Flower of the Day: 18.08.2016 Golden Rod

Golden Rod 17.08 (3)

There was a time when I had a few plants in the garden and a year or two later, half the garden was full of them. I removed them all, because they were taking over. In the area where I live every garden and field has golden rod somewhere. It seems that one plant survived in my garden and so I let is grow as long as it remains by one plant. They have a lovely colour and attract all sorts of insects.

Flower of the Day: 18.08.2016 Golden Rod

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 9

Macro challenge paper clips 18.08. (2)

I chose a selection of some coloured paper clips I found. This is so macro that I notice the plastic coating is no longer as good as it was.

Camera D7000 Nikon with lens AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED which I only got this week and am still on a learning curve. Nothing is safe from my camera at the moment, not even my Cat. Don’t ask me about the settings I applied. I just adapt the contrasts and F factor on the camera until It suits me, but there is a lot of room for improvement I am sure.

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 9

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Bathrooms and Outhouses

Nera drinking water from the toilet

Actually this is the shower room, but our feline Nera (who left for her 10th life two years ago) seemed to mistake it for a drinking bowl.


It is not an UFO, but the new shower head.

Migros Langendorf

This is the only outhouse I found in my collection. The shopping trolleys have to live somewhere and here they have their own protection.

At first I though that transforming bathroom fittings to b/w would not change a lot, but it does enhance the brightness of the metals.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Bathrooms and Outhouses

Daily Prompt: The problems with the moon

Today we have a moon prompt. I am sure that excitement is now spreading amongst our bloggers whose lateral incisors or cuspid teeth tend to double in size when we have a full moon, as is the case today. I asked Mr. Swiss when it is actually full moon, and he told me to look at the calendar. This means he did not know and as far as I know he is not a member of the vampire club. He is not sure about me, but I usually do not bite family members on full moon nights. I prefer to avoid the blood groups I know. If Mr. Swiss is seen in town the day after a full moon night with two small punctures on his neck, people might begin to talk. I might take a flight to the local blood bank if thirst overcomes me, but I am very discreet about it. I cover the lower half of my face with a scarf and avoid street lamps in the evening as they tend to reflect on my teeth.

Tonight is my big chance. Not because I can now take a flight to the local cemetery and meet the rest of the gang, but I can apply my new macro lens on my camera for a moon shot, for the family album. Up to now my moon photos resemble a tennis ball hanging in front of a blue curtain. There are no outlines of craters, moon mountains are not to be seen, everything is flat.

Sky over Feldbrunnen 15.06 (3)

I took this photo a few days ago as it was a cloudless night. The dark shadows on the moon are probably just stains on the lens and have nothing to do with the actual moon surface.

However tonight is my big chance and I am hoping that it will be a clear sky. We have just had a rain shower and it does not look so good. It is such a shame that this prompt is today and not tomorrow. Tomorrow I would be able to show my expert, professional images, taken this evening and they have predicted a cloudless day. It seems I should mount the camera on a tripod to avoid any vibrations when taking the photo. This is the first problem, as I will have to fetch the tripod from the cellar, which I have not used for some years. I always have the mounting attachment fixed to my camera in case I will need it. There are also certain manipulations to be made on the camera itself, something to do with ISO and F. All I know I have a wheel at the front and a wheel at the back of the camera which I can turn to achieve the contrasts that I need. Somehow I think I should take this camera stuff more seriously.

My best graveyard colleague. D. Vamp, finds who needs a camera. He feels it all in his body. A camera is just a cofirmation of the fact that there will be a get together at the graveyard for a group phot, although up to now there are only photos of the graves and by some strange reason, the vampire colleagues are not captured on the camera lens. I think it is called the reflection syndrome, as they also remain invisable when looking into a mirror.

The blood will be flowing (all collected from the local blood bank of course). Athough D. Vamp  did say something that tonight it is his turn to be on traffic duty. The witches will be on their brooms, the vampires will be flying and a little organisation must be applied. It would not be a good thing if there was a vampire collision causing a few plastic bags of blood to spill. Blood is a valuable liquid and these days hard to come by. Since they began to make all those vampire films in Hollywood, non-vampires are more careful about taking walks on full moon nights and they tend to be carrying garlic as a vampire deterrent.

Tomorrow I might be a little late on my prompt. I will probably have to take a longer sleep in my coffin during the day to compensate for the festivities tonight.

Daily Prompt: The Problems with the Moon

Good Morning


Not that I am beginning to live healthy, but Mr. Swiss decided to buy some grapes yesterday in the supermarket. I am not a big fruit eater really, although lately I always eat a banana every day. My doc said they are healthy and probably good for my internal problems, forgetting that I am also diabetic. I always avoided bananas because of their sugar content, but I am now slowly giving up on eating what you are supposed to eat. What difference does a banana make, apes thrive on them and I have never seen a diabetic chimpanzee, although I suppose they do exist.

The doc also said that grapes were healthy. Another problem, as I always thought that grape sugar shot straight into the blood. If your sugar levels drop grape juice or eating a grape is always a good remedy. My neurologist even told me that I should not read too much in Internet about illnesses, because anyone can print what they want to and you even might begin to believe everything. Who me? Not really, but it often makes interesting reading.

Wasp dinnerOne good thing about grapes, especially the ones no-one wants to eat when beginning to turn brown and soft, is that they are an excellent wasp deterrent. It is now approaching wasp season and they can really make your life a misery when eating outside on the porch, which we do almost every day at the moment. Last year I put a dish on one side on the ground with some grape remainders. The wasps were happy as they had  there own special banquet and we were happy because they left us in peace to eat our own meal. Everyone survived. I remember we were once eating some cold meat outside, and a wasp paid a visit to the ham. He was very busy and as I watched I saw him cut a corner of the meat away with his teeth, or whatever he has, and fly away with it holding it in his little feet. Probably they have nesting instincts like birds, and he found a meal for the kids.

Wasps are not such good neighbours to have, especially if you notice they are busy building a comb. You then know that there will be action and they are planning to stay and might even be building a city with a skyscraper silhouette.

Today is a day of rest almost. Nothing special to deal with, just for I, me and myself. I do not plan on going anywhere, and will send Mr. Swiss if I need something from town. I am on a macro camera lens shooting quest. At the moment nothing is safe from my camera. Just had a look at the calendar and it seems that tonight is full moon, so I might just have a go at it. I want craters and not just a yellow blur, although they did predict rain today. I suppose you cannot have everything.

Roses 17.08 (6)

I had a pleansant suprise in the garden yesterday. I was looking for a photo for National Geographic, who have not yet contacted me with a contract and I discovered these two small roses poking up their heads on the border. I tend to buy potted roses during the summer, and when they have served their purpose, I plant them somewhere in the garden. This is a survivor from last year. I know they are not the spectacular wonderful splashes of perfect rose colour, but not everyone grows perfectly, speaking of my own experience, but they all have a right to a photo on my blog.

Have a good day/night, be good or sleep well. See you around in between housework, cooking, ironing, taking photos and other such little hobbies I have to keep my busy and out of mischief.