Flower of the Day: 06.08.2016 Echinacea

Bee and Echinacea 06.08 (1)

Another shot of one of my Echinacea. This time it seems the bees have discovered it in the garden. I love this flower. I had three planted last year, but they did not make much of a show. This year they are constantly flowering and atract so many insects. Not only the bees, but some butterflies. I also love their delicate shade of pink. Funny, some flowers are quite intensive in their colour and others more on the pale side.

Flower of the Day: 06.08.2016 Echinacea

Weekly Weather: Clouds


“Where do you think you are going with that camera Miss?”

“I heard today is open day and a few photos would be a good idea.”

“We do not entertain good ideas at a nuclear power plant. Anything might happen and photos are not allowed, it would spoil our reputation for the general public. And what are you carrying under your arm. That box looks very suspicious.”

“I don’t know what your function is at this power plant, but I was of the opinion that you would recognise a geiger counter when you saw one.”

“Madam, you cannot enter our power plant with a geiger counter and a camera. They will have to be left at the door.”

“Now wait a moment. I have always wanted to visit this place. I live in the next village and see the clouds of smoke rising into the sky all the time. Whether it is snowing, raining, sunny or a storm, we always have a cloud somewhere over our head. If I take a plane somewhere, I always know when I am approaching home as I see the smoke billowing up through the normal clouds. Your chimney is a land mark and now I want to see it for myself.

How do I know this place is safe? As for all I know that permanent cloud leaving your chimney could be radio-active. I might even begin to glow in the dark.”

“It is perfectly safe here. There is absolutely no danger, but you must understand. If the other visitors see you walking around with a geiger counter and a camera they might get nervous.”

“I am already nervous. You should see my cat at home. I no longer have to search for him at night, I can see him glowing. I am sure if I switch on this geiger counter it will begin to make suspicious noises. Look.”

“Madam if you switch that on I will have to call the federal police, it will be a breach of the secrets act.”

“And what if it begins to tick, tick, tick.”

“It will not tick, simply because our plant is safe. There are no leaks.”

“Then what does that permanent cloud coming out of your chimney contain? I am sure it is not from the water you are boiling for your tea break. That is leaking all the time.”

“It is not water, but the steam that our plant produces when operating.”

“How do I know it is not radioactive steam. It is suspicious that I am not allowed to switch on my geiger counter for a start. I do not trust you. And what about my cat that glows in the night?”

“Cats are not my responsibility, only our nuclear power.”

“Then switch it all off. All I want is a cloud free sky like in the old days when we had electricity from the pylons and not this mystery stuff that comes out of a king sized chimney.”

“Madam, if I switch it off, you will have no power. Your television will not work, your washing machine will stop and your vacuum cleaner will have no current. You will not even be able to iron your husbands shirts.”

“I don’t care about my husband’s shirts, he can wear t-shirts. At least my cat will no longer glow in the dark.”

“You cat is alive so there cannot be anything dangerous. There must be another reason for him glowing.”

“Of course there isn’t. He went missing one night and the neighbour brought him home. He had sneaked through the barbed wire enclosing your cloud belching chimney and since then he has been glowing.”

“In that case, madam, for the safety of the country I will have to put your cat into quarantine. Did he perhaps drink some of the water in the tank next to the chimney.”

“I don’t know, do you think that is the reason? In any case I am not giving my cat to you or any other nuclear power plant person, at least not until I can switch on my geiger counter, or until there are no longer clouds hovering over my house every day.”

“Joe what’s that ticking I can hear.”

“It’s my new watch of course Fred: best Swiss quality.”

“And who was that lady that just rushed past me as if she was doing a marrathon.”

“Just one of the neighbours getting suspicious about our safe electric nuclear power plant and thought she would do a geiger counter test to prove how dangerous we are. As soon as she heard my watch she made a run for it.”

“Silly lady, of course we are not dangerous We save money on the elecricity. We don’t even need to switch it on at home, me and the missus just glow all on our own.”

Weekly Weather: Clouds

Daily Prompt: Stubborn, who me?

Donkeys at Migros Langendorf

I don’t have any photos of stubborn mules, so I have substituted it with a photo of donkeys that for some reason were at our local supermarket a few years ago, some sort of public relations gag. They were not being stubborn, just doing what they wanted to, being donkeys.

Me stubborn, no never, but just like to do what I want to do with no discussion. Probably one of the secrets of the success of my marriage. Mr. Swiss leaves me to do my own thing and I let him do his, unless I think differently. I suppose there is a certain amount of being stubborn in writing this daily prompt. I am hard bent on getting my Pulitzer Blogger of the year award, problem being I am contantly overlooked. I have been doing this daily prompt thing for many years. Now and again I decide, no not today. Let’s have a break and do something completely different.

That is where my problem begins, as I do not have anything better to do. It is afternoon, my golden oldie sleep has been slept and now I am awake and ready to go, although I do not know where to go, and my body no longer wants to go anywhere that needs physical energy. There was a time when the WordPress ideas for a daily prompt went on a leave of abscence. They still arrived daily, but were repeats, I had done them all before, but little stubborn me (actually I am quite tall,  1m 75 cm) decided to continue doing them, the second time around. My stubborness paid off, or they were fed up reading the same old stuff, and we got new prompts. Now they only have one word, but I am still writing daily, just being stubborn I suppose.


And now for something completely different. There is action in my buddleia, there are butterflies everywhere and bees. Taking a photo of a buterfly is not very easy. The are fluttering all over the place and when they take a rest they can be very stubborn and usually with their wings folded together, so no astonishing prize winning photos. On the other hand the bees cannot wait to be the star of the daily blog.

“About time too, here we are buzzing around, all spruced up and waiting for a portrait. No just, a moment – Mabel the lady is pointing her  telephone camera in our direction so move a bit closer, then she can do a group photo.”

“Thanks guys, nice striped pullovers you have on today.”

“It’s our special summer dress. Is that a macro lens you have there?”

“No just a long distance lens to get tiny objects close up.”

“Oh, I see, Shame, but I suppose you cannot have everything. The guy over the road has a macro lens, but Mabel is not very keen. She says you don’t have to see all the details on a lady, it can get embarrassing, especially when she is a busy bee. And now we have to go, there is a flower on the other side of the garden that needs a little care and attention. Come on Mabel, time to fly.”

And they both disappeared. And now to move on to my next blog – all a part of my stubborn daily routine.

Daily Prompt: Stubbord, who me?

Good Morning


Let’s get all philosophical today, for want of something completely different to write. I just took this photo of the view from my kitchen window on the garden and yes, I must say, it is doing well this year. I have so much rosemary growing, I cannot cook fast enough to use it all. On the right the sage is also exploding. In the middle at the front is my box with chives. I like to keep them separate, as I use them for the salad dressing. There is also a patch of chives in the bed somewhere, which I forgot and is now exploding with mega stalks. On the right the yellow rudbeckia and on the left at the back the pink Echinacea. Both wonderful flowers for the lazy gardener like myself. They arrive regularly every year and you do not have to bother with them. Even our bald patch in the lawn is not longer so bald. The destruction was my own fault. When you see two ant hills expanding daily, you do something about it. The best idea would have been sprinkling baking powder over them. The ants most probably explode, but they are gone. I did it with boiling water. It certainly killed the ants, but also the grass.

Yesterday Mr. Swiss and I uploaded (or downloaded – am never sure) the new and wonderfully improved Windows 10 updates. It went quite smoothly. We began before lunch, and when we had finished eating and the kitchen organised it was almost complete. I was a happy bunny, because I lost nothing and everything was where it should be. There are a few small alterations, but nothing I cannot cope with. This morning my bluewin e-mail acount said that someone was trying to get into my account and I should log-in to secure it. No, it was definitely not a spam, but official. It said if it was me I could ignore it, but I do not know who it was, so just to be sure I logged in. Perhaps it was an after effect of the new and improved Windows 10 update.

I do not really fiddle around so much with my computer arrangements. I like Windows 10 and have got quite used to the picture book front page which I have organised to my taste. Mr. Swiss is not so happy. He finds some of his links have disappeared and his classic shell (the old start page version) no longer exists. There is an update to the classic shell, but he has not yet found it. I have the update link on my computer, but will not bother. I never liked it anyhow and never used it. Mr. Swiss and I both have Windows 10, but not the same. I have now got used to change, but he still tends to utter profanities when something is different (probably an age question?). He had a blue screen this morning when he switched on, it is now normal, and probably a symptom of the new improved Windows 10, which he does not like in any case.

He has now disappeared in preparation for the Saturday morning shopping safari, although only for a few bits and pieces. I think he just likes to take a cup of coffee in the garden of the supermarket café with the other golden oldie refugees. I will have a lazy morning, not a lot to do really. My butterfly bushes in the garden have some dead flowers which I will amputate, otherwise the bush tends to lose its balance.

Enjoy the week-end, be kind to your computers and your electrical gadgets, especially the vacuum cleaner and the mop. Do not forget, they are your best friends and deserve to be cared for.