Flower of the Day: 24.08.2016 Montbretia


They were selling these in the supermarket but had no name on the pot and I really did not know their name. Today they had received some fresh ones with name. They seem to e called Monbretia, although I believe they have a few other names, and grow quite freely here, from a corm, and you often see them as the edge to gardens. They also regrow every year, so I am thinking about getting a couple. No, I did not take the photo with my macro lens, but my telephone.

Flower of the Day: 24.08.2016 Montbretia

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – 24th August 2016

Feldbrunnen 24.08 (2)

In our little village of Feldbrunnen we really do not know which way to go at the moment. The repair work goes on until November. We are the lucky ones living on the edge of the village and having access to the main road to the next town. The others will have to wait until November when the work is finished

Bipperlisi Feldbrunnen 24.08 (4)

But our local train still goes through the village, nothing can stop our “Bipperlisi” as we call her, although it also has its barriers.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – 24th August 2016

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 10

Grasshopper on Bromelia 23.08 (6)

I was just finishing my meal on the porch yesterday evening and suddenly left my place at the table. Mr. Swiss “Where are you going?”, Me “look on the bromelia, a grasshopper”. Silly question, I already had my camera in my hand and then had fun taking a few photos from the front, the back, the side and everywhere. Unfortunately grasshoppers tend to move when taking photos. I found this was quite an amusing view. I think he could not decide which part of the bromelia he wanted to sit on. I never realised they were so versatile in their movements.

Taken with my Nikon D7000 105mm f/2.8

Aperture f/10.0, focal length 106.8 mm

Exposure time 1/20 ISO 800

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 10

Daily Prompt: The Miniature World

Firebug on Hollyhock 23.08 (1)

Imagine climbing the tower on a cathedral or even a church spire. You would not do it, even if at the top there would be a five star menu waiting with all the trimmings, enough to eat for a day or two? You would not do it – too dangerous, you might evene lose your life if making a wrong step and tumble, being a squashed body on the ground. People would summon an ambulance, the police would arrive on the scene and your family would be informed that Fred died in the attempt to find food at the top of a tower. It would be a story in the newspaper “Did you see what happened to Fred, he climbed the tower in town and fell” “Why?” “I heard he was hungry and there was a laid table  with food at the top of the tower”. Crazy really, a human risking his life for something to eat, and all he had to do was go to the supermarket and buy something. Ok, he would have to prepare it himself, but no problem. He would definitely not die of hunger in the meanwhile.

And so our firebug awakes in the garden and is hungry. It is small, a miniature Fred, but the firebug has no supermarket to buy what he wants. He has to climb his tower often to reach his goal, a full meal of seeds enclosed in a capsule. He has many favourites, is not particular about the shape and size, it just has to be a seed. In this case he has discovered his tower with hollyhock seed capsules. He knows they contain a good meal and he is sure footed. Have you ever seen a dead firebug laying in a crumpled heap at the base of a stem bearing seeds, after losing his balance.  Of course not, he is not a mini human, but a proud Firebug. there will be no story in the newspaper about our Firebug stealing seeds, he is not important enough. He lives in his minature world with other firebugs, munching his seeds and doing no harm. Our firebug climbs his towers daily. His miniature life is his reality.

On the other hand the kids of our generation are being trained to get everything in miniature. What mum does on her daily housework, the kids have to do as well. In the supermarket you are already being bothered by the kids pushing their miniature trolleys, filing them with goods, just like mum does. The difference is that mum is glad when she has everything and pays at the cash desk. The children have discovered a new adventure. Of course it is a good prepration to learn how to become a grown-up, a study in shopping made perfect. Unfortunately they are not my kids, otherwise I might have more understanding when they are in front of the diary product refrigerator blocking any opportunity to just take a liter of milk or a piece of cheese. Children come seldom alone, they have brothers and sisters and so the miniature trolley appear two-fold. This makes it all the more interesting when Johnny and Jean decide to also turn the supermarket into a race trace with their mini trolleys. And mum: she looks on probably proud that her children are already learning to be grown-ups.

Unfortunately the golden oldies amongst us are made uncertain by these escapades, wondering if the offspring are going to move to one side to allow you to pass, or whether they regard you as a further obstacle or victim in the trolley circuit, to be pushed to one side with perhaps a stifled “excusez (sorry)” if you are lucky.

I am glad my children are now grown and independent, but one day there might/will be grandchildren.  Must have a word with my son and daughter-in-law about future mini shoppers in the supermarket.

Daily Prompt: The Miniature world

Good Morning


I was just settling down to some nice quiet relaxed moments in front of the computer, with my breakfast, and it ws disturbed by motor noise: loud motor noise. I decided there must be some action somewhere, so armed with my telephone camera I took a few steps outside to see what was happening. I then remember it was furniture collection day today. It was probably because I had no furniture, or other oversized objects to collect, I forgot the occasion. This happens twice a year where I live. I remember the days when we would begin to plan what we wanted to be rid of at least a month before and mark the date in our calendar. It was important, a last chance to make room and rid yourself of unwanted ballast. We seemed to be continuously collecting items of furniture we really did not need. The last time we moved we had to order a container that we could pile our unwanted lives into, which was afterwards collected by a company.

These days are now gone, thank goodness. It took more than 40 years before Mr. and Mrs. Anglo-swiss discovered that the best method of living an uncomplicated, ballast-free life was to live as if you were moving house at least once a month, if not once a week. Today everything is disposed of almost at once. “Do we need it?” and the answer being no, it disappears into the garbage happy hunting grounds. Any larger objects are assembled in our cellar for the next big collection. Cardboard and paper are collected every month and garden refuse also. Yes, we are now rubbish and ballast free. Our feline has survived, but she always disappears when the rubbish collection is being prepared, probably worried that she might wrongly be included in the bin. I know someone that has a very good systsem. A few days before it happens, she makes a tour of her home with her husband and they make an examination of candidates that could be disposed of. This time we had nothing, we have disposed of everything we no longer need. We no longer want to carry unwanted ballast through our lives. You can only sit on one chair at the dining table and do not need two, although we do have a few more – sometimes people pay visits and we cannot put them on the floor.


Something else came to my attention yesterday. My avocado tree is growing. Since March it has lived in this pot and made many leaves. It does not yet bear fruit, but its stalk is no longer a stalk but becoming a mini tree trunk with aspirations of wood on the stem. I think I am getting somewhere. Yesterday I was browsing in Facebook, for lack of something better to do, and noticed a link about “Why buy avocado when you can grow them youself at home”. Of course I immediately made a connection and there was a photo of an avocado tree, of manageable size, in the living room with about 10 avocados hanging from the branches. Thes gave me courage and I could already see my pot in a corner of the living room and Mr. Swiss and I grabbing an avocado from my own tree as a snack whilst watching TV. The article explained how healthy avocados are, a real energy fruit. They are not quite a fountain of youth, but do just about everything else. They have so many minerals and vitamins, it puts Popeye in the shade with his spinach. Avocados are the new health food, although the last time I served them in a sort of Angloswiss invented salad, they did not do my digestive system any favours.

However, I have decided to continue my experiment and we must find a nice agreable place for my tree inside during the Winter as I do not think it will survive snow and ice storms outside throughout the Winter months.

Today they are letting me out again and a shopping trip is organised to the local supermarket. I am quite excited, going places and seeing things.

Have a nice day/night everyone, make the most of it and hug your computer now and again. They really like it, it makes their day and they know they are loved.