a purpose. Up to now I was convinced the purpose of a living fly was to die, there are enough of them around. I have discovered, before they leave this flying world it is a good idea to take a photo of them, especially if they settle in a close place. In this case the fly was taking a walk on the edge of my computer screen and so I had plenty of opportunity to adapt all the “F” stops and contrasts on the camera before shooting an image. Of course from about 10 photos, 8 are thrown out, all in the name of progress and one day a chance to see one of my flies on the cover of National Geographic.

Word was spread, and soon I had two flies on the table. Now it was becoming a difficult task. I could focus on one fly quite well, but two was a problem. When one fly was a sharp object in the lens, the other was quite blurred. I did my best to persuade them to sit together, but they were not sociable flies and I suspected it was two of a kind, probably the male sort.

Yesterday I was surprised to see No. 1 son (autistic) looking at me in one of the local newspapers. It is a weekly free newspaper showing general news of the region with photos. The photo was taken at a rock concert in one of the neighbouring villages. He was helping out with setting up the instruments and generally doing background work. He loves the music and all the muscians know him. Naturally all his workmates saw the photo as well.

I also had a visit from No. 2 son yesterday evening who dropped by. He has over 10,000 photos on his mobile phone, but it is bigger and more powerful than that of me and Mr. Swiss, so no problem. He seems to change his mobile phone like the seasons. He lives in the Eastern part of Switzerland with his wife in their house, but works in our area during part of the week where he has an appartment in a nearby town. He now and again drops in to say hello and let us know he is still around. Mr. Swiss often asks me if I have heard anything from him, but I say no news is always good news, meaning nothing negative has happened.

Friday and week-end shopping on the programme, so I am off to organise myself (and Mr. Swiss). It is an overcast sky today and looks like rain, but I do not mind. Time for a bad weather programme, the difference being that I operate on the computer inside instead of outdoors. My computer is not funny, it goes where I go.

Have fun, for the workers only today and tomorrow is week-end. For the golden oldies, every day is a week-end, but join in with the workers – remember you used to be one as well.