Flower of the Day: 15.08.2016 Bromelia

Bromelia 14.08 (5)

When it arrived fresh without its “sprouts” I had it inside on the kitchen table. With time these strange growths have appeared, apparently some sort of flower, and its bright orange has now turned to a darker shade, but it is still alive. It is a plant that is making me curious to see what happens next. Eventually it will probably go to the happy bromelia hunting grounds, but is still bearing up. Perhaps it is a triffid in disguise and will eventually take over, who knows?

Flower of the Day: 15.08.2016 Bromelia

Share Your World: 2016 Week 33

Would you travel into outer space?

Zeppelin over Feldbrunnen

You mean something like this, but rocket powered that would leave the earth’s atmosphere and perhaps land on a planet with air I could not breathe, no gravity and no hope of ever returning in one piece? No thankyou, I do not see the point. There would be nothing gained. Perhaps I could put a Swiss/English flag on its surface that no-one will ever see unless I happen to take a photo of it for CNN. By the way the Zeppelin in the photo flew over where I was living. It was a publicity thing for Edelweiss airlines that were celebrating 25 years of existence in Switzerland. You could book a flight on it as well, although that is always possible as the Zepplin company have their centre on the Lake of Konstanz on the border of Switzerland. One of my work colleagues was a member of the family and before marrying she had the name Mrs. von Zeppelin.


Which country/city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?

I no longer have “most likes”. On the other hand I would love to visit those places where my online colleagues live, to meet them once in real life and not just by Internet. I have spoken to many of them so often. It would be lovely to have some real contact. I could visit the dahlia fields and iris fields surrounding Cee country and at last visit my friends Marilyn and Garry in their valley, perhaps combined with a visit to Boston. And then there is my friend Dermot in Dublin, oh what a great visit that would be. I could go on for pages, I have met them all by blog, wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet them in person -so let’s dream on.


What could you do to breathe more deeply today?

Thank you but I am breathing deeply enough. I even took a half hour rest on the bed some time late in the afternoon to take a few relaxing breaths. I am a golden oldie and have lots of time for deep breathing, trouble being if I do it too much I might fall asleep.


Complete this sentence:  This creamy peanut butter sandwich could really use some …
thing normal like a shell and skin, a natural nutty product.

So let’s get something clear. It is not every country in the world that dies for peanut butter, or even likes it. We can buy it in Switzerland, in a special grocery supermarket, usually in the bigger more well known towns like Zürich, Geneva, Bern or even Lausanne. I am sure the town of Solothurn has yet to discover its merits.

The question is how do the Swiss survive not realising the benefits of peanut butter. Actually we do it quite well. I mean I don’t mind it, I even like it a little bit, but it seems that a certain british colony over a large pond, cannot survive without it. They even mix it with something called jello, which is another strange name, probably could be interpreted with the word jam.

That is the trouble with these colonies, as soon as you let them stand on their own feet, they begin to get ideas. What is wrong with a slice of bread and marmalde for breakfast? No, they have to begin to cush and mince  peanuts, mix it with unknown ingredients and spread it on bread. We colonials eat peanuts at Christmas, the real thing. We remove them from the shell, take away the skin and eat them. We even roast them before doing this. I believe there was even an Amercan predent that made his fortune growing these nuts.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I was grateful that I did not have to eat peanut butter and am looking forwared for the next week not to eat any peanut butter. I was also grateful this week that at last I seem to have conquered my digestive problems, certainly beause I did not have to eat peanut butter. Otherwise on a more seious note (I am always serious usually, unless we have to talk about peanut butter) this week I am looking forward to at last getting my macro lens for my Nikon camera and hope I find out how it works.

Share Your World: 2016 Week 33

Daily Prompt: Confusion is no longer possible

back garden

My garden is getting a little confused currently, but it is a good confusion. The flowers are fighting a battle to see who can get their first. It is not organised, more left to coincidence, but it seems to be working. At the moment I have to avoid the gardening deparment of the supermarket otherwise I will be tempted to buy yet another discovery and there is no room left. Just a minute, I can see a bare patch on the right that will do, but no. That is where the hyacinths are planted for next year in Spring, although I do not think they will mind squeezing together to make room for perhaps a madrake root, a triffid or even a spaghetti tree. I am confusing you, of course not, they do exist, you just have to find them.

In the meanwhile I was cofused by this confusing prompt today, because today it is no longer neessary to be confused by anything. Should you forget, or not know why you are doing what you are doing, just consult your mobile phone, tablet or computer – be it Apple or Microwave, sorry Microsoft Windows. Today there are so many possiblities to help the memory. Being a golden oldie with experience of losing the thread now and again, just enter it into your electronic device, although entering is not the solution. You should combine it with a signal and ensure that this electronic device is near and tune the volume to the highest level. Often as we reach the progressing years, our hearing fails us, but with the volume at the highest pitch not only do you hear everything, but so does everyone else.  For instance I have just had to throw a glance at my iPhone. It wants to tell me that now two of my disciples, together with 7 others (making 9 in all) have now liked my “Good Morning” post. This is an important information signaled by a clinging bell. I am never confused, I know what is happening in my life. I have a signal known as Sci fi to remind me to take my tablet in the evening.It is so good that it reminds everyone and resembles the arrival of a ghostly apparition. At least it works.

Shopping lists are no longer a problem. You remember the far gone days when you wrote by hand the items you needed? You arrived in the supermarket, and realised that 1. you have either fogotten to take the list with you or 2. you have it in your pocket but cannot read it either due to your handwriting which has become a little shaky over the years, or the paper is so screwed up into what ever paper screws up into that the important items can no longer be read. With a mobile phone it is all printed in black and white and quite clearly. Ah, you do not have a mobile phone? Perhaps it might be better if you order eveything you need from your desk at home, by internet of course. It is all registered at the shop and they bring the goods you ordered the same day if you are early enough with your order. This is an uncomplicated process, you just hve to know how it works. Perhaps there is a course being offered at your local evening classes “ordering online for golden oldies” to simplify these complications.

You have to be one step ahead today. I always enter my shopping list on my telephone. I enjoy this work, and it is perfect with punctuation, capitals etc. I take pride on leading an uncomplicated, organised, online life and to ensue that we all remain uncomplicated, I always send a message to Mr. Swiss mobile phone with a replica shopping list to make sure that he is also organised. Although he assures me that he has written it all on paper – I mean how old fashioned can you get? Somehow we both manged to buy two lunch menus for today last Friday at the supermarket, but nobody is perfect and  it is better to be safe than sorry, although I am still not sure what I am going to do with the extra portions of bacon and 1 Kg of beans that I now have hovering in the fridge.

However, these are the small trials of life that come to test you I suppose. Generally I lead an uncomplicated life, although Mr. Swiss mentions now and again he does not quite understand my logic, but I am english which seems to explain everything to him. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Confusion is no longer possible

Good Morning

Fly on the computer

This fly did not say good morning, it arrived yesterday evening just before I was closing my computer for the day. Being an experimental type of person, not wanting to disregard all photographic opportunities I took a photo with my phone camera. I was sure he would not stay around long enough for a full perfect DSLR photo where I have to made adjustments to the depth, and ISO specifications. No animals were injured in the process of this operation, fortunately, I did not want to have to clean away the fly corpse stains from my computer screen afterwards.  It must have been quite a literate fly to land on the middle of a blog site. I quite like the way his body is illuminated by the background showing details of his wings and little fly body.

My No. 1 son just said goodbye and left us to be seen again in the evening when he returns. We have yet another holiday in our Kanton of Solothurn. Switzerland is still a divided country when it comes to religion, which has it advantages. Due to a guy called Zwingli, with a little assistance from a German guy called Luther, the Swiss reform church took over from the Roman catholic church in some places, but not everywhere. Our canton of Solothurn stayed loyal and it is a catholic canton, Mr. Swiss still being one of the members of the Swiss Reform church, although I would add more by name than anything else.

So today the catholic parts of Switzerland, including our canton, are on holiday. It is Asumption Day (the english translation of the German word would be Maria Ascension “Mariahimmelfahrt” – just to put you in the picture). In my pre golden oldie days I was a happy person on these catholic holidays as I had a free day and all the non catholic areas of Switzerland had to work. However, as cucumstances were a little different in our household, Mr. Swiss working in a non-catholic area in the Kanton of Bern, he did not have a holiday. I used this to my advantage and volunteered to work in the office on the catholic holidays. I was an export clerk and the export world does not take holidays. I could compensate this day at a more suitable date when Mr. Swiss and I would take it together, or add it to another holiday.

These days are now a figment of past life, and every day is a holiday, although not so religious. We are golden oldies and celebrate the festivals as they appear.My son is now on his way to Zürich by train for a Macdonalds meal on the Bahnhofstrasse and a look at the developments in the record shops amongst other things.

Due to golden oldie problems, Mr. Swiss and I got a little confused when shopping for the holiday. We bought two different meals for Saturday lunch, meaning we have too much to eat. I cooked a chicken on Saturday and wondered why I had a whole bag of parsley in the fridge which I usually apply to cooked vegetable, such a carrots. The reason soon became clear when I also discovered 3 pork chops and realised they were actually meant for Saturday lunch with carrots. There were also two packs of bacon, a Waadlander Saucisson (smoked sausage) and 1 Kg of green beans for Monday lunch as the shops are closed today.

Being a multi-tasking housewife with solid logistic education, I applied my versatility and re-arranged. Today it will be pork chops with carrots. Tomorrow might be a potato Rösti with diced bacon, to use up the potatoes and some of the bacon.   Or perhaps the saucisson will be cooked and the bacon can wait until the week-end as bacon can be kept in the fridge for some time to stay fresh.

Mr. Swiss and I still do not know why we bought two meals for one day but we are sure it has something to do with age and forgetfulness. We are still discussing whos age and whos forgetfulness.

Anyhow no panic, I have plenty of time, no important jobs to do today. I cleaned all the windows and blinds last week which is usually a sort of Monday job (just the windows, blinds once a year) and so it will be sun, fun and nothing to do, although nothing to do is boring. I like to do something, I think there is a medical name for it, but have forgotten what it is called. Some sort of syndrome probably.

I must now move on, I have been chatting enough with all my faithfull followers. Mr. Swiss finds I chat too much in any case. Have fun, and if you are bored then write a blog or something. Of course, you can also knit or write a book. 🙂