Flower of the Day: 09.08.2016 Dahlia

Dahlia (2)

It seems to be dahlia time here as well, although I am still mixed up as to what is a dahlia or a chrysanthemum. Our garden shops are full of them in all colours, shapes and sizes, so I settled for this one and another one. This also seems to be one of the variagated species, but a smaller version.

Flower of the Day: 09.p08.2016 Dahlia

Daily Prompt: Tell me a joke

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

Jokes have to be spontaneos things. If some says “tell me a joke” it will not be funny, because a joke is something that happens, a spur of the moment laugh, a witty remark that gets everyone rolling with laughter on the floor, you know like Facebook and it ROFL thing. They even have an abbreviation for it.

So the masterminds of the joke department in WordPress are today looking for some good jokes, but I do not have any. Of course my son once told me about the skeleton that walked into a bar and asked for a beer and a mop  – get it? I got it, my son is autistic, but even he now and again has a sense of humour.

The plate of chips and sausage covered in a tomato similar sauce is not really a joke, but it has a deep meaning. Notice there is even a plastic pick on the side for piercing the pieces of sausage because the sausage stands in Germany, especially at the local fair, do not usually supply knives and forks.

So, where is the joke. There is none, it was just fun. This is a plate of the famous and notorious German Curry sausage (Currywurst) and you are still not laughing? Of course not. That is probably because you had not been submitted to countless various German TV programmes with the favourite detectives and police officers. Now and again they took a pause from the crime scene and had to collect their thoughts and make plans for the next strategic move. This was usually done at the local sausage stand which seemed to be placed all over German towns, by the river with plastic tables and chairs to sit on, or perhaps just a convenient place on the edge of town in a dubious district where there are isolated suspicious bars and lady’s that seem to make their living by talking to strange men. The men usually disappear quite quickly when they notice a that the person eating the sausage is a well known plain clothes police officer.

The police officers always requested a currywurst. Being from the British Isles originally and living in sheltered circumstances in Switzerland, I did not know what this was and was sure I was missing something in life.

Last year my No. 2 son married a german lady. I attended the wedding in Germany and spent a few days in this wonderful country, in the River Mosel area. The local town had their annual Summer fair and my son thought it would be a good idea to show his mum around and have some fun. It was then mum saw this German sausage stand.

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

A Visit to the River Mosel area in GermanyMy fate was sealed. It was not a joke or a criminal event on the TV, it was the real thing. They were selling genuine currywurst with all the trimmings.

“What do you want mum?”

“A currywurst and pommes” what a silly question. One of my ambitions was about to be realised.

We were almost on the river bank, in the middle of various market events, but there were no chairs or tables. It was standing only, this was the real thing, not a joke. At last I had my currywurst. It was good, I enjoyed it and it was the real thing, not one of those TV plastic lookalikes. The only disappointment was that there were no police inspectors hunting for suspicious characters.

Daily Prompt: Tell me a joke

Good Morning


If there is something I do not like, it is when the daily loaf of bread has a hole in it. These caverns of nothing are a threat to my breakfast organisation. How can you evenly spread your bread with whatever it is spread with when it usually falls through the bread and arrives on the table. With many people it would arrive on a plate, but I do not eat my breakfast on a plate.

bread and jamYou can see quite clearly what happened on the illustration on the left. How can you spread an empty space with butter and jam? No, it is not possible and now as I pick up the slice to eat it, I leave jam behind on the table, making everything sticky. There should be something done about this. You pay the same amount for this bread, but the bread is not complete, there is something missing. And there is the problem on how to eat it without blobs of jam everyhere. I now have sticky fingers and my keyboard does not like this. I would complain in the supermarket, but how can I show them a hole in the bread when there is nothing to show. In the meanwhile I have eaten three slices, so they would not belive me in any case.

I dislike Tuesday one way or the other. After breakfast a cleaning marathon begins. Not only the usual chase through the appartment with mop and vacuum cleaner, no, there is a bathroom to be done. I know I could leave it, I am a golden oldie and should be knitting, reading the newspaper or even watching morning television. The olympics are on the TV and I could watch the various sportsmen from different nations going for gold. I am not a sports viewer, but yesterday evening saw something quite interesting. It is called synchrone diving. Two guys dive from a board into the pool at the bottom doing the same actions. It was really something to see. I was just wondering if one of them missed the pool, would the other one also miss the pool? They were taking off backwards, so could not really see where they were going – just a thought.

Back to the bathroom cleaning olympic event, the only difference being that I do not get a medal and Mr. Swiss does not congratulate me when I complete it. He usually disappears into town to get something. There is not enough room in the bathroom for both of us and he finds I am slightly irritable during the process. I suppose I could sing to make it more cheerful, but somehow I do not feel like singing in the bathroom, although the acoustic effect would be quite good.

Anyhow, now to do something completely different, leave my computer and return this afternoon when I have it all behind me. We all have our crosses to bear I suppose and some of us today may have other problems. The computer may have a blue screen, there might be a sandstorm or tornado outside, and your favourite supermarket is closed due to flooding. Anything could happen, but always look on the bright side of things. If your bread does not have a hole in it, then it could be very good day. Yes today I have one of my sarcastic days where I am better avoided.